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May 13, 2008 in MDG Drama

And it’s ALL ABOUT ME!!! 😀 (Picked that attitude up from a certain girl in MDG. Oh it feels good, no wonder.)


Now get over it.















Regarding the Red FM Red Babe contest, I just collected 10k worth of hair products that are going to last me a lifetime, some perfumery, and a lot of beauty salon vouchers that’s only limited to one person ONE time (which is worth 5k there already).

And i decided to give it all to you all who have in any way supported me during the show. I have this idea: I’m going to hold a little gathering soon, somewhere in KL, or PJ (venue not confirmed, any suggestion?). I can invite about 20 pax, so each of you will be getting at least a couple of bottles of hair products. I will try exchanging the hair products with the boss of the restaurant/cafe for free drinks if cannot then AA lo can? Email me if you are interested. 🙂

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127 responses to “Yes it is a bimbo blog”

  1. huei says:

    can i rsvp first? 😉

    glad u won the red babe contest! congratulations!

  2. a shen says:

    hey cheese!!!nice pic..;)

  3. tracy says:

    hey, u deifnitely look prettier, more mature with the latest haircut of urs.:D suits u lots. please don leave that long and dull hair again!!! good luck..:D

  4. KY says:

    I’ll take it, but do throw in a free hair wash for me too 😛

  5. atrica says:

    i wan i wan… 🙂

  6. jane says:

    hey, i also want!

  7. jessie says:


    Cheesie dear~~!!
    U looked great in the shots! =)

    N glad to know u won the contest~~
    Too bad, am from Penang…

    U gurls have fun!!

  8. huei says:

    yay!! i wana go! 😀

    count me long as it’s not during working hours 😉

  9. qq says:

    oohh…now i see, ppl have all reasons to be jealous of you.

  10. how about in singapore! im sure there were tons of sg supporters toooo! =(( and i like the new hairstyle chunkloads! super hottt~! =D

  11. misha says:

    i want to go … but but misha only be in KL from 17/5 to 21/5

  12. Jac says:

    me me me 🙂

  13. jocey says:

    me toooo! 😀

  14. cheesie says:

    Send send send, send email to me ok!

  15. Charmaine says:

    Oh…Valerie looked so pretty and attractive

  16. Reika says:

    I love the black dress on you the most 😀

  17. Kevin says:

    You’ve answered the world’s greatest mystery? What’s better than a photo of Ringo? A photo with THREE (3) Ringos. Congrats. 🙂

  18. kevin tan says:

    4th last pic why ur hair got blue colour one?

  19. starm|st says:

    lookin’ great in purple!

  20. Faith says:

    I wan go i wan go~ =3
    reserve one place for me okie?~~ x3
    and congratz on the winning~ ^^

  21. Daphne says:

    You look gorgeous in the white and purple halter dress. Lovely :]

  22. Patricia says:

    u look awesome cheesie! have fun!

  23. Dom says:

    You look Malay


  24. Kenny says:

    The red dress is hawt~

  25. Music says:

    Anyone can attend the gathering??

  26. alvinK says:

    you look so good in all the pictures! 🙂

  27. ahlost says:

    How bout supporters from Kuching? Hehehe… Jk..

    Congrats for winning the Red FM Red Babe Contest 🙂

  28. cherylc says:

    may i? I wanna go…is cheddie gonig?? LOL

  29. cindy says:

    ya i’m bias, only if cheddie is going 😛

  30. cherylc says:

    i only asknig if cheddie is going , then maybe i can bring cupcake there LOL

  31. tom says:

    guys also can use right? 😛

  32. ju says:

    eh i also want! too bad i’m in aus.. 🙁

  33. cheesie says:

    Tracy: Thank you! 🙂
    KY: See how nice the Tomyam is first lo.
    Atrica: Send me email ok! 🙂
    Jane: ditto!
    Jessie: If you happen to come to KL lemmi know!
    huei: won’t be during working hours!
    qq: why la!
    dalilprincess: come to KL! lol
    misha: i try to arrange something okay. Jiejie wanna see Mish too! 🙂
    Jac: can can can. Email me ok!
    jocey: ditto!
    Reika: thank you!
    Kevin: lolol. I should come up with a montage of 10000 Ringos then.
    Kevin tan: where got!
    Starm|st: A lot of purple wor!
    Faith: send email k!
    Daphne: That’s my fav also! But cost RM600 🙁
    Patricia: Thank you!
    Dom: good la. Muhibah!
    Kenny: you mean, maroon? or purple grrr whatever it is.
    Music: Trying to cater to as many people as possi. Anyhow send me email first ok!
    Alvin: Thank you!
    Ahlost: Eh, come la, seriously (if you can). When i discuss the guest list with my friends i had you in my list. 🙂
    Cherylc: You are invited also!
    Cindy: I’m actually looking for a place where i can bring her together. 🙂
    Tom: caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

  34. cheesie says:

    ju: aiyo. come la we have virtual party.

  35. bunny says:

    you look beyond beautiful in the black batman dress. i still miss your hair tho. =(

  36. misha says:

    hahaha .. jiejie .. no lar .. do not arrange for Misha … arrange a suitable time for the others . .. ok ?

    me is just joking but .. me will call jiejie if misha has the chance ok?


  37. Porkie says:

    mini-mish: aww…shame you’re not in msia one month later, otherwise korkor could have taken u n jiejie out 🙂

    cheesie: i want to come..can ah? i email ah? 😀 😛

  38. Priscilla says:

    Girl…miss ya heaps…

  39. misha says:

    hehehe … me will be back in KL in july or august … korkor porkie going back in june? for how long?>

  40. JuDy says:

    Cheesie u look so prettyyyyy. =)

  41. Porkie says:

    korkor only gonna be back for 2 n 1/2 weeks in june misha. so korkor will have to see you another time then 🙂

  42. Cheryll says:

    can cheryll come too? please? pleasse?

  43. kevin tan says:

    got! not 4th last picture… 4th last u

  44. misha says:

    korkor porkie .. ok .. you take care of jiejie ok? and do take lots of photos for misha to see when you take jiejie out to eat 🙂


  45. Grace says:

    I like the maroon dress with the polka dots on the bottom. Flatters your body most 😉

    Btw, I emailed to RSVP d. 😛

    is mrbbq coming too? *wondering*

  46. JeromeFo says:

    Awesome pics! Keep Up

  47. michy says:

    Cant u have the gathering in June?

    I’m so far away now, and will be back only then. =(

  48. von says:

    real prettyyyy 🙂

  49. acsmvtak says:

    hey babe…pic no.8 (in the light blue frame) i like that satin dress…where is it from? n do u know how much is it?

    btw, congrats on the win! at least u get to prove that u did won smthg unlike the other jealous contestant that didnt even win a peanut.

    suggestion on the gathering : dont have it in makan places…sitting down and makan-ing wont allow everyone to mix around…no loud music either…difficult to strike a conversation…ish why am i so fussy! hahaha…just my 2 cents babe 🙂

  50. Benjamin says:


  51. Mwu says:

    you look so good with shorter hair!!

  52. Pamela says:

    =) i love u, Ringo =) ur so great on MDG =)

  53. grace says:

    dang it, i’m in singapore!
    *moans really creepily*

  54. Chyi says:

    Hi ringo..

    can i come? i wan to meet u in person.. 🙂

  55. Judy says:

    hi.. i saw there is some one wif the same name as me in ur comment.. u got a nice pic there.. and congratz for winning the prize.. too bad i cant go!! i think i will not be in msia during ur party.. anyway.. enjoy urself!!!

  56. -april- says:

    u look absolutely gorgeous is all the pics!!!!!!!!

  57. panda says:

    Has anyone told you that you look like TVB actress Wu Hang Yi (Cantonese)???????
    Super alike lah, especially after you had your hair cut!

  58. vic says:

    credit to the photographer!! love all the photos, you look gorgeous!

  59. cheesie says:

    Bunny: Why batman!!! Lol =)
    Misha: Yay thank you apple pie
    Porkie: standard procedure thank you!
    Priscilla: Pris lee? 😀
    Judy: thank you! =)
    Cheryll: Can you send me an email please? =)
    Kevin: oooh say la earlier lol. Lighting kut I think!
    Grace: Waaa but I so scared to walk in that dress cuz it’s SUPER DUPER MEGA ULTRA short!
    Jerome: I see you cheesed my longest friend’s blog!!!
    Michy: Maybe I’ll have another one soon, don’t worry, there’s always a chance. =)
    Von: Thank you =)
    Acsmvtak: Wtf your name looks like some spam title lol. The dress is from Bebe, damn ex lo. About RM600 plus at least. My fav also =)
    Benjamin: *ponders for a brief moment if she should feel flattered*
    Pamela: Thank you! Love you too 🙂
    Grace: Nevermind. Next time I go Singapore u treat me Mos burger.
    Chyi: Can. Can you send me an email pls?
    Judy: If you can make it just let me know okay. =)
    April: Thank you very much!
    Panda: No wor! First time!
    Vic: 😀

  60. GiniEdaLeO says:

    wow~ Nice~ You are really gorgeous!


  61. Jj says:

    agree with panda…you do look quite abit like actress 胡杏儿.

  62. Sheryl0202 says:

    Wow..will be cool to meet you again Ringo!

  63. blu says:

    omg! SINGAPORE LEH?!?!? ;___; sad lor! must take lots and lots of pictures hor 😀 somehow o.O

  64. Ryn says:

    Ringo, the dark blue jeans you wore is damnnnn chun wei. where is it from? 🙂

  65. aaronloi says:

    Goodness gracious, you are lovely and gorgeous. You really know how to present yourself really well. Love ya lots !!!

  66. Miss C says:

    eh, your “clone pictures” damn nice! teach me la how to use Photoshop!!!!! :p

  67. Pin says:

    I love the black tube dress you wear. May i know the dress brand?

  68. Kevin says:

    “Kevin: lolol. I should come up with a montage of 10000 Ringos then.”

    Really??? Its spooky how you are able to read my mind off the internet and decided to make my wish come true. Are you e-psychic or something? Anyway, real nice photos. You seem to look better with the side profile though. Although I do think you look good in that “rapper” style black-ghetto outfit, the pink dress and the OL (office lady) look seems to be working for you as well. 🙂

  69. Yee says:

    Hey..I want to come and join your party too..still got place for me plssss 🙂

  70. midori says:

    i love that short purple/multi halter dress on you. totally rocked it!

  71. Ichigo says:

    Very nice pictures 🙂
    Feels like Cheesie is back hehe

    Oh and congrats on winning red fm contest! i know im late , soz 🙁
    did u keep contact with anyone from mdg btw? 🙂

  72. Kenny Choo says:

    Haha thank god you did win the red fm babe contest. Lolz spend alot of energy clicking on that freaking button. Haha! And all the flamers incident after that. Lololol

  73. goddess* says:

    Yeah yeah! Share some photoshop tips with us! heh heh! What camera are you using? If i’m not mistaken is it a Sony Cybershot T70? I’m using that as well, but my pictures never turn out as nice.

  74. Hey Cheesiee I like ur hairdo so muchiee de neh. Are u in natural curl o chemically curled up?

  75. Porkie says:

    misha – of course can and i will make sure there’s lotsa photos for you to see!! 🙂

    cheesie – of course other way what 😛

  76. Jason says:

    I have to agree with the rest. You’re already a STAR 🙂

  77. katz says:

    hey hey, these pics rock! you’re just a hot babe!!

  78. cheesie says:

    Giniedaleo: Thank you!
    JJ: Ya mehhhhhhhh! O.o
    Sheryl: =)
    Blu: omg hoooow. Can u come to KL!
    Ryn: It’s from MNG!
    Aaronloi: Thank you!
    Miss C: When u free to learn la. Eh wanna come to the gathering?
    Pin: It’s from Karl Ng the designer!
    Kevin: I know right. During the show they were unhappy I kept showing my profile only lol. Then tried to make me look elsewhere and the pictures turned out atrocious.
    Yee: Email pls!
    Midori: Me love it too! You like green?
    Ichigo: Yay thanks! Strawberry season now meh! SO many different ichigo commented. Including some imposters.
    Kennychoo: Thank you! Pls come, you deserve a few bottles of shampoo! Lol
    Goddess: I’m using T10. But obviously these pictures weren’t taken using that la =)
    Ailing the neko: The stylist tonged it that day. 🙂
    Jason: No i’m not!! Ringo sans Starr please. hehe!

  79. acsmvtak says:

    my nick looks like some spam title? hahaha yeah, i do get that alot 😛 its actually my name initials and my bf…btw, its audrey here. we chatted thru gmail couple of times…i am one of those that dislike the “Manja” girl…dont tell me u dont remember me 😛

  80. acsmvtak says:

    haha my nick looks like those spam titles? yeah i do get that alot 😛 its actually my name initials with my bf…btw, its audrey here…we chatted through gmail couple of times. i am one of those that dislike “manja” girls…dont u remember me?

  81. cheesie says:

    Acsmvtak: oooh of course! 😀

  82. carol says:

    haha do it in AUGUST! lollol so selfish. =P

    the clothes are yummy! And you look great in them too 🙂

  83. lyn says:

    so glad you won red fm hot babe! i voted 3 thousand and 1 times for you, hehe..i want my share now!

  84. lynnz says:

    ur outfit is sooooo lovely!! tiny ppl like us always hav difficulty finding such beautiful dresses. u looked awesome on stage. 🙂

  85. just a passerby says:

    If you want a place where you can bring your pets, you should try Palate Pallete. They have a ‘bring your pets’ session every last Sunday of the month.

    Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar
    21 Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    T : +603 2142 2148 F : +603 2143 2148

  86. cheesie says:

    Carol: Will see how it goes first 😉
    lyn: Email me ok!
    Lynnz: Thank you. Most of the clothes were oversized actually.
    Just a passerby: Thank you for info! Looking on it now!

  87. KY says:

    so was the tomyam nice enough?

  88. cheesie says:

    Ky: lolol ok hair wash i give.

  89. Celine says:

    Ringo, you look great on stage. I like the black tube dress. Looks good on you. 😉

    By the way, did you get to bring back any of the clothes? 😛

  90. Kevin says:

    Yeah, I think like what 1 of the judges said. You’re a smart girl. You know what you look good in and you know how to make yourself look good. That’s playing to your own strengths. Smart move. But I guess in the “modelling” industry, they expect you to look good from every angle to show some “variety”.

  91. Jojo says:

    Hey! You look good in those pics! =D

  92. DL says:

    nobody commented on the SHOES!! lol. i love love love all the shoe u were wearing. Im short too,but all my heels give me really bad blisters. cheap wan mah.
    were did u get all the shoes from? nose ?

  93. Rachel says:

    Babe, I bet later on your hair will be even more shiney! hahaha… come come share with all of us:) When’s ur party? I want to have a free hair cut… Lol! After Bangkok, my hair like grass d 🙁
    p/s: eat more, eat more! 🙂

  94. pH7 says:

    Dear Cheesie,
    Curious, who was your OP?

  95. ahlost says:

    Ahlost: Eh, come la, seriously (if you can). When i discuss the guest list with my friends i had you in my list. 🙂

    Hehehehe.. Though I can’t make it.. But I feel happy dy.. Hehehe…

  96. Evelyn says:

    wow…gud idea…
    i wan hair products

    hey guyz,cz here dont have chat box anymore…i very hard to talk to u guyz…
    anyone interested to buy badges made by me n my team member.its our marketing project….

  97. Evelyn says:

    aiyakk.4gt put the site =X paiseh go to
    tell me wat u think of them

  98. Evelyn says:

    the red fm thingy…glad u won cz i was on n clicking like..@@
    we have this target thingy….
    we are happy for u…
    when is the party?

  99. michy says:

    I hope when u have the next gathering, I’ll be around!
    I’ve been wanting to meet u in person. 😀
    Oh no, i sound like a stalker now. HAHAHA!

  100. Pucca says:

    Hola Cheesie,
    Nice pictures!! love the clothes!!
    Just passing to say hi (:
    Have a nice day

  101. clement says:

    wah interesting….. but is in PJ…. so far….. from kuching…

  102. doGtortoise says:

    cool.. nice pics..
    quite interesting.. but too bad.. im in sabah.. hahaz..
    hope u’re alright now.. learn to move on. ^^

  103. viviensiu says:

    I like the 4, 8 and last pic 🙂

  104. Manzy says:

    cheesie.. i think u shud have won the MDG ^^

  105. Priscilla says:

    yes Priscilla Lee girlllllllll~~~

  106. bunny says:

    wow cant believe u actually take the time to reply it all. i’m having a headache just reading them. pengsan* batman dress because of the black part? looks like bat wings.

  107. Jef says:

    Lovey, my hair is dry, the ends are split.. and has no bounce… worse of all.. some is missing.. what to do?

  108. mijim says:

    I could mistake you for RiceBunny.

    I have no idea why.

  109. mdg fan says:

    spill more stories bout stuffs happening in the dream houseeeee!!!

  110. asstha says:

    hmmm.. imma wanna go too… but looks like already filled hor quota… *sigh*… oh well… 🙁

  111. YeeYEE says:


  112. midori says:

    Midori: Me love it too! You like green?

    it’s my name 😉

  113. pegsywegsy says:

    you look great in those pics cheesie!!!
    and i think you look best in the black tube dress. and those heels! damn matching.
    oh yah, the mdg haircut suits you. keep it ok!

  114. Josh says:

    Too bad I am in Singapore now… >_

  115. Steffi says:

    Supeeeeeeeeeer hot! >.

  116. starm|st says:

    cheesie, any idea how much a von jolly dress cost? and where it can be bought?

  117. bimboy says:

    now your fans can shut up when we call you bimbo

  118. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    I love all the pics,u look so great! 🙂

  119. Hanis Zalikha says:

    Ringo! I pun dah ada bimbo blog. Hihi Im following my apple’s footstep!

  120. Stalker-san says:

    OMG cheesie why are you so skinny………what happened ? O_O

  121. suanie says:

    i like the one with green flowery skirt and pink belt the most!

  122. cheesie says:

    suan: eh i actually hate that dress.

  123. m3iy3n says:

    you look so beautiful in those dress.. love it ^^

  124. Vicki says:

    We sell awesome badges & have been doing so for 3 years & spread the button badge LOVE

  125. PRincesa says:

    I wore the same purple BEBE dress for one of my semiformal! haha NIce

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