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May 27, 2008 in Cheesellaneous

The story is, i was very very bored last night with no internet connection so i decided to do some PSing instead of blogging.

There are 11 designs but i put only 3 up. F5 to see and tell me which one you like!

115 responses to “New header!”

  1. Porkie says:

    Heh..Cheddie’s attempt at Cheddieland! She’s taking over i tell you..hehe..

  2. choco says:

    hehe. i like the one where cheddie is licking her nosie wan.

  3. goddess* says:

    I like the one with Cheesie’s eyes. The object is absolute and solid. By the way, I only managed to see 2 though. Eyes & cheddie 🙂

  4. cheesie says:

    goddess: got! just F5 until u see the 3rd one 😀

  5. Jojo says:

    The eyes one is the best! 😀

  6. Sarah says:

    I put
    numero uno a tie between cheesie’s eye and full body pic of cheddie!:)
    number two the other picture of cheddie!

    heh. nicenice. :))

  7. grace says:

    i like the bigger cheddie licking his nose and the eyes pic!
    maybe can combine both aa haha

  8. cheesie says:

    Omg both also Cheddie licking her nose leh!!! Let’s call it the Cheddie with tail and without tail picture. 😀

  9. Ching says:

    I vote Cheddie with tail.

  10. KY says:

    wah.. rotating header graphic so canggih!

  11. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Aww,Cheddie is super cute!Love the licking nose one! 😀

  12. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Oops,sorry,I mean Cheddie with tail! 🙂

  13. JH says:

    I’m torn between the cheddie with tail & the feathered lashes one =)

  14. carlame says:

    cheddie wif tail looks nicer x)

  15. Samantha says:

    I like the one with Cheddie licking nosie. :DDD

  16. huei says:

    ur eyes picture! it blends in really well!

    cheddie with tail looks good as well! without tail looks slightly weird! =D

  17. acsmvtak says:

    damn canggih right….i didnt know pressing F5 would lead me to that…im impress 🙂
    btw, my vote goes to the Feather Lashes

  18. Cheryl C says:

    Cheddie with tail!!! So cute can die.

  19. meifong says:

    def cheddie with taiL!

  20. Karen says:

    Feather lashes 🙂

  21. Tine says:

    The eyes, definitely the eyes.

  22. sara says:

    cheddie with tail 😀

  23. clover v(^-^) says:

    tough choice, both the feathery eyes n cheddie with tail. maybe combine both 😛

  24. misha says:

    the eyes is better than cheddie .. since it is YOUR blog … cheddie is cute but but … jiejie’s eyes are lovier 🙂

  25. rachteng says:

    your eyes! 🙂

  26. michy says:

    I likey the one with ur eyes! They’re just so wow-some! Haha!

    But I likey the close-up Cheddie. SO CUTE CAN DIE DOT COM!!! Maybe you should set up and then we can all have both the Cheesie and Cheddie header.

    YAY!!! 🙂

  27. lyn says:

    the eyes! really eye-catching!

  28. michy says:

    I just realised Porkie said the same thing about Cheddieland. Opps!

  29. mr.bbq says:

    chey somebody very proud and kembang after reading all this until dunno put face where wahaha

  30. angel says:

    Cheddie with tail please! she’s soooo cute

  31. nicole says:

    the pair of eyes. Awesome!

    even though cheedie is adorable in the other two headers but i still prefer to see your eyes on your blog 🙂


  32. carmen says:

    THE EYES ONE OF COURSE!!! So nice! (:

  33. sun says:

    eyes please!

  34. xueni says:

    cheddie is cute;
    but it’s still your blog eh; :X

    or is she taking over? :O

  35. qq says:

    ok, from london eye to feathered eyes!

  36. pinksterz says:

    the one with your eyes!

  37. nadnut says:

    i love the one with your eyes!

  38. miracleangel says:

    I so totally would go for the one with your eyes! Absolutely stunning!

  39. Monica says:

    eye lashes header will suits more to cheeserland theme

  40. cherylc says:

    i vote cheddie with tail…super cute can die million times!

  41. Reika says:

    i can’t choose between the two banners with cheddie in it 🙁 both so adorable!

  42. liucas says:

    cheedie i lup ewe

  43. ashley says:

    i like the one with cheddie’s full body in it
    also the lashes~ it’s nice

  44. curryegg says:

    OMG.. really damn advance la.. Lol..
    I like cheddie in full body.. So cute la! Haha… You’re really good in designing.. 😉

  45. Celine says:

    I like all of them! Especially the colourful lashes. 😉

  46. Tiff says:

    The eyes! definitely 🙂

  47. blah says:

    i like the cheddie looking right one!!

  48. Eve says:

    i like your eyes picture ^^

  49. chen says:

    hey, i think the eyes one is better. The colors are more vibrant.

  50. El says:

    your eyes 🙂
    because it’s your blog, not cheddie’s, even tho she’s adorable~
    maybe you can start a blog solely for cheddie and put the other two up 😉

  51. cherylc says:

    haha actually all the banners are awesomely beautiful..besides cheddie is part of cheesie’s lifwhoever on the banner will be fine :):)

    maybe you should keep all three banners so when ppl refresh your page to somewhere in cheeserland…all the banners can be seen lol

  52. michelle says:

    eyes! =)

  53. Bianca says:

    I like the eyes one. Chio!

  54. rachelyn says: will sure be popular if you started it. =)

    I like your eyes version. Maybe you can squeeze Cheddie somewhere in that banner together. Make it look like he’s hungry for you?

  55. siewkwan says:

    I like the eyes one, really artsy patsy!

  56. pei jiun says:

    I love the eyelashes one! 😀 or maybe u could alternate or something.

  57. mr.bbq says:

    omg cheeserland has made history with more than 600 feedburns!! 😀
    610 feeders as of 12am, 28 May 2008

  58. Miss Qian says:

    Cheedie with tail…

  59. Evelyn says:

    i like the eye one

  60. love tHat one wif cheesie’s eyes and rainbow feathers!!!!

    so picturesque !!!!!

  61. pinkpau says:

    eyelashes FOR SURE!!!!!

  62. Lydia says:

    The one with the glam eyelashes 🙂

  63. Kenny Choo says:

    Mua sukak Cheddie with the tail. Lololol

  64. Agnes says:

    cheddie with tail and your pretty eyes!!

    both so lovely

  65. patt irmina says:

    love both the eyelash and cheddie with tail picture! =)

  66. jane says:


  67. Cherry says:

    wuahah! great headers.. i prefer the one with cheddie (tail visible).
    lurve the eyelashes too.. how??????

  68. Eve says:

    The eyes definately!

  69. CherlynH says:

    i choose the eyes one!!!!!

  70. illusionx says:

    Haha. Cheddie header is damn cute XOXO Meh. I should do a banner of mine one day. XD

  71. cheesie says:

    Thank you so much for your cheeseback! Glad you all like them. Will blog soon. 🙂

  72. Ying says:

    I like the fancy colourful eyelashes 🙂

  73. kevin tan says:

    eye lashes!!!!!111

  74. Fluffz says:

    I prefer the ‘Cheddie with tail’ banner! 😀

  75. Ayumii says:

    Hmm.. Cheddie with Tail ! :D.

  76. Ayumii says:

    buht buhht Cheddie licking her nose is also cute :D. hmm.. can`t decide D:

  77. ahlost says:

    eyelashes 😀

    or can lump altogether ka?

  78. annant says:

    cheddie without tail one…so cutie

  79. ice-angel says:

    Eyes and Cheddie with tail 🙂

  80. Rach says:

    cheddie with tail.. cheddie with tail..

  81. Oli says:

    Eyes eyes! Humon eyes!

  82. bluepanda says:

    Can put all three three together ah?? tough choice la…

  83. jessie says:

    ur eyelashes!! :p

  84. Miss C says:

    Ringo! i can’t see geh~ :(((

  85. Jocelyn says:

    cheddie licking his nose is definately the one xD

  86. ke ju says:

    i like the one with cheesie licking her nose.. or chesstie boasting her sizey…

  87. eunice says:

    Cheesie’s eye!!! Next would be Cheddie on the left side 😀

  88. xniquet says:

    cheddie cheddie

  89. clement says:

    wah…hightech o cheesie

  90. viviensiu says:

    can make one with u n cheddie ar? 😀

  91. Michelle says:

    The eyelashes one!
    That’s for sure!

  92. Grace Oon says:

    Since there’s another grace.. I’ll identify myself with my surname 😛

    Well, I like the Cheddie ones too but I think since it’s YOUR blog, so it should be about u? 😀

    So my vote goes to the eyelashes! Since they’re big & pweeety!

  93. sue says:

    why dont just leave it as it is.. let it rotate! 🙂 coz all 3 are really niceee!! 🙂 hehe

  94. daph says:

    eyes!!! 🙂

  95. june says:

    i love the one of your eyes. looks glam and really pretty 🙂

  96. Bean says:

    I love the CHEESIE’s EYES!! XD

  97. Pamela says:

    me likey cheesie’s eyes!!! its so beautiful,ringo!! lurving it!!!

  98. Jill says:

    Your eyes (: cheddie looks so cute too! (: Prefer the eyes! Hee!

  99. Pb says:

    ok.this is a random comment. 🙂
    i just want recommendations for good and affordable salons in KL which has expertise in short styles.. u know any? cause ive noticed ur hair is always in a good shape. thanx! 😉

  100. Pucca says:

    Ur new banner looks so glam! TC!

  101. small gold says:

    just wondering how cheedie behave at home?

  102. sylvia says:

    eyelashes one!

  103. Jess says:

    I like the eye lashes one~ so colourful and pretty~

  104. yumii says:

    i like the one with your eyes!!!

  105. lyn says:

    cheddie with the tongue .. so adorable!

  106. jazmint says:

    the eyes and the one that shows whole of cheddie. =]

  107. sara says:

    i love the header with ur eyes.. super nice :]

  108. blu says:

    did you happen to use the… was it the paint filter or something? for your eyelashes one. or was it smudge. i dont know lah xD im really quite de photoshop noob 😀 mostly use for brushes only

  109. WP says:

    I like the one with the eyes! Cheddie’s ones are super-cute as well, but they don’t quite suit the theme of the blog. (I think lah :P)

  110. Simon Seow says:

    I like the one with no Ringo in it 😛

  111. aivin says:

    Cheddie one is cute 😉
    The one with the eyes look cool ;D

  112. jolene says:

    i like your header. she’s so cute and white!

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