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May 27, 2008 in Cheesellaneous

The story is, i was very very bored last night with no internet connection so i decided to do some PSing instead of blogging.

There are 11 designs but i put only 3 up. F5 to see and tell me which one you like!

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  1. Heh..Cheddie’s attempt at Cheddieland! She’s taking over i tell you..hehe..

  2. hehe. i like the one where cheddie is licking her nosie wan.

  3. goddess* says:

    I like the one with Cheesie’s eyes. The object is absolute and solid. By the way, I only managed to see 2 though. Eyes & cheddie 🙂

  4. goddess: got! just F5 until u see the 3rd one 😀

  5. The eyes one is the best! 😀

  6. I put
    numero uno a tie between cheesie’s eye and full body pic of cheddie!:)
    number two the other picture of cheddie!

    heh. nicenice. :))

  7. i like the bigger cheddie licking his nose and the eyes pic!
    maybe can combine both aa haha

  8. Omg both also Cheddie licking her nose leh!!! Let’s call it the Cheddie with tail and without tail picture. 😀

  9. I vote Cheddie with tail.

  10. wah.. rotating header graphic so canggih!

  11. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Aww,Cheddie is super cute!Love the licking nose one! 😀

  12. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Oops,sorry,I mean Cheddie with tail! 🙂

  13. I’m torn between the cheddie with tail & the feathered lashes one =)

  14. cheddie wif tail looks nicer x)

  15. I like the one with Cheddie licking nosie. :DDD

  16. ur eyes picture! it blends in really well!

    cheddie with tail looks good as well! without tail looks slightly weird! =D

  17. acsmvtak says:

    damn canggih right….i didnt know pressing F5 would lead me to that…im impress 🙂
    btw, my vote goes to the Feather Lashes

  18. Cheryl C says:

    Cheddie with tail!!! So cute can die.

  19. def cheddie with taiL!

  20. Feather lashes 🙂

  21. The eyes, definitely the eyes.

  22. cheddie with tail 😀

  23. clover v(^-^) says:

    tough choice, both the feathery eyes n cheddie with tail. maybe combine both 😛

  24. the eyes is better than cheddie .. since it is YOUR blog … cheddie is cute but but … jiejie’s eyes are lovier 🙂

  25. your eyes! 🙂

  26. I likey the one with ur eyes! They’re just so wow-some! Haha!

    But I likey the close-up Cheddie. SO CUTE CAN DIE DOT COM!!! Maybe you should set up and then we can all have both the Cheesie and Cheddie header.

    YAY!!! 🙂

  27. the eyes! really eye-catching!

  28. I just realised Porkie said the same thing about Cheddieland. Opps!

  29. chey somebody very proud and kembang after reading all this until dunno put face where wahaha

  30. Cheddie with tail please! she’s soooo cute

  31. the pair of eyes. Awesome!

    even though cheedie is adorable in the other two headers but i still prefer to see your eyes on your blog 🙂


  32. THE EYES ONE OF COURSE!!! So nice! (:

  33. eyes please!

  34. cheddie is cute;
    but it’s still your blog eh; :X

    or is she taking over? :O

  35. ok, from london eye to feathered eyes!

  36. the one with your eyes!

  37. i love the one with your eyes!

  38. I so totally would go for the one with your eyes! Absolutely stunning!

  39. eye lashes header will suits more to cheeserland theme

  40. i vote cheddie with tail…super cute can die million times!

  41. i can’t choose between the two banners with cheddie in it 🙁 both so adorable!

  42. cheedie i lup ewe

  43. i like the one with cheddie’s full body in it
    also the lashes~ it’s nice

  44. OMG.. really damn advance la.. Lol..
    I like cheddie in full body.. So cute la! Haha… You’re really good in designing.. 😉

  45. I like all of them! Especially the colourful lashes. 😉

  46. The eyes! definitely 🙂

  47. i like the cheddie looking right one!!

  48. i like your eyes picture ^^

  49. hey, i think the eyes one is better. The colors are more vibrant.

  50. your eyes 🙂
    because it’s your blog, not cheddie’s, even tho she’s adorable~
    maybe you can start a blog solely for cheddie and put the other two up 😉

  51. haha actually all the banners are awesomely beautiful..besides cheddie is part of cheesie’s lifwhoever on the banner will be fine :):)

    maybe you should keep all three banners so when ppl refresh your page to somewhere in cheeserland…all the banners can be seen lol

  52. eyes! =)

  53. I like the eyes one. Chio!

  54. will sure be popular if you started it. =)

    I like your eyes version. Maybe you can squeeze Cheddie somewhere in that banner together. Make it look like he’s hungry for you?

  55. I like the eyes one, really artsy patsy!

  56. I love the eyelashes one! 😀 or maybe u could alternate or something.

  57. omg cheeserland has made history with more than 600 feedburns!! 😀
    610 feeders as of 12am, 28 May 2008

  58. Cheedie with tail…

  59. i like the eye one

  60. love tHat one wif cheesie’s eyes and rainbow feathers!!!!

    so picturesque !!!!!

  61. eyelashes FOR SURE!!!!!

  62. The one with the glam eyelashes 🙂

  63. Mua sukak Cheddie with the tail. Lololol

  64. cheddie with tail and your pretty eyes!!

    both so lovely

  65. love both the eyelash and cheddie with tail picture! =)

  66. 灵魂之窗

  67. wuahah! great headers.. i prefer the one with cheddie (tail visible).
    lurve the eyelashes too.. how??????

  68. The eyes definately!

  69. i choose the eyes one!!!!!

  70. illusionx says:

    Haha. Cheddie header is damn cute XOXO Meh. I should do a banner of mine one day. XD

  71. Thank you so much for your cheeseback! Glad you all like them. Will blog soon. 🙂

  72. I like the fancy colourful eyelashes 🙂

  73. kevin tan says:

    eye lashes!!!!!111

  74. I prefer the ‘Cheddie with tail’ banner! 😀

  75. Hmm.. Cheddie with Tail ! :D.

  76. buht buhht Cheddie licking her nose is also cute :D. hmm.. can`t decide D:

  77. eyelashes 😀

    or can lump altogether ka?

  78. cheddie without tail one…so cutie

  79. Eyes and Cheddie with tail 🙂

  80. cheddie with tail.. cheddie with tail..

  81. Eyes eyes! Humon eyes!

  82. bluepanda says:

    Can put all three three together ah?? tough choice la…

  83. ur eyelashes!! :p

  84. Ringo! i can’t see geh~ :(((

  85. cheddie licking his nose is definately the one xD

  86. i like the one with cheesie licking her nose.. or chesstie boasting her sizey…

  87. Cheesie’s eye!!! Next would be Cheddie on the left side 😀

  88. cheddie cheddie

  89. wah…hightech o cheesie

  90. can make one with u n cheddie ar? 😀

  91. The eyelashes one!
    That’s for sure!

  92. Since there’s another grace.. I’ll identify myself with my surname 😛

    Well, I like the Cheddie ones too but I think since it’s YOUR blog, so it should be about u? 😀

    So my vote goes to the eyelashes! Since they’re big & pweeety!

  93. why dont just leave it as it is.. let it rotate! 🙂 coz all 3 are really niceee!! 🙂 hehe

  94. eyes!!! 🙂

  95. i love the one of your eyes. looks glam and really pretty 🙂

  96. I love the CHEESIE’s EYES!! XD

  97. me likey cheesie’s eyes!!! its so beautiful,ringo!! lurving it!!!

  98. Your eyes (: cheddie looks so cute too! (: Prefer the eyes! Hee!

  99. ok.this is a random comment. 🙂
    i just want recommendations for good and affordable salons in KL which has expertise in short styles.. u know any? cause ive noticed ur hair is always in a good shape. thanx! 😉

  100. Ur new banner looks so glam! TC!

  101. small gold says:

    just wondering how cheedie behave at home?

  102. eyelashes one!

  103. I like the eye lashes one~ so colourful and pretty~

  104. i like the one with your eyes!!!

  105. cheddie with the tongue .. so adorable!

  106. the eyes and the one that shows whole of cheddie. =]

  107. i love the header with ur eyes.. super nice :]

  108. did you happen to use the… was it the paint filter or something? for your eyelashes one. or was it smudge. i dont know lah xD im really quite de photoshop noob 😀 mostly use for brushes only

  109. I like the one with the eyes! Cheddie’s ones are super-cute as well, but they don’t quite suit the theme of the blog. (I think lah :P)

  110. I like the one with no Ringo in it 😛

  111. Cheddie one is cute 😉
    The one with the eyes look cool ;D

  112. i like your header. she’s so cute and white!

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