Cheddie the WCD

May 29, 2008 in Commercial Break


I really, really, really hate dota. The worst best friend snatcher (besides this girl i know of and hate).

Me: I miss you! Let’s go out shopping.
Bestie: Cannot. I have to dota.

Sounds familiar!??!?!

Anycheese, digress. Let’s not talk about dota but about multiplayer gaming in general, which bimbotic me won’t have a clue about at all right, at least since the Beauty and the Geek series tells us so. The only thing I know about gaming and stuff is… Cheddie, the World Cyber Dog!

Seriously i’m not kidding u. Cheddie WAS a cyber dog. As in she started out in a virtual world. i used to play this PS2 game called Dog Island on a religious basis (no, not kilim-style!) and because i was really really good at it, the dog god decided to bless me with the REAL slim Cheddie (would the real slim Cheddie please stand up, please stand up, please stand up? lolol :D)

Best toy ever.

So as you can see, games made a really biiiig impact on my life, with my obvious favourite being Ferry Halim’s Orisinals, so you can’t blame me for getting excited over the 8th world cyber games (WCG) Malaysia Championship which is happening on the 30th & 31st May (Friday & Saturday) at Low Yat Plaza!

The WCG Malaysia, recognized by The Malaysian Book of Records as having The Largest Cyber Games from year 2002-2004, (yes they have been running this tournament every year since 2001) have also been providing comprehensive and fun game-related content to the world. So it’s kinda like doing something fun and YET making history in Malaysia 🙂

Included among the list of games in the Malaysia Championship 2008 are:

Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath™

Half-Life™:Counter Strike

WarCraft® III : The Frozen Throne™

StarCraft®: Brood War™

FIFA Soccer 08™

Need for Speed™: Pro Street

There will be loads of opportunities to win cash and prizes, and of course the main distraction of the day is the WCG Asian Championship Qualifiers where you’ll get to see masters of their respective games sweat out in a bid to destroy each other, churning valor or deceit, tactical or heroic acts that will decide the champions of champions. The winners from ACG Qualifiers @ Low Yat will be representing Malaysia to Singapore for WCG 2008 Asian Championship in August.

Cheh i sound like an expert 😀

For more info, go to WCG’s official website.

But hor this time I thought I’d leave myself out of this year’s competition. I’ve already got Cheddie thanks to pwning The Dog Island so i don’t think i’ve got space for another orc, terrorist, football player like Christiano Ronaldo or a cute little zergling in my house, though a car from NFS is always welcome 😛

29 responses to “Cheddie the WCD”

  1. Jenchu says:

    Awww… how adorable hehe.

  2. KY says:

    I thought u had a wrong spelling on WCD until i saw Cheddie. LOL

  3. lollipop says:

    wow 3rd …. i hate dota, too, coz my bf love dota = =

  4. -waiseng- says:

    Cheddie so cute! I don’t like Dota also, cos everytime i play they call me feeder. -_-!

  5. curryegg says:

    I just couldn’t stop looking at Cheddie.. Haha…
    So cute.. Loving it.. 😉

  6. Michael Yip says:

    Wah!! now I won’t look at Frozen throne the same way again… whenever look at the poster of the Undead Knight, can see Cheddie staring back at me through his eyes.. Scary wei!

  7. Benjamin says:

    this entry is pathetic. stop trying to be funny. you are not funny

  8. Porkie says:

    benjamin –

  9. Carmen says:

    hey… i wonder why ppl like you wanna fake ID’s….
    it’s so obvious that you’re not the real ben…
    coz he doesn’t go blog hopping…. -_-
    so fk off coward….

  10. Benjamin says:

    i want to spam him cannot ah?

  11. Mabel says:

    Ringo, Cheddie looks so cute!! Especially the Warcraft one

  12. labu says:

    omgwtfbbq…i hv not a single idea abt dota….

  13. jess says:

    ahahahs.. referee cheddie hand out red card!

  14. Kenny says:

    Eeek, why cheddie not in my fave game? Command and Conquer? Lol it will be a good weapon. They will not see her coming.

  15. michy says:

    Haha, ur PS skills are damn good man! Isssh issshh~ U’re making me wana get a Maltese too after going green with envy of the many many cute Chedddie picts above. *awwww!!!*

  16. combo says:

    cool! Dota is getting better and better…i’m an avid fan of dota, love it!

  17. Ching says:

    Do i happen to be that bestie of yours? No right……………………

  18. Ching says:

    Kenny, Cheddie should be in Patapon (PSP). Can’t get enough of it.

  19. Jojo says:

    Cheddie is so cute!!! She looks the cutest in the Star Craft Brood War! =D

  20. Galvin says:

    DOTA is teh best! Especially when you get owned.

  21. LOL WCG DotA, teams are so random nowdays, so many teams, so many players, so little noobs, everyone knows how to play DotA now =P

    Btw! ur Cheddie stole Arthas tooth =/

  22. Porkie says:

    Ching – you got a psp now? played bleach heat the soul 5? 😀

  23. CherlynH says:

    omg cheddie is sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

  24. Esther says:

    hi cheesie, could u pls pls pls add me to ur protected cheese? I want to read~ 🙁

  25. blu says:

    just a question…. how does the protected cheese thing work? you mean cheesie will tell those who she allows to read her protected cheese the password to unlock it?
    confuzzled 🙁

  26. a shen says:

    yeah, can i read your protected cheese too????plssssssss….:p

  27. peachy says:

    hi, i’ve been wondering, how does this protected cheese thing work?
    i’ve been trying to do that for a long time on my blog, but have NO IDEA.
    i’ve googled that thing a million times, trying to find a way to password protect my posts 🙁
    please help =/

  28. CherlynH says:

    whats the password for the protected cheese? tell us please ):

  29. dota says:


    Dota is a really great game! Thanks for this post mate!

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