Oh my god. Ringo, Ringo, Ringo. What have you become.

So many tulanful incidents have happened. I am cantankerous. The mere sight of a lousy movie poster can irk me to no end. I cannot believe there are actually morons who enjoyed watching crap like the Forbidden Kingdom. It sure as hell looks like a movie which after watching, you will feel like slapping yourself, registering multiple accounts on IMDB to sabotage the rating before developing a premature brain malfunction. What makes me more tulan is how tasteless people give shitty influence and tell you a certain movie rocks. Either they are really really stupid and have an excellent taste for movie akin that of a bean sprout, or they have a personal vendetta against you.


And the worst thing is, I actually went and watched The Forbidden Kingdom.


And when Jackie Chan in his ridiculous dreadlocks and ancient Chinese suit opened his mouth and spoke English, all hell broke loose. I pulled my hair and went insane.

A total insult to Chinese literature. Which after watching, of course, i felt like slapping myself, registering multiple account on IMBD to sabotage the rating before developing a premature brain malfunction.


I was wrong. I thought that after 54 cheesnimonous days of torture there isn’t any shit I cannot take. But I just realized that I’ve become so nastily petulant I’m entirely capable of blowing a relationship off over MSN. Before that, I swallowed whatever shit thrown at me. If I was in a good mood I might even lick the faeces coated floor clean. And now, you give me a bucketful of shit, I throw it at the spinning ceiling fan and walk away.

Cheesus. You know what? I hate insensitive people. And what’s with men and their freaking ego? Have they ever heard of PMS? Can they like, compromise a little more and be a tad more loving? God. And I hate overcooked salmon. And IBS. And hot weather. And restaurants that always close on the day I visit them. And the fact that I’m at Starbucks right now because I was stupid enough to pay RM98 for constipated broadband that doesn’t work.

Ok. Excuse me now because I reaaaally need to go throw my fucckaccino randomly at a barista.










I’m sorry. I just remembered that my period is due these few days. I’m going to be bloody mad. Pun intended.