Bebek… Bebek!

June 30, 2008 in Bon Cheesepetit

Sounds so much cuter than quack quack! 😀

BBDDD Haha. Next time I’ll use this abbreviation to refer to this wonderful restaurant in Ubud, Bali.

how come BBDDD ah? becos this place is always invaded by muddy and dirty ducks from paddy fields during its construction. then lo and behold when the registrar of companies ask him what to name his restaurant, he got so irritated by them that he shouted “DIRTY DUCKS” ma liddat lo.


Restaurant very beautiful! These are like little lighted ponds filled with flowery petals, nice right


The corners are actually real paddy fields in a relaxed garden settings, then got cemented walkways all around. very very very romantic *swoons*


Hanoman Street drink. got passionfruit seeds, some green liquid and forgot what juice but it’s coconut’s favourite drink because Hanoman is his hero.


Neh. Bali’s fehmes Crispy Duck. Steamed in a myriad of Balinese spices then quickly deep-fried at a high temperature, then dip with your 3 choices of sauce (all different spicyness level) I like the peanut sauce!


i know it looks all bones, but apparently elsewhere it’s even worse than this. at least this one has decent amount of meat, yummy and crunchy ok


oh. my. cheesy. god. this bbq pork spare ribs is to DYE FOUR! not like America’s version, it’s nice and spicy, and OMG JUST LOOK AT IT LA OK


YUM. okok get out quick, no drooling over cheeserland.


Gnocchi. why i order gnocchi in Bali? i also dunno i just love gnocchi ok


Nah. ok la it wasn’t that good. the one i fell in love with was the one at Grappa, Bangsar. Go trysorry it’s closed edi and will forever stay a legend.


i think everybody want to kill me already, camwhore with food means having to wait before anyone can start chowing down. wahaha


By the way we stayed in really awesome and cheap hotels!

We had a spanking plasma tv!




Next up: Season culture and shopping!

26 responses to “Bebek… Bebek!”

  1. jess says:

    nice bali food, look so delicious! did you try the pumpkin soup?.. it’s heavenly!

  2. angeling says:

    oh.. bebek bebek.. sounds wrong wei! ..but the taste so right!

  3. Alison says:

    the place is soo pretty.. 🙂

  4. zachary says:

    “Plasma” tv.. lol~~ shd b “made in china” right?
    wondering is there any brand called “LCD”?

  5. liucas says:

    cheesie jiejie omg i m salivating at the pork rib!! how i wish i can go to bali too. oh btw, AirAsia got sales ..i wanna ‘chut kok dook shue’ .

    i wanna be a doctor!

  6. vic says:

    Ubud is a wonderful place, wish i can go back one day…

  7. KY says:

    Hahhaha Plasma TV is awesome, get one for your new house too!

  8. Porkie says:


    We’re going Bali when I’m back 😉

  9. YM says:

    lol..bek… sounds like kambing..

    i was really drooling at the bbq porkie.. it does look delicious, k? 😛

  10. Reiko says:

    Ya ya, bek really sounds like goat…
    All duck feast huh…. dunno how does it taste like????

  11. Simon Seow says:

    LOL. Plasma TV, that’s real funny. When are you going pole dancing with me?

  12. mr.bbq says:

    HAHAHA BBQ PORKIE! Sounds yummy don’t you think, porkie 😉

    so. wanna get bbq-ed? XD

  13. lyn says:

    OMG…absolutely mouthwatering…best ribs ever!

  14. combo says:

    aww.. romantic dinner..loverly restaurant..great food..wonder any duck bebeking and squawking..

  15. Porkie says:

    BBQ’d porkie? nope not nice cuz porkie is too rare. BBQ’d pig much better 😛

  16. abby says:

    WOW.. plasma tv :p

  17. Oli says:

    Ribs. That’s all I have to say.

  18. haha says:

    a smart name for TV

  19. Jojo says:

    Ooh the food looks good! =D

  20. howshouse says:

    went there last july and ate at the same restaurant. food’s good but view in the daytime of vast paddy fields was even better. would’ve been another avenue for you to camwhore!


  21. mimid3vils says:

    It’s time for me to re-visit Bali…

  22. WP says:

    Wow, the crispy duck looks really good! Not the gnocchi though…but then I’ve never liked gnocchi 😛

  23. Porkie says:

    cheesie-dono, itsgotta be better than Callucios gnocchi that we had in brent cross right?

  24. SY says:

    cheesie, how long does it take from greenfield hotel to this bebek duck place?
    besides this bebek duck any nice restaurant nearby and its walking distance from the hotel?

  25. Nidalap says:

    lol, the last pic made me rofl! Shame on my country for providing that pathetic plasma TV..

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