To have to eat alone.
And that it’s raining.
And that there’s no cab to go home.
And that to have walked around in circles and passed by the same places for at least ten times before deciding to come back to Starsucks, sit at the same place and order the same thing.

Oh. And that I got FFKed by the broadband guy.
And that I am blogging for the second time today because I really can’t make up my mind if I should go home. Provided I do manage to catch a cab, of course.

And all of a sudden having a whole place to yourself doesn’t sound that attractive anymore.


And you know what? I’m back here online again at 6.58pm after one and a half hours because there’s no freaking cab.

I called 3 radio taxi services. 3. THREE. TIGA. SAN. SAN. (it’s the same in Japanese)

NO FREAKING CAB!!! And i was too afraid to wait anywhere else so i waited in front of the police station (yet crime cases happen in front of a police station), because this area is so infamous for robbery. And my laptop is probably worth Cheddie’s life.

And what’s wrong with all the radio taxi service in KL?!?!? Either they never call you back, or they have you on hold for fifty four billion lifetimes before they tell you there’s no cab (they think my phone bill very cheap ah!!!). The aneh from the mamak next door passed by 2 times to send teh tarik to the police station and i was still waiting!

I have just changed the category of this post to Cheese-offs. Nothing short of skinning a bunny alive with a carrot peeler can vent my anger now. Sorry. All plans tonight canceled. Not in the mood to do anything else but to skin a bunny alive before chopping it into pieces and putting it into a blender for a glass of Rabbit Puree.

Now i need to buy a carrot peeler. And a knife. and a blender. Bye.

(God that sounds expensive. Fucckaccino.)


P/S: No la. Cheddie’s life is more precious than my laptop. I was just angry.