It is really quite sad

June 27, 2008 in Cheese-offs

To have to eat alone.
And that it’s raining.
And that there’s no cab to go home.
And that to have walked around in circles and passed by the same places for at least ten times before deciding to come back to Starsucks, sit at the same place and order the same thing.

Oh. And that I got FFKed by the broadband guy.
And that I am blogging for the second time today because I really can’t make up my mind if I should go home. Provided I do manage to catch a cab, of course.

And all of a sudden having a whole place to yourself doesn’t sound that attractive anymore.


And you know what? I’m back here online again at 6.58pm after one and a half hours because there’s no freaking cab.

I called 3 radio taxi services. 3. THREE. TIGA. SAN. SAN. (it’s the same in Japanese)

NO FREAKING CAB!!! And i was too afraid to wait anywhere else so i waited in front of the police station (yet crime cases happen in front of a police station), because this area is so infamous for robbery. And my laptop is probably worth Cheddie’s life.

And what’s wrong with all the radio taxi service in KL?!?!? Either they never call you back, or they have you on hold for fifty four billion lifetimes before they tell you there’s no cab (they think my phone bill very cheap ah!!!). The aneh from the mamak next door passed by 2 times to send teh tarik to the police station and i was still waiting!

I have just changed the category of this post to Cheese-offs. Nothing short of skinning a bunny alive with a carrot peeler can vent my anger now. Sorry. All plans tonight canceled. Not in the mood to do anything else but to skin a bunny alive before chopping it into pieces and putting it into a blender for a glass of Rabbit Puree.

Now i need to buy a carrot peeler. And a knife. and a blender. Bye.

(God that sounds expensive. Fucckaccino.)


P/S: No la. Cheddie’s life is more precious than my laptop. I was just angry.

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27 responses to “It is really quite sad”

  1. Chris says:

    Hey cheer up!

  2. Reiko says:

    Cheer up~!!!
    Think of your friends and somebody else…
    Ask them whether free to accompany you…
    Best things in life are shared…. ^_^

  3. KY says:

    walk around the same place 10 times? sounds like what I once did at Jalan Alor, it was raining too!

  4. pp says:

    cheer up girl! call up a friend(with a car) and meet him at that place for dinner 😛 and have him to send you home later.

  5. YM says:

    erhem.. loneliness is the scariest creature of all..
    so cheer up and start inviting people in..
    *dun worry bout the mess though..:P

  6. zachary says:

    fast-fast find urself a part-time driver la (read: bf)..

  7. zack says:

    your HH can fetch you anywhere ma:D

  8. viviensiu says:

    hmmm, the place dun have public transport mar? sometimes cab drivers are scarier lor…. but best is to ask a fren la to send u home la….

  9. mr.bbq says:

    yea, very hard to trust taxi these days. i’m sure you can count on your friends, sometimes we all have times of trouble and in those days, ur true friends will help you.

    next time u repay back the favour lor, cause i’m sure they have troubled times as well and when it comes, u’ll come in useful =)

  10. Porkie says:

    Erm..come in useful sounds a bit wrong lah..sounds as if you keep the friend just to use them for whatever.

    Cheesie-dono: this has to happen as soon as I leave..aii…if not you know I’d be there straight away to pick you up. Be it drive myself or call a cab. Drop/ffk my plans I would do so in a flash 🙂

  11. Ren says:

    Aiks poor cheesie…

  12. flubear says:

    when you call for cabs .. say +5 / +10 on top of their meters, u will see them more willing to come over when you have a bad day =)

  13. andrew says:

    lol… so charmz …. aduhh..~

  14. Gin says:

    radio cab. once u call tell them u can put down the phone n call them back later. and if u top up 5 bucks u would usually get a cab in less than 2 mins @_@

  15. Porkie says:

    Supercrap..Shitcab..Supercab sounds like the one you called. I call also forever no taxi.

  16. me says: rains again..hope you have a better day today.

  17. Zagary says:

    Maybe you should get a foldable bicycle, portable yet practicle. No fuel needed. No need to be caught in the jam. No need to go to the Gym. Can just fold and go. Even KY offer to pick you up, you can fold the bike and put it into the car boot.

    So its saving $$$ all the way. 😛

    Now give me Cheddie (^^)

  18. Daryl says:

    Eh Boss! Flash that winning toothy smile of yours & put out your thumb! I’m sure u get a free ride and a some hot cocoa from some wide eyed fan! LOL!

  19. nah says:

    sad indeed…the increase in prices of all goods and services fr fuel hike…really make me feel depressed and sad…

  20. lyn says:

    hey babe! dont be sad…

    Happiness is a choice…. Choose to be happy…

  21. tom says:

    kena jugak KY! ahah

    But well… sometimes, you just need to get used to it..
    that’s all.. and the cab.. haha you need to start asking around which
    cab companies that frequents your area and start calling that one..

    Maybe you can start a cab company call.. “Decent Cab”?

  22. Jade Z. says:

    Cheesieee~~~! Su told me the other day that we all are supposed to go out 2getha; but Dom can’t make it. If not maybe u wouldn’t have encounter this cab frust. but in Malaysia i think sooner or later one eventually will….. ):

  23. xx says:

    hey gal, a little joke to cheer u up, hope to see a smile on ur face.

    Little JJ has a speech impediment, his father taught to him to always be polite to ppl.
    The 1st day of school, JJ get on the bus, remembering what his father told him, says to the bus driver, “Doog moaning buth driber”. The bus driver slaps him in the mouth, and send him to the back of the bus. This goes on for 3 days. Finally, JJ tells his father the problem.
    “Father u tell me to be pollite, but when i do the buth driber shlaps my in ma faith.”
    His father says, “Tomorrow i will wait at the bus with you.”
    The next day, there they are waiting for the bus. When it arrives JJ’s father says,” Go on JJ get on the bus and be polite.” JJ does but looks to his father with fear in his eyes.
    His father says, “Go on JJ.” So JJ, wanting to be as polite as possible says, “Doog moaning buth driber.” With that the bus driver raises his hand in an attempt to strike JJ in the face, but before he can JJ’s father grabs the driver’s hand, he asks, “Why do you smack my son when all he is doing is being polite?”

    The bus driver says, “Betause heeth making fun of me!”

  24. Kevin says:

    did you try supercab or public cab? here are the phone numbers that I have but please be mindful that i haven’t used them in ages!

    Public – 6259 2020
    Super – 7875 7333

    Hope this helps.

  25. Porkie says:

    Like I said earlier, forget about Supercrap..they’re hopeless..NEVER have any cabs -_-

  26. yling says:

    Part of life – you’ve something good like this blog and something bad like KL taxi to balance it out 😛

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