June 24, 2008 in Happenings

Nuffnang & Maxis Wild Live Blogging Party

I don’t really have a lot of pictures but i’ll post what i have!


i was a lioness!



It was the most amazing costume party i’ve ever been to and i heart Nuffnang. 🙂

So happened the Bosh also came as a lion.

My hubby. *Runs before getting chased by an apoplectic bunny*


Ahem ahem.



Ming is soooooo royalty can. But the Polar thing damn wrong. It’s like a chicken drumstick dipped into liquid paper.


A golila.


They are all my preys muahahhahah!


Kenny the Pooh and his glass of “HUNNY”.


IcyQueenGorgeous. She deserves the best photoframe on wahaha.


Cheesie: Hi!
Edmund: Hi!
Cheesie: Errr… what… exactly are you?
Edmund: I’m confused.



This. is the world peace i’m jealous for. Don’t even want to elaborate how silly it was.


My rival predator! Who is also the Queen of the Jungle that night.


A lioness got caught by a cow who happened to be the King of the Jungle how wrong.


Audrey is so cute i wanted to eat her alive. Wait. Lions don’t eat bees.


Kim is sooooooo creative with her costume. The bat wings are made of an umbrella can you believe it omc.



At the end of the night…




Some Pooh got horny after drinking one too many glass of “hunny”.


Leave me a link if you blogged about the event too! See if i can steal any nice picture from you. 🙂

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  1. ahhh the last picture is sooooo wrong!!!

  2. Hey ringo! was nice meeting you finally in person. You’re taller than what was reported in MDG!

    keep in touch!

    oh, hope you can link me up to my blog at

    JB the chicken

  3. Aiks… Since When i became cheesie’s rival… lol.. anyway.. ROAR!! =P
    and yes.. the last pics is oh so wrong… -.-“

  4. kenny sia hutang u money ar???lol, too much ah long movies..they make people take pictures like this then force them to pay back. Hmm..seems like Kenny Sia did not pay u back.

    half naked winnie. =x So salah.

  5. Heh..the cossie looks good on you leh..dun go selling it no ah 😉

  6. Josh: Tell me about it
    JB: yo chicken. can i fry you.
    jolyn: one mountain cannot hide two tig… lions!
    ping ping: quite the opposite i actually owe him $ from bali trip!!!
    porkie: wont!

  7. ala…. I was ROASTED in that suit so hot, and now you wanna fry me??!!

    some1 should start the save the chickens campaign!!

  8. grrr.. I missed it, but at least the char kueh teow in penang was good

  9. Coooow, chiickeen?! haha damn cute wei. haro queen of the jungle 🙂

    and nay, she’s not your rival la cheesie. you’re the queen of cheese, and she, of the jungle. so you guys are sisters by royal decree!

  10. RAWR..cheese rioness the besh!! Empress of the jungle, cheeserland and farm.. RAWR POINK!!

  11. u have 1 pic in mine

  12. How come no one stuck their neck out and went as a giraffe?
    I suppose the risque photo depicts a cautionary whale.

  13. You should link me wtf, nice costume though *grrrr*

  14. hey cheesy, you look gorgeous in that outfit!

  15. just stumbled onto your blog.. i really enjoyed what I had read in your blog… keep writing 🙂


    MY EYES!

  17. ohh shit the fat guy sia is so disgusting…
    make people puke..
    tolong la.. pls dun post his face anymore.. nightmare….


  18. the king kong with huge nipple is mega turn on.

  19. XD x32 the last pic is so like kenny sia

  20. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Love ur costume!!! 🙂

  21. Chivalry choc says:

    hahaha..luurrvvee ur costume.kenny..OMG.

  22. Love your costume! Sure wish I was there that night! hehe The last pic of Kenny was hillarious! haha

  23. Your bag, your bag! How come there are 2 bears on (or in?) it?

    Nice costume! And what’s more, your hair colour goes well with it 😉

  24. Love your costume 🙂

    OMT… Why Kenny… Errr.. *ROFLMAO*

    so which gorgeous chick made kenny THAT desperate eh?! 😀

    hot costume, by the way!

  26. Here’s my post. Thought I’ve sent you the pics already.

  27. wahaha! drama king..谢致富, 拜托!

  28. agreed with joshua
    last pic so wrong =..=

  29. lol…so by the law of hong kong movies, you should be the one posting like that la??? Malaysia Boleh, always terbalik. =P

    I am sure people will not scream for the pain caused to their eyes if you were the one posing like that. Ok la, Kenny Sia’s facial expression very salah.

  30. lioness so skinny one meh?

  31. nice interesting pictures!

  32. OMG! Kim the fat and ugly is acting sexy again!

    Yucks. She’s disgusting. I don’t go to her blog coz she’s so disgusting but darn… on the pretty Cheesie’s blog, the black lump of shit appears.

  33. hahaha Kenny!!! that was totally unexpected… he looked really horny

  34. wao..the Nuffnang Party look very interest and you all look very enjoy!! aih..i dint join this time..=.=”

  35. lol!! damn farny!! haha… i’m blogging about it soon… haha.. =D btw, how’s drinking session with chingy?? haha.. was having a swim with her just then!! lol… she told me about it..!! haha =D

  36. The entire innocence of Winnie the Pooh went flying out the window with that. He DOES look cold, though. Haha.


    hey girl… this link has ur pic in it… go view them…

    nice seeing u again…. 😀 😀 😀

    take care babe!!

  38. i thought your outfit was the nicest !! really really love your current hair now 😀

  39. where did u get your costume?! dont tell me u bought it… ahahaha~

  40. contemplative.bunny says:

    pretty costume!!! where did you get it? (: (: (:

  41. I know you said lions don’t eat bees…but I don’t think you even know the half of it…you should REALLY stay away from them…

  42. it’s such a loooooooong day today! daym i want another wild live party, somebody organise another one pwetty please?

  43. it sure was an interesting party!!! hey, i raced all the way from kedah to attend this partay ok?!

    its nice meeting all you peeps!!! and i think you look fabulous that nite….as always… 🙂

  44. haha cool cool. my friend kenny went there too!

    seems that u are having alot of fun. and the last pic of kenny is sooooo hamsap of him larh. @_@

  45. hey cheesie. more free butlers for you loh 😀
    more updates please! i check your blog like every day for a new update 🙁

  46. Hoho, dropping by!! Been using few photos of urs in my post. Sorry and thnk you! 😛

    Btw, will sure get the chance to talk to you the next time we meet.n_n

  47. I love your costume. Nice! And you had such a wonderful time over there. =)

  48. lolol..chikopeh kennysia…

  49. Just wanna inform you this blog have been officially nominated as a candidate for …

    The Greatest Malaysian Blog – LIFESTYLE


    Message from:
    the X opinions (

  50. hey… nice to meet u… chessie….
    u look gorgeous..
    btw… i find a guy wearing the cock costume..called JB…
    u know him? he is one of my classmate…lost contact of it…
    what his blog name?>

  51. dats winnie the pooh… winnie the pooh should not be posing like that… >

  52. hahaha the last picture you posted is priceless! hahahaha.

  53. muahahaha…funny kenny
    i have some pics of u posted..

  54. Lioness.. Hmm, with bunny teeth.. Cute, can I pinch?

  55. You look extremely gorgeous..

    If im a lion, i want to roar you..

    & seriously the last picture… -_-

  56. Knowing how to have fun is so important in life!

    These photos make me wanna travel…to your next party!


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