Uluwatu & Jimbaran

June 27, 2008 in Indonesia

Season Monkeys and Dicks

Uluwatu Temple

Must wear a sarong before going into a temple in Bali.



There were a lot of monkeys in the wild. And they are all professional item snatching thieves.


Is the thief that stole my flower hair band.

And he’s got huge coconuts like Keju

And the said thief proceeded to snatch Keju’s pen.

Camwhoring with one hairband less.

The temple has got quite an awesome view!

Beautiful sea view

If you are lucky enough, you might spot a rare purple-color stranded mermaid. Ahem.

And take picture with him it.





Kecak/Monkey Dance Performance

Keju said let’s go watch the Monkey Dance. Throughout the performance i kept asking Keju and Chriso why wasn’t there any monkeys. Later i found out that no real monkey is involved in the performance. -_-

The Kecak Dance speaks of a story from the Ramayana where Prince Rama, helped by the Monkey King Hanoman (ooooh.) battled the evil king Ravana to rescue Sita.





Keju said the performance looks like what will happen on a Chinese New Year Reunion dinner table. Why?

Those people kept on going “Jiak jiak jiak jiak jiak jiak jiak jiak”.

Get a quick glimpse of the Kecak Dance opening.

Jiak jiak jiak! HAHAHHA!

Dinner at Jimbaran

Dinner at the seaside. 🙂


Saw this sign when on the way from airport to Kuta. Then we purposely went back there and snapped a picture. Then it became most re-used joke throughout our entire journey in Bali.

Oh. Burn me! Burn me alive!

How mercilessly ferocious.

Shopping for uhm, wooden penis

Keju discovered his perfect souvenirs for friends.


Durian flavored condom.

Keju was so happy he grew three dicks.

“Hmmm. Now which one should i use?”

Now he can try the Lychee, Banana and Durian flavors all at once.

“Hello. You like my new ahem?”

“I really like it. Lemmi have a closer look of it.”

*attempts to take it out*


Keju’s new ahem is gone.

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29 responses to “Uluwatu & Jimbaran”

  1. jam says:

    Why Kenny likes to act clown? Not very smart of him.

  2. ST says:

    oh my god! i lol-ed throughout the post.

  3. why worry, he bought 3 white dicks earlier mah

  4. cot says:

    Wow, life like! Is that what people in Bali use? 😉 sick.

  5. zachary says:

    how come KS appeared so frequently in ur posts lately? some more acting so silly n bak chi~~ hmm.. n not 2 mentioned it’s getting more n more 18sx..

    anyhow, i do enjoy~~ keep it up~~!

  6. chee hong says:

    Haiz….it started out with nice scenery photos…

    and ended with Kennysia *ahem* photos…..
    XD x 123

  7. zachary says:

    testing testing 123.. how come my flag bcome UK one? i’m in sri lanka wo.. something wrong here..

  8. KY says:

    Best bottle opener ever! 😀

  9. sheryl0202 says:

    love those pictures at Uluwatu. Those monkeys are scary! They snatched my mineral water and happily drink it!

  10. den says:


  11. blu says:

    haha! KS getting more and more explicit horr…
    eh! in singapore they also have such monkey-snatching cases except it mostly happens around nature reserves. and the monkeys are not so wild, maybe. i havent seen them before.

  12. jean says:

    shame oh shame shame kenny

  13. viviensiu says:

    hahahahaha! that’s very funny 🙂

  14. Kent says:

    Funny sia

  15. andrew says:

    wah! damn nice kan?? LOL…. chingy so wanna go holiday d!! haa

  16. gal says:

    cheh! this kenny!

  17. ahlost says:

    Wah.. Super like the “beautiful sea view”… So beautifol ah…

    and and *ROFLMAO* at the last pic…

  18. vic says:

    he got a nice size ahem

  19. tom says:

    Uluwatu temple is always better than Tanah Lot..
    OMG! I miss Bali!! …

  20. simplicityx says:

    omg @_@ i thought his dick was real at first @_@ where’d you get your top? i love it 😀

  21. angeling says:

    omg!!! 2nd last pic…the more you look at it the more you’ll laugh!

  22. joshuatly says:

    really funny picture of keju (funny sia)…

  23. asada says:

    ohh.. pls stop posting the digusting sia la… so ulgy & fat some more act cute..

  24. cheesie says:

    simplicityx: From Miss Selfridge!!! loooooooooooong time ago!

  25. Simon Seow says:

    OMG, IcyQueenGoddess’s face was censored to a whole new dimension.

  26. howshouse says:

    why censor icyqueengoddess’s face? sorry, don’t know any historical info…maybe can enlighten?


  27. boon kheng says:

    How come such people do the pervert business of selling wooden *ahem*?
    Kudos to Cheesie’s candid work. If not we’d never know. Haha.

  28. sooyin says:

    Cheesie, I think I took a photo of the exact same monkey (in your fifth picture) when I was there in March…(http://www.flickr.com/photos/sooyin/2427595502/in/set-72157604636060439/)…such a poser-la, that monkey, haha! =P

  29. cheesie says:

    your photo so much better la! lol.
    but how u know is the same one?

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