So like, tell us about your journey in MDG so far.

July 15, 2008 in MDG Drama

[diplomacy] Well, you know, it has to be the best thing ever happened in my life. Whether or not i win the title is not important to me, what matters most is that, you know, i’ve made a lot of new friends through the competition and they are the best true souls i could have ever met. They are really nice, like, you know, we get along well just like sisters. Bitching? What bitching. I will forever cherish the precious friendship we have nurtured throughout the two months. What? The car? Oh, i was never in it for the money. It’s all about the… you know, like the whole experiences and exposure kinda thing. I’ve learnt a great deal through this competition. Like, life in general, the A-Z about modelling. It has been really educational, we learnt how to watch our diet, like, can you believe that Spicy Chicken McDeluxe actually has more than 600 calories? and… a revelation on how much RM10 can buy in a meal, it made me get in touch spiritually with the hungry children in Africa. Of course there are difficult times, to illustrate, when we ran out of dish washing liquid, oh, the kitchen crisis! As well as the time we discovered 5 egg yolks in the dustbin, man, THE CHILDREN IN AFRICA, PEOPLE! So yea, in summary, i would say that this competition has, you know, enriched my life in so many ways. Oh yea, of course and most definitely i will hang out with all the girls after the show. Mwah and love ya all sistas! [/diplomacy]



It’s always interesting to see how things turn out when you put a bunch of girls together in the same house. In which case it is a dozen of complicated beings living under the same roof–twenty four seven.

Endless bitching, true enough, but it was never one person’s fault and i will blame it on the conflicting personalities of each individual. The fact is, everybody talked about everybody (in a non favorable way mostly), especially towards the end of the show. And it is really funny to see how some of them who talked the most (no it’s not Cindy, ha, surprise of the century!), are more often than not the ones who claimed to be so holier-than-thou in condemning what i wrote, hence starting a Boycott-Ringo-Campaign at the beginning because Ringo should not have questioned the judges’ divine decision. And look exactly what they were doing. A fermented beancurd calling the cheese stinky. I feel so sorry for the judges to have favored the wrongest girl.


The videos are heavily edited, judge the girls all you want if it makes you happy. Truth is, some are greatly misunderstood and some clearly are not as innocent as portrayed over your computer screen. The way people shallowly put a certain girl up the pedestal pisses me off to the last molecule of my marrow. The camera wasn’t there 24hours. What you see is either some compulsory boring footage to please the sponsors or interviews which are cut paste cut paste to a whole new definition. You haven’t spent a single minute with them yet you are talking so much. Judge only when you have spent twentyfourseven, for a grand total of 54 days in the same house with the same girls, having been accustomed to from their eating habit to sleeping habit. Then i think you are entitled to a piece of opinion.

And about Cindy’s winning. Give her a break already. And what’s with the on and on and on about her father? She just happened to have a very focused father (possibly very wealthy and positively supportive too) who channeled all his love into typing sms’es to make his daughter happy. What is wrong with that? If some of them had spent less money on printing T-shirts and banners for the finale maybe they stand a higher chance to win the show as well. Ever thought of that? Cheesh. If i had a dad like Cindy’s, i’ll be freaking happy lo.

I don’t understand why some people (including some so-called really professional people) made comments about the result being very unfair. What is so unfair about it? If anything, from the wrongest outfit to the wrongest choice of professionals, to the wrongest exploitation to endless manipulation and annoying favoritism—is unfair. Why haven’t i heard anything about it? MDG made the wrongest choice of people to piss off, in which case was Cindy’s dad, which eventually contributed to her winning. To put it simply, it’s a bloody family competition. See which family is willing to risk and fork out more. Nothing unfair about the winning. If you check the weekly top voter list la, you will see the top winners with the surname Teh, Lee and a Malay name. Hello isn’t that obvious enough?!?!? I was secretly happy that it was Cindy who won the show, actually. Because if she did not, whatever she says thereafter will just be dismissed as another sour grape remark. At least she’s now THE Malaysian Dreamgirl and nothing else matters anymore.

If there is one thing i learnt, it is that being meek, polite and uncomplaining gets you no where in such a competition. Discarding the voting system factor, the best thing i could have done is to bully my way to the top.

Comments are moderated for this post. If you think i won’t like what you write, then don’t bother wasting energy. Go sabotage some other people’s blog. Thank you very much.


P/S: This post is written somewhere back in early May. See hor, a lot of things doesn’t really matter to me now that i re-read it. But i just feel like posting it la. Good things don’t go to waste. Oh yes baby, comment still shamelessly moderated. 🙂

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  1. devina says:

    haha who would forget the drama that time !

  2. ST says:

    I am touched man. But I do have ONE question (you see har, I kinda only heard of you through MDG, so if you have mentioned it before, sorry), have always wanted to be a model or is it because you just wanted some experience?

  3. Stephen says:

    Interesting and true to know.. thanks for sharing..

  4. anon says:

    thanks for posting it, good move 🙂 it’s not very inflammatory actually, quite vague (hence, diplomatic).

    take care, and cheer up. you haven’t quite been the same cheesie since MDG…a little more subdued and seemingly sad. posts don’t seem as exuberant as they were before. hope you’ll be a-ok in time!

  5. s0hp0h says:

    sadly, that is the truth of reality shows – judicious editing. They try to protray a certain someone in a way they want. It’s really pathetic how manipulative the producers are really. It’s not until you are in something like that one finally realises, what you see, isn’t necessarily what you get. And it’s weird, because some of the bitches you see in reality shows, they turned out to be unusually friendly in real life (not sure if it’s a pretense facade, but give them the benefit of the doubt lol). And on the other say, those so-called never mess with anyone, and oh-i’m-such-a-goodie-look-at-me can turn out to be a real pain in the ass. My take it, never really put too much feelings in it, it’s afterall just a show. I mean, what do the audiences knowww about the ‘real life’ inside?

  6. May Zhee says:

    Eh, here is what we didn’t get to finish in our chat that day since both of us had to sleep. -_-

    I am happy Cindy won too. But after you’ve enlightened me the other time, I realized how much the editing can “brainwash” people. At the finale at 1 Utama, I told my friend I hope *ahem* will win (when I watched MDG she seemed so sweet and genuine and, well, likeable) but thank God I also mentioned I was rooting for Cindy because let’s face it, I support b*tches. (In a good way ah Cindy please don’t kill me think of Jay Chou.)

    But one day I watched one of the episodes I missed and I saw *ahem* bitching about Cindy. And then I thought, whaat? This is the so-called sweet and nice? What, accent can be faked, tears can be faked too? Oh, really? You should know huh? I had thought people liked her because she was neutral, and that she didn’t badmouth anyone, etc.


    Aiya all the *ahem* above is Hanis la. I have no qualms about saying her name loud and proud, I was just worried you didn’t want me to. =/

  7. vic says:

    reading a post without its comments is like having a meal without syok!

  8. kelv says:

    mm i dun get which girl u are referring to ringo!? isit hanis or fiqa thatu are talking about??

  9. Haloooo… am i coming to a wrong place? no cheese?

  10. ShaolinTiger says:

    It’s unfair because no single person nor family should be able to influence the voting system so much, one person (1 cellular number) should only be allowed to cast 1 vote per week.

  11. Irene says:

    I’m was actually quite upset about Cindy winning. But now, to think of it again. I think Cindy’s win is quite okay. The runner ups dont really deserve that spot though.

    In my opinion, the whole show was quite noob-ish. Like, they were doing more of an advert for brands/designer/whatever it is that are unheard of. It made it look so cheap.

    And all the editing. We all know how heavily its edited. Guess they already have their victims marked out and all. No drama = no ppl watching right?

    Cheesie, have you lost your old self? Seems like there’s less post these days and you don’t look as happy as before in photos. Its such a waste your long black hair is gone. Cheer up!

  12. cheesie says:

    ST: thats because i havent said anything yet. I’m more than okay now! Very happy 😀
    Mayzhee: i DID NOT mention any name hor. Ah, see, don’t assume hehehehe
    ST: (eh same initial!) exactly why it’s not her fault!

    Everyone else: Just got back from Dark Knight, very sleepy! Reply you all properly if i have time!

  13. Jade Z. says:

    On [diplomacy] -its basically the WHOLE shitload summary about the WHOLE shitshow. From the RM10 meal budgets which; i still remember Hanis got to use more on the 1st day @ grocery -supported by Alison & gang (i could never understand why a 27 was so afraiddd of a 17 years old girl), to YES; we have Mc Donalds as our “model diet plan” – then got voiced by the company saying we put on weight, then having this “lady” saying we can choose not to EAT it, me and 5 egg yolks story; it’s all about food, aint it?! -these people are KIA. SU.

    Scared no food to eat. Oh. Not to mention also, SUA. KU. Never eat bread, jam, eggs, or drank Milo before. Kesian horr?

    I felt sorry for boycotting you in the beginning. I was so one of them, but I guess I wasn’t to dumb & late to realize WHO was the real faker. I should have let down my ego and just talk to you when I noticed that -but I guess you were too close to Jay. & Jay was too close with BAH.

    But it’s funny how we got to catch up with each other’s stories so FAST!; not forgetting the bitchy twitchy earsss, all listening, perasaning, thinking we were actually talking about em’ 24/7, when the fact is, looking at them walking around in pajamas like zombies was sickening enough.

    You made a point i would love to bring across. “from the wrongest hair-do, to the wrongest choice of professionals, to the wrongest exploitation to endless manipulation and annoying favoritism. Why haven’t i heard anything about it?”

    Yes. WHY havent I heard about those shit? WHY?!?!?! That’s all i want to know. It just shows how shallow these biased people are; to say WE are TWO the BEST fakers!?


    Who is the FAKE one? WHO??? hahahahaha…… You wanna BET? In no time, the “fake one” will start to blog about MDG. WHO dares to BET with me?

    Dear Ringo, we both knew this without having to say much:

    I SINCERELY WANTED YOU TO BE IN THE TOP 3 during the last 2 weeks.


    I guess that’s when I realized we can be REAL friends -because I didn’t care if YOU win or I win anymore. Those girls made us more REAL in a way, don’t you think? But the dumb ones were too dumb to see of coz.

    Anyyyway. I find this so cool to do. HA HA HA!!! (((((:

  14. jaffer says:

    yes ringo and cindy i feel for you.

    i saw this comment by suz on cin’ blog:

    “others…well.. those other girls (i need not mention) ARE fake.
    and after reading their blogs, their personality are now so different from those MDG episodes. they appear so friendly in those episodes but now they dont even link each other in their blog. they linked eveybody else’s blog such as tom, dick and harry EXCEPT their MDG soul mates. haha!”

    HAHA CAN’T AGREE MORE!!! I really wonder why! So called best friends. Disgusting.

  15. shaolin balding tiger says:

    It’s unfair because no single person nor family should be able to influence the voting system so much, one person (1 cellular number) should only be allowed to cast 1 vote per week.

    it is so fair because it is not stated in the rules you cant vote multiple times with one cellular number, so it is fair.

  16. shaolin balding tiger says:

    ohh yeah

    “You haven’t spent a single minute with them yet you are talking so much”

    this is so fucking true, those hanis supporter,

  17. shaolin balding tiger says:

    ohh yeah

    “You haven’t spent a single minute with them yet you are talking so much”

    this is so fucking true, those hanis supporter, STFU if you dont know anything =p

    and i think fiqa got kicked out early because of hanis, everyone started hating her(fiqa only) when both of them started bitching about cindy.

    at least fiqa said what she felt to the media( she didnt fake it), while hanis didnt ( tried so hard to maintain her manis reputation)

  18. Kevin says:

    its just the same “problem” that all these so-called competitions have in common. if its a competition to unearth the greatest talent (in this case, model) then the competition should NEVER be based on public votes because that just turns it into a popularity competition or in this case who has the most money and time. Oh well, in the end the organisers don’t want to unearth the best talent; they are more interested in getting the revenue from advertisements and from SMS votes.

  19. huei says:

    haiya..those who hate hanis, ringo, or cindy..r just like them (i mean the reason they hate these girls). i agree with shaolin tiger’s like blog hits..we go by unique hits, not multiple visits. to shaolin tiger hater, st was just saying that it SHOULD’VE been that way…

    this is what i call the bitch thing. girls living together = bitching. period. i lived with lots of female room/housemates before, and trust me, it’s nasty! but it’s over now u know..what’s over is over. cindy won, so let it be! this is ringo’s blog, so let her blog whatever she wants!

    to those who don’t like the girls..don’t like..mai dun read their blogs lor..dun c lor..why lah wana read then make urself angry? too free nothing to do isit? who r we to judge them? read for our own entertainment onli lor..we don’t know the girls..we only hear stories from one side, how to judge?

    but matter what happens..i will still read all ur blogs! =)

  20. danielle says:

    ironic isn’t it? those who kept quiet in the show, those who didn’t really bitch in front of the camera about other girls & the girl who found out later about girls bad mouthing her after her dad told her so were those labelled as bitchy.

    and the show, the ppl who ran it.. make it like cindy is not so deserving to win the title. wth! you were the one who set the rules & no one broke any rules… then, don’t blame anyone.

    btw, just my personal opinion, i don’t think that *ahem* is so so so pretty & has so so so much potential la. to me, she’s just another normal girl on the road.

  21. KY says:

    oOO i wonder who’s “shaolin balding tiger”, LOL

  22. mr.bbq says:

    mr.bbq: at the end of the day, if a person does not win by one’s own effort, it’s up to that person to feel proud of themselves or not.

    Cheesie: Are you saying that if she voted for herself instead of her father she should feel proud? You are not making sense at all

    i’m saying that if one knows that the win is not by one’s own effort, then one would rather stop then to further continue what seems to be a degrade in pride and self-effort. it’s the same kind of concept as believing in one’s principles, for instance, i take pride in working my way up by my own efforts, and all help and support that come in is all but welcomed. BUT in this case it seems as though the wrong effort was put in, clearly wasn’t working, and solely depending on a factor that would diminish my pride is something I would not place on myself. That be my arguement, no offense to you i hope.

  23. mr.bbq says:

    i forgot to mention that it’s not about being egoistic.

    more like, let’s just say i dun like it when one says “ah i dun care la, just make sure i be top something something”, makes u feel like that person is thoroughly spoilt and used to getting things their own way, without putting lots and lots of effort themselves at first. cos it makes ppl who actually work hard feel like there was nothing for them in the first place, even if they didn’t last. i’m sure one could generally be a nice person and all that, or that we could be friends, but with that kind of mentality, i’ll be hardpressed to say that one deserves the 1st place.

  24. WP says:

    Of course the show had to be edited, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough airing time 😛 And of course the people who edited it could be biased…the hazards of an imperfect world.

    But what I really wondered about is whether there were any instructions about what you were supposed to do at certain moments in the show…any “putting-on-a-show”? I remember especially the parcel that arrived at the beginning and had all the girls screaming with joy…it seemed too much of a coincidence that all the girls would react the exact same way. Would you mind clarifying that for me? Thanks 😉

  25. joshuaongys says:

    aiya.. the show is stupid… everyone is different and yes characteristic do clash eventually wen u stay with people… the fault is not on any of the girls.. just like wat u’ve said, they did heavy editing on the videos.. blame it on it and the company which come out with this whole competition… its all bad… hope the company make a few BIG changes with it in the 2nd season and show more TRUE stuffs and not EDITED stuffs bah..

  26. blue_racoon says:

    i gotta agree that cindy was potrayed badly. I admit i was not a fan of hers initially, but as the show went on and having gone through a personal experience myself, i can understand how she feels now.

    People potraying negatively when in fact, you are not as what they put you to be. I am glad she won in the end. How is it that getting family support be labelled as being a spoilt brat is what i like to know…

  27. viviensiu says:

    I stoped watching the show after episode 4 because of the bad video quality haha…. after that I followed thru the synopsis and the pictures only.

    To be honest if judging from the pictures alone, quite a few times more deserving gals are being dropped off because of they do not have enough votes =_=

    again this is more like a voting competition, you can garner more supporters, you win la, if there’s unfairness blame it to the system, it’s not like from the 1st day people don’t know how it works, and there’s so many predessors like Project Superstar.

    End of the day who is the real winner? I’d say it’s the telco company and the organisers, I’d say the girls had been used thru and thru to create publicity and to garner more attention. USED THRU AND THRU. Reality show mah, kononnye reality show la. It’s as real as Menantu K winning the election with ballot box appearing from nowhere.

  28. ShaolinTiger says:

    Some pussy that’s too scared to use their own name, they can’t read properly either…rules don’t dictate what is fair. If I write a set of rules that says I can come to your house and burn it down, is that fair because it’s in the rules?

    I don’t really care who won anyway, those with talent with get the jobs and recognition they deserve. MDG was a good platform for everyone involved to get some exposure.

  29. cheesie says:

    mr.bbq: ha, there comes my question. exactly what do you mean by “own effort?” See this is how you guys judge people.

    “makes u feel like that person is thoroughly spoilt and used to getting things their own way, without putting lots and lots of effort themselves at first.”


    And how do you know that she hasn’t put in any effort? So far as i know she’s working hard to improve herself, especially towards the end when she knows that she stand a chance to win the title. Of course the external help is just a boost of confidence. My problem is that you all made it sound as if it’s very shameless to have a strong family support to help achieve whatever she wanted. And let’s say the PREFERED WINNER did win (by having her parents dumped in say, 100k for the title), would you say the same thing? So it is her own effort then? See this is how you guys are biased and i think it is very unfair you all judge a person like that.

  30. cheesie says:

    WP: Oh trust me, we were told to act as excited as we could. Like, twice? (after the first take). Hence all the overly high-pitch screaming.

  31. hsu says:

    Ringo, sometimes, it doesn’t take much to brainwash people. However, thru out the entire show, anyone blind or at least people that watch enough reality t.v. show would know that heck, they’ve friggin edited the whole show to make it more appealing. After all the only wanted to get the hits to keep making MDG no.2 rite?

    Was truely disappointed tat u didn’t make it thru to the top 3. However, gladly, I’m happy that Cindy won 🙂

    Every single time someone says “hanis le manis hanis le manja hanis this n that” *i felt like puking* firstly, she can’t take great pictures… 2ndly the acting lah the manja lah the lah lah lah thing lah~!

    WTF. Anyways, truely love u girls, keep fighting on! Luv yas

  32. mr.bbq says:

    blue_racoon: family support is the strongest thing there is, i promise you. i myself am a hardcore believer of that fact. hence it’s not their support that spoils the child, but the fact that one requests for it shamelessly without trying their best to show that they are earnest about it is just… being spoilt. proof? jsut think about the way one talks over the phone demanding to be in the top 6. You think that’s acting? nay, that’s real talk there, and that’s one thing i credit one for: honesty in expression while being live. unfortunately, winning then doesn’t become an option.

    cheesie: the above reasoning is relevant to our arguement as well. added to that, i beg to differ in terms of “effort”. were you there to see some of her catwalks? she walked fast, twirled fast and got out of the camera view before you could say “wow look at her upturned nose”. i’m assuming we’re talking about THE malaysian dreamgirl here. that looks to me as if she was just doing what she was told, and that’s about it, because the rest is being taken care of by her family members. there’s no need to improve, no need to bother. think about Jay and Alison, they were clearly fighting the odds and yet, they tried their best. I find myself more respect for them than to the winner…

    what’s worse, right after MDG was over, the malaysian dreamgirl posted on how she got the car but decided to use her old car giving an excuse that her aunt “would not be happy” in such a manner-of-factly way, a real blow to those who really need the car but couldn’t get it…

  33. cheesie says:

    mr.bbq: ok i let you off this time because the video is awesome. Haha. argue with you next time.

  34. B.H. says:

    Sigh…people, people.

    Don’t you see what’s happening?

    You’re putty in the producers’ hands. This is exactly the kind of response they intended to generate.

    You yourselves have to admit despite the contestants’ on/off screen personas, the hypocrisy thrills you vicariously (and rather disturbingly).

    Think about it.

    It’s been months since the show ended and here’s everyone still talking about it.

    This is the best viral marketing/ word of mouth a reality show (which is busy planning its second season) could hope for.

    Cindy vs. Hanis. The winner? Capxion Media.

    I say fight capitalism. Let’s watch politicians tear the country apart instead.


  35. kelv says:

    mr BBQ:
    do u know how to cat walk??? if u dun.. i’ll put u thru a series of classes to learn how to cat walk then put u on stage and walk for everyone. Do u think with all your hard work and great effort putting into those lessons u will completely transform into a say semi-pro immediately in few month’s time????hence walk gracefully on stage???? well the answer is obviously NO! u will still walk like a ducky and legs will be shaking like nothing while catwalking infront of so many front of so many cameras and on live TV while on a huge stage.DO u get what i am saying???
    SO NOW can i say that YOU havent put in enough EFFORT??–think about this.
    and about the MDG CAR, common… do u really think that the girls joined the competition bcoz they wanted the car???i strongly think whatever lines they said about the car during the show was solely for advertising purposes!
    and why is it that u have to use something that u won??if cindy needs some money she would even sell the car off… since she feels much more comfi driving in her own pink atos.. or can let her bro or mother drives it or even aunty can pinjam for a spin or two.. i think that is non of anyone of our business how she wants to do with the car!

  36. mr.bbq says:

    kelv: ok la kelv chill dood. i think i know who you are on facebook now. haha lol

    cheesie: aiya why dowan continue. no problem, hopefully approved *fingers crossed*

  37. Idontwanttobename says:

    finally its out in the open, couldnt agree more…im not afraid of mentioning names so here goes…Fiqa complains bout Cindy’s fake accent. But no one realize she speaks with a FAKE accent too. Infact worst, because she speaks with a broken english. And she seems to be repeating that she’s a mixed with chinese. Wahh she proud to be a chinese issit? Hanis appear to me all so sweet and gentle. Have you peeps read her blog? OMG! she’s so arrogant and thinks too highly of herself. Besides, i didnt know Malay can wear so sexy and do all this daring pose! padahal her mother wear tudung but anak terdedah like hell. HYPOCRITE! need i say more?
    Whats the London girls name? i lupa already, anyways…i really like her at first, thought she was the most matured one among the lot. But see how she go all out questiong Cindy at the last episode. Wah wah who is she to question man…i smell lotsa jealousy.

    Btw, Ringo, what u say its true…if they were to spend their money on sms-es and not banners and T-shirt, they would have give Cindy a run of her money…but too bad. ho ho ho…just like the mat rempits…instead of spending time practising stunds and going out to bully innocent people, they should spend their time wisely WORKING to earn money and not sit back and relax and rely on our gov to feed them.

    this is gonna be a total random note : the Mat Rempit might think we’re afraid of them and they feel super proud that we have to make way for them on the road. But actual fact, we are afraid that their rusty old bikes will scratch our BMW 7 series. 😀

  38. anona says:

    omg tell me about it, personally i think a lot of them become very arrogant after the show, especially hanis. all sweet and act manja but now she’s so full of herself. and attempting too hard to be funny when she’s not even remotely intelligent. cindy no need to say she’s like this all along haha. but yea so far i’ve only heard what the audience said but nice to hear hear it first hand from a contestant.

  39. terence says:

    I believe Cheesie has her objectives and motivating factors while deciding to enroll for MDG. Some turn out to be true, others may be a bit hard to swallow. I trust it’s a valuable experience all said and done.

    Dear reality shows wannabe out there – In reality, it’s still SHOWBIZ lah! It’s like cheese – we either love it or hate it….hahaha….. (Seriously, I tried it – and I didn’t like it).

  40. blu says:

    i think this is exactly the kind of response the producers wanted… actually i feel this competition isnt even really very good, as in the system that they went by.

    i know THE malaysian dreamgirl would have to be liked by everyone, thus the voting system. but i think they could have been more like, you know lah, those idol idol shows. as in have a certain percentage judged by real judges who can tell you who really has that ‘x’ factor and all that modelling talent and whatever. aiya i know lah im not making sense right!! but yah lah you know what im talking about lah.

    i admit lah, i didn’t really like cindy much at first (no offense hor — wait wait can i just ask. i never really got the difference between ‘offence’ and ‘offense’. yesyes i guessed my way through school lah. anyone care to enlighten me– cindy) but after reading about how you and cindy honestly feel about MDG, i can say that i have a much less biased opinion about cindy. eh actually you know i have a confession to make!! i didn’t even watch the final episodes of MDG wahaha. as in i only watched until the final elimination round that left only three people in the show.

    ok sorrysorry. anyway what i am saying is that, i think all criticism about cindy is not really fair, and producers are ALL like that one. so yeah. AND can someone tell me hanis the manis’ blog add!! or whoever-else-from-MDG’s blog add lah. i’m really interested to find out what they think. honestly lor you know i had a hard time tracking cindy’s blog because i stopped reading for a long time. then from, was it some hotpinkchillipadi related thing change to jade zheng? yah lah you get me.

    so anyway, tell me hanis the manis’ blog add leh someone!! 🙁

  41. sasa says:

    shaolin tiger,i thought you were hanis’ biggest supporter?

  42. pinks says:

    all over darling. just relax and stay pretty. haha.

    but after reading your post, i respect cindy alil bit more. so i guess you are right. what is hidden stays hidden and no one will ever know. tsktsk.

  43. kelv says:

    Mr BBQ:
    gosh?? !!how do u find out?? hahha.. drop in to say HI anytime ok.. 🙂
    i have a blog too… think u can find it??

  44. anonymous says:

    I don’t really care who won anyway, those with talent with get the jobs and recognition they deserve. MDG was a good platform for everyone involved to get some exposure.

    shaolin tiger
    you are damn fake lah, dont really care who won?
    you wrote a freaking long post telling everyone how unsatisfied you were with the result,
    dont really care who won?

  45. Midori says:

    I have been reading your blog for nearly a year now I think. I also think you were the only reason I even watched MDG, which I suppose means I played right into the hands of the producers (dammit!).

    My take on the situation? I think you were the number one most unfairly criticized girl on the show. Cindy was the second.

    I didn’t really understand what everyone was so pissed off about when you wrote that post about how a couple of people made it to the final twelve didn’t really deserve it (in your eyes). First off, everyone and their moms were doing the exact same thing for the duration of the show…half the blogs that covered MDG in some way, shape or form seemed to be ranting and raving about how some girl or another shouldn’t even be competing. Secondly, you didn’t name any names. So, wha?

    I’ll admit that some of your later photos weren’t as good as the other girls’, but I can’t say it was really entirely your fault. Sometimes it was the fault of the stylists (I’m assuming you didn’t ask for those Princess Leia buns) but I think it was mostly because they didn’t give you that many chances to take a good photo towards the end which kind of sucked. I think they also didn’t give you adequate camera time in general (ah, reality show editing!)

    I also don’t understand why you were called fake. Anyone care to enlighten me?

    As for Cindy? She was completely vilified by the producers which in turn led all the viewers to hate her. We’re all just pawns in their little game *sigh* But, yeah, she occasionally has a bit of a bitch vibe to her, but I think we all have a bitchy side. She’s just honest about it, which I can respect. No reason to hate on her because she actually says what others are afraid to.

    That’s just my two cents. Sorry it turned into a novel!

  46. cheesie says:

    Midori: Tell me about it. Ha, i don’t want to explain too much here. But i’m composing something entertaining to read.

    And no i didnt ask for the freaking hairstyle. Neither did i choose those oversized clothes. And tell me about not given many chances to take a good photo! God i’m going back to composing my little story. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  47. Midori says:

    Oh, and one more thing (ha, sorry!)

    I’ve noticed that there are some people that are bashing Hanis for some odd reasons. Yes, I do think that she’s probably not the sweet, innocent girl she was portrayed as in the show. In fact, I believe she may have been one of the worst instigators of drama in the show (cleverly concealed by clever video editing, of course!). However, I think her blog is actually pretty amusing and I don’t get the “arrogant” vibe from her at all (not from her blog, anyway). High self-esteem/self-confidence, yes. Arrongance, no. I’m also not so sure that people should be picking on her for her English.

    It might just be me, though. My frame of reference is a bit different and I’m not familiar with the cultural norm in Malaysia!

  48. real_cranium says:

    i second B.H.

    miss cheesilicious.erm.pls dun b like dis.its not cheesingly like u.

    reli dig u when u is cheesingly vibrant n happy.

    oh,how is cheedie? =P

  49. mdg fan says:

    Idontwanttobename: how dya know that fiqa speaks with a fake accent? you know her since you were young? bout cindy’s accent, doesnt seem to be real to me. As for hanis, definitely agree with you. she thinks too highly of herself! she’s more fake compared to cindy and fiqa. urgh.

  50. Jade Z. says:

    Cheesie! you so good got time to compose your masterpieces! i am here in redfm curi-curi reading your blog & commenting! damn u weh. LOL!

  51. cheesie says:

    real_cranium: i’m very happy! Check my Happy-O-Meter! 😀 Cheddie is… one word: CUTE! 😀
    Jade Z.: ya summore while playing with my dog. Jealous anot.

  52. loyal supporter says:

    i was at first hoping for hanis to win also, but after hearin ur side of the story, well, i’d still prefer cindy din win. at least let adeline win lah, she also models better than cindy. everyone can catwalk better than her loh. lets face it, she has no talents. fine so she actually worked hard (eventho jay said she wasnt serious at all most of the time) but did u see her walk on the runway cheesie? i know now u both hv grown closer, but cindy is stil cindy, she hasnt changed at all since mdg ended. she still appears self-centred, overbearin, insensitive, and whatever she was ‘portrayed’ to b in the episodes. as much i believe the producers manipulated the videos, i also believe that they cudnt hv forced cindy to act the way she did in ALL the videos. oh yea, u also left out adeline. if adeline was really that bad as cindy had said durin the interview, why din u talk bout her? why only hanis? anyway, i’ve been a loyal reader for a few yrs now. i believe whatever u wrote is not for no reason. now i know i shudnt judge a book by its cover. mayb hanis is really not that innocent, but cindy, well i dont know..she bitched bout adeline eventho they were best frens, so u just b careful aite? and im worried bout u. the other commentor above was right, u dont seem as happy as last time anymore. i really hope mdg din change u. i’ve always believed in u even before u entered mdg, n i believe many ppl still support u too. cheer up, cheesie!

  53. cheesie says:

    loyal supporter: thanks for your comment, good to know that you have been following my blog for so long. Well i didn’t point out who is who in this post but if i do decide to post what i have been composing then maybe you can have a better idea. I have always been rather cynical but i guess last time i’ve been hiding it a little too well. And a lot of very dark, depressing entries were not even published here. But thanks, very touched. 🙂

  54. blu says:

    omg wei why no one tell me what is hanis’ blog one 🙁 very sad one okay!

  55. youwantapieceofme says:

    Dear blu…no one is telling you because nobody care! and i’m not telling you either, i dont do free advertisment 😛

    Oh ya, trust me…u dont want to read her blog…too much “im-innocent-and-the-best-among-the-rest-i’am-so-holy-but-my-tudung-mother-allow-me-to-post-like-a-porn-star-and-wear-skimpy-sexy-clothes-infront-of-camera-and-for-the-whole-world-to-see.
    hahaha where is your moral la my dear hanis the manis. eh wait, im supposed to ask her mother that question instead.

  56. sasa says:

    oi did she even let her breasts out?her pictures are nice to see and its tasteful,unlike MISS JADE ZHENG OVERTHERE.Open here open there.Cmonlah,you dont hire your brother as a photographer when you are showing your nen nen here and there.i have nothing against miss cheesie weezie,i think she was used in the competition so i would understand why shed be unhappy.but that MISS JADE ?already win also complain.

  57. Idontwanttobename says:

    Hey sasa, i dont remember Cindy complaining bout her win at all. was it she who complained or the raykat aka hanis fan complain? get your facts correct pls.

    well, who cares bout her nen nen showing here and there…thats besides the point. my main point is that…a mother cover from head to toe let her daughter wear skimpy clothes…oh let me remind u the seductive shoot they took in their lingerie!!! hahaha…they can do that meh? i thought against their religion wor? come englighten me abit bout this. everyone seem to shut up when i asked them that question. no one seemed able to defend her in this topic. why ar? all felt bad for her also ar? oops!

    so what IF Cindy expose herself? her religion didnt say its against it also.

  58. Idontwanttobename says:

    what im trying to get through here is basically, before u pin point other ppl’s flaws and insulting Cindy or Ringo…look at yourself first…or look at your own Hanis the Manis first before u open your mouth to speak. because at the end of they day, if u wanna weigh the bad point btween hanis n cindy…hanis is gonna lose! just how she already lost to cindy in the MDG.haha.

    tell me what is so great bout hanis la?? i dont think she’s that great after all, esp after seeing that her mum is cover from head to toe let her daughter expose herself right? whats worst…accompany her to clubs too!!! wah wah wah. and let her wear lingerie and pose sexily infront of the camera for the whole public to see…and can still advise her to work harder bla bla bla…wahhh motivating the daughter somemore.

  59. Idontwanttobename says:

    Everyone remember the famous Munirah? she said “white blouse is a menace to the society” “because white blouse is too transparent for girls it becomes a source of attention”
    Here is she, trying hard to get that message across…but Hanis the Manis is doing otherwise! hmmm showing good example heh?

  60. Jade Z. says:

    thank you for shutting sasa up -one of those who prefers an extra enemy than an extra friend. duno what has my pictures gotta do with her. -___-“

  61. viviensiu says:

    don’t even mention about Munirah. There’s nothing wrong about a damm white school blouse. Even women in Arab will get raped although they cover everything except their eyes. Even children as young as 4 can get raped. You wana blame the children on what kind of indecent exposure? They don’t even start to develop breasts to begin with! If the raper already had a wrong mind to begin with there’s nothing much you can do except to change their damned mindset! Blame the criminal for the rape, not the victim.

    Your thoughts are so one-sided I hope you don’t end up in parliament. We had enough crappy people in there already.

  62. ShaolinTiger says:

    If you post your pictures n the public Internet it’s got to do with everyone. If you don’t want people to comment on them, don’t post them.

    As for being a hypocrite *shrug* if you say so, I’m a photographer I like who looks good in front of the camera and for me that is Hanis and Fiqa – Hanis needs to have a wider variety of expressions.

    But then I look at it from my own point of view, like I said I may not agree with who wont but I don’t really care because those with the talent will make their own way anyway. Not exactly like Cindy is a superstar now after winning.

  63. confusedlah says:

    haiyoh now modern era d leh.. still talkin bout cover here cover there? u go to town/malls/streets/even campus also ppl wear sexy and trendy d loh, includin malay loh. haih duno y wana pick on hanis. she din even reveal as much as cindy.

    i second shaolin tiger. dah lah x famous after winning mdg, wana create trouble again by postin mdg stuff n talkin bad bout, who ar? hanis? adeline? fiqa? nadia? alison? jay? even ringo? omg she macam hate all of the mdg girls leh. i wonder why. mayb all of them are the real bitches? cindy is prolly just a victim kot HAHAHAHA. haha of course lah now she manage to get ringo on her side d, then come here shoot nonsense like orang giler, so full of herself lidat. LOL she din even realise she’s makin a fool out of herself. duno wth she’s writin in her comment also. haih, some ppl just dont wanna grow up n move on n jusssstttt love creatin trouble. then wanna drag innocent ppl in somemore. haih, bertaubatlah while u still can… next time dpt balasan tau..

  64. imagine says:

    are you serious? your religion tells you to expose your everything to the world??pathetic then.

    “So what IF Cindy expose herself? her religion didnt say its against it also.”

    just because ure not a muslim that doesnt mean when you expose yourself in pictures just like miss cindy here you have morals. so when you pose for nude pictures we should say oh no,the religion doesnt tell them to cover up,so thats okay.

  65. imagine says:

    and personally,even if hanis decides to not to wear a burqa or anything, i dont see her pictures being rated too sexy even if shes a muslim. but the thought of miss cindy asking her brother to take shots of her exposing her breasts is kinda sick.

  66. imagine says:

    and shaolin tiger,i dont know man,its like one minute youre for hanis,and then the next minute you’re writing here saying hanis is being fake with her manis reputation.

    confusing lah.

  67. May Zhee says:

    One thing though. Hanis is a very good model. -_- I reread my comment and it sounded like I’m against her but I’m not. Just because I am on Cindy’s side doesn’t mean I have to be against anyone right. =D

    Come on, people, if you wanna attack Hanis don’t use anything and everything within your grasp without a justification. The Muslim issue was pretty low. A lot of Muslims/Malays today are very open-minded, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Are you saying we should advocate the backward thinking of the older generations?

    Personally I am glad to see that Malays and Muslims are opening up more nowadays, instead of sticking to their rigid old ways. If I have to hear one more news about girls dressing too sexily hence instigating rape I’m going to puke.

  68. confusedlah says:

    imagine: LOL. maybe Idontwanttobename’s religion really tells him/her to expose their nen nens or other parts to the whole world hahah. We din even complain bout miss cindy’s slutty posey pics, yet they wanna complain bout hanis’ pics (which i thought are wayyyy more decent than cindy’s). Haih, actually cindy’s sexy pics are quite nice also lahhh, n kinda entertaining, but only when its not taken by her own brother. cos it makes ppl thk of, *cough*incest*cough*.

    See, may zhee is one rational supporter of cindy’s. altho she’s on cindy’s side, she still admits hanis is a good model(which is the truth), n obviously better than cindy. so naturally, ppl would talk when a girl who duno how to catwalk properly like cindy wins mdg. n obviously, she did demand to be in top 6 when she was on the phone with her daddy. how can she convince ppl lidat? how to convince malaysia she won by her own efforts?

    haih since its been over for so long, ppl also forgotten bout all her shameful stuff lah. now she wana stir up trouble again just bcos she wants ppl to think that she actually deserved the title just cos she claims that she’s not the real bitch. haiyah duno wats her intention lah, but so pathetic loh. the more she tries to justify herself, the more i find that she’s fake loh. i say just move on with ur life lah, keep on postin sexy pics on ur blog, we wont complain, unless its taken by ur bro, or even worse, dad. -___-” haih good luck again with the whole drama thg. its high school all over again~

    well ringo, just so u know, i din thk u were fake at all when ppl said u were durin mdg =) not everyone’s blind and cant tell who’s good or bad..

  69. ShaolinTiger says:

    imagine I don’t take sides, as others have said rationally Hanis is a better model I’m not here to talk about anyones personality or discuss how they behave.

    I’m just giving my not-so-professional opinion on who (I think) are good models.

  70. Simon Seow says:

    Please don’t drag me into politics. I’m so innocent.

  71. Alison says:

    ok about this whole MDG drama thing. basically, i really don’t think cindy deserves the title. yes, i havent indeed stayed or socialized with cindy before, so yes i have no rights to judge whether shez a bitch or whatsoever.

    but since MDG is by votes, fine, fair enough – cindy won. but the thing is, models have got to have talent before they win the title. no offence, but cindy’s catwalk and all is completely not fit enough to be a model. she is just not good enough to hold up the title as the champion winner of MDG. i think its already way good enough cause she has reached the finals of the competition. but champion?

    hanis on the other hand, well labelled as manis. but though she’s bitchy, i think she should win the title. this competition is about talent in modelling. who gives a damn about who is bitchy and who is the not so bitchy one. compare all the pictures and catwalk, only then we can judge who is the better model.

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