After a very long chat with Cindy, i’m reconsidering publishing an entry i wrote 2 months ago, which i didn’t, because number one, my anger subsided parallel with my hesitation over time and number two, i’ve gotten myself into some unnecessary trouble publishing allegedly insensitive stuff, which i have taken down immediately and too bad you didn’t get to see it and number three, i was too unwilling to give free publicity to this certain someone.

I shall think i shall think i shall think. Convince me convince me convince me.

Change of topic.

Hoi faster send in your Heineken & Chelsea entry already! I scolded Huai Bin for spoiling the market because his contest is too easy. But guess what! He’s only giving out one ticket each but over here you get three! (The second one gets two la).

Nah i tell you hor. This is supposed to be hush hush so don’t tell anyone.


Nobody has submitted any entry yet so if you do it now there is a high chance you get to win the contest lo wtf or else really nobody join or i just give to any tom dick and harry


Heineken beer is really good.