The Truth—Episode 1

July 30, 2008 in MDG Drama / The Stinky Cheese

Week One

04/03/08 Tue 10:30pm


This is the 2nd day and it feels like it’s been two months. I wasn’t told to bring a blanket, so i slept with a towel last night. Sleeping was better than what i had expected, nobody snores like a steam kettle fortunately. Bathroom arrangement is, well. You go imagine. 7 girls to share one bathroom. How to eat Kenko Diet Plum liddat. Normally i let them go first. And my blanket arrived in the evening after the photoshoot challenge. It smelled of home and i just wanted to cry.

No one is talking to me yet and i don’t talk much either. I ‘m not one to talk to entertain people. So i just continue reading my book. The girls are down at the swimming pool right now. I can’t swim, (Off topic but now i can! WAHAHA I’m so proud and i love my apartment!) but i guess i could join them and just have some fun. But i won’t. Because i’d rather just sit down here and have some quiet moments on my own.


05/03/08 Wed 11:55am

This is the 3rd day and everything still feels the same. Always waiting, always hungry, always alone. They did the interview thing in one of the rooms downstairs (Which i later refer it as the interrogation room) trying to scoop out some drama. It just doesn’t feel very right for me. Right now i can roughly see who’s closer to who. And i’m the only odd one out. Strange. Normally besties are in pairs and there are twelve of us. But i’m the odd one out. What are the odds? Guess they really hate me that much huh.

At night during the interview (after i was done) i was chilling by the pool with the girls trying very hard to blend into their conversations but failing miserably. Then Hanis came running out exclaiming “yay, no Ringo question!” right before she spotted me on the stool and i watched her expression turn into a monumental awkwardness.

So they have been asking them about me just like they have asked me about them. So i guess the questions about me are pretty tough to answer. Did anyone say anything bad? I’m sure some did but i’ll never know because they won’t tell me.


Today is the makeover day. My long, black hair is gone. Previously they had hinted that it would be a drastic change for everyone especially ME and Cindy. So i was prepared. I didn’t feel sad. AT ALL. Strange eh. But it does feel very weird when i wash my hair.

Went for groceries at night, and guess how much we were given for twelve hungry girls in the house? RM100. Hello? That’s like, one and a half muesli bars per person. And they expected the groceries to last for a week. Anyway Alison was in charge of the money and everyone rushed and bought their own stuff claiming that they are buying for the house. I was so appalled by these girls’ kiasuness. I just stood outside and waited for them.

So apparently, everyone had gotten their own item “for the house”. Nuggets, bananas, oranges, bread, yogurt (may i ask how you may share a bottle of yogurt between 12 girls?) some girls bought fruits for themselves. God. I’m so not used to living with a bunch of girls. Kill me now.

And we had McDonald’s for dinner.


06/03/08 Thurs 12:35am

This is my 4th day here. Okay technically it’s tomorrow now but i’m writing it as Wednesday for easier reference.

Last night, i kena burnt by an iron. Someone left the iron ON and unattended after ironing her dresses. I walked by and my right thigh got burnt. (Okay, it freaking hurt and until today there is a scar on my thigh. And it was such an eyesore every time we did a photoshoot with short pants i’d have to conceal the scar up. I wonder who was the one who did not turn the iron off and i hope she’s sneezing non-stop now.)

Believe me when i said nobody cared about what happened. Well, Jay was the only sympathetic one. She asked if i needed to see a doctor etc. The rest just buat tak tau. (Later on Cindy told me that Valerie commented that it was karma that i got burnt.) It’s okay it’s not very serious. It just hurts like, a lot. I won’t like get a spasm and die or something.

We had a group shoot today for Newman. HAHA guess what? My eyes have gotten really swollen. Because of the eyelash glue i think. Allergy or something. (A lesson to learn, girls. Make sure you buy a good and trusted brand if you love falsies.) God i wonder when all these misfortunes will stop.

I really really panicked. Cheesus crust we are having the mostest importantest shoot tomorrow. Our profile shoot. Die la liddat everyone is gonna notice that i got big small eyes. Why did it happen to me god oh why. I hope they give me a replacement shoot or something. Or like a profile shoot (side profile that is).

Luckily Dom and Su (They are our very very precious and wonderful nannies slash chaperons. They went through shit times too, mostly to defend the girls throughout the entire show. Only after the whole thing was over and we had a yamcha session together with Cindy, only did i realize quite a few shocking revelations and they went like “Harhhhh you didn’t know ah? Aiyo it is THAT obvious la okay”. Which i might or might not include in the future posts.) sent me to the clinic. The doctor didn’t really make the situation any better. She looked at me, said, “Allergy. Take these pills. But it could get worse before it gets better.”

Worse. Wow. That was really something comforting to hear. Anyway she said i can’t apply cream to the eye, so i could only stick to the antibiotics.

God i really wonder what will happen if it doesn’t get better tomorrow.

We had mamak for dinner today.


07/03/08 Fri (backdated)

This is the 5th day. Every moment i still feel like crying but i can only suck my tears in. Every moment i wonder why i’m here. Maybe i ought to lunge off the roof of a building and accidentally land unconsciously on the train tracks. Or just slide down a banister of razor blades and land in a pool of toxic waste. Ok that’s Ching’s idea. She’s gonna charge me for that. Gotta think of something more original.

Today we had our profile shoot in the studio and my right swollen eye miraculously shrank to its original size. We woke up at 7am and the shoot finished 9pm at night. When we got home there was a surprise for us. We were going to Bar Savahn in Plaza Mont Kiara to… club? Like… yay? (screams hysterically, pulls hair yada yada) God i was already sooooooo tired. The last thing i wanna do is to go parade myself at some club in my half melted make up with the cameras following around shooting my drunken moments. Oooh. That’s the reason why they told us not to remove the make up yet. Also received a bottle of Escada Moon Sparkle. It’s very nice! Love it!

By 12am i was already like, wtf can we go home yet? And they pulled everyone out to dance to please the sponsor wor.. cuz they so generous to provide a venue for our very much controlled debauchery. But you should really see how some behave when they got tipsy. Let me just say it’s very… shocking. (Then again a few weeks later we got very used to her getting tipsy and acting all funny so it’s not a big deal anymore).

We clubbed until 2am. God. Finally came home and i just wanted to clip my head off with a pair of really, really blunt nail clippers. Now this is original. Well, half. Ching wanted to use a head clipper.


08/03/08 Sat (1:30am)

This is the 6th day. Finally there’s a day we can actually wake up late. After a whole night of clubbing. I’m launching my Friendly Project by getting to know the girls one by one. Today i talked to Cindy. And she isn’t exactly layaning me. More like half arse layan. God why is it so difficult. I never said anything bad about her also. (Cindy said she really hated me at that time. And i also really hated her for not layaning me. lol.)

Jay, Alison, Natasha and Jean are talking to me nicely. I got closer to Jay and Alison because they sleep next to me and we are always in the same car. And i think they are nice. It became a pattern that is kinda annoying because you only talk to the same people and you really have to guess what’s going on to the rest of the people. Nadia, Fiqa, Hanis and Cindy are particularly cold to me. They just pretend like i don’t exist.


Afternoon we went for catwalk practice at Simone’s. Then shopping in leisure mall. I bumped into *name censored* and i got super emo and i cried on the spot. The first time i actually see someone i’m familiar with after joining the show. So much for sucking back my tears. (Cindy told me they had a little discussion about my very coincidental encounter. Girl B commented that it’s very possible that i might still have my phone around and might have very conveniently called my friend to meet me there. Then she suggested getting the crew do a spot check on me. Wow. I didn’t know i was so talented. Maybe i should be the magician instead of the bunny he pulls out of the hat)

Valerie saw me getting so emo and she said she still feels very bad about what happened. She suggested i apologize to everyone. Ok that really is not something to do without courage but i’m gonna be brave! Because that’s possibly my only way to feel happy here.


09/03/08 Sun 16:05pm

It has been a week. Ok i did what Valerie suggested me to, which is to apologize to everyone. They all accepted my apology. Whether wholeheartedly i don’t know. But whatever it is i have done my part. (And it did take balls to do that kind of thing ok. I’m not particularly proud of it but i guess it was really necessary at that point. At least it brought me peace for a couple of weeks.)

Last night was phone call night. I didn’t make a call because i wanted to use the internet today. I miss everyone so much. And i’ve never missed home so so so much. Finished reading The Curious Incident. The ending was ok la. Just when i read about anything reminiscent of London i got so freaking emo. I miss my holidays. I miss my friends. I miss Cheddie. Miss going online. Miss the good food. Miss eating pork.

Today the election result is out. BN is losing out and it makes me feel very (very politically biased thoughts deleted). Still i am very ambivalent about this whole thing. Not the politics i mean. If i’m gonna do this i better get real far. If not i better get kicked out next week so i can have my life back. And eat pork lard.

After our second catwalk session, we got back early and had a rest day. It feels kinda weird not knowing what to do. My other books are very lousy. Everybody else is sleeping now but i’m not sleepy, so i’m sitting in the lounge writing this.

I really feel like eating pork noodle.

120 responses to “The Truth—Episode 1”

  1. pi says:

    wow 😀 drama

  2. sweatlee says:

    i wish i was there for you T_______T suddenly only wtf

  3. Robb says:

    i think i better start selling popcorn here

  4. joshuaongys says:

    good thing u have ching right?? =) tcare

  5. huei says:

    seems like the fakest is valerie? oh well..

    sucks having to appologize for things u didn’t do wrong huh? seriously..i bet all of them had their own opinion of all the girls, so u just voiced urs least u had the courage to admit it! sigh

    oh well..waiting for the next episode!

    faster laaa =P

  6. David says:

    Super the drama! Can’t wait, at least some entertainment for working hours wtf *munch on popcorns staring at the screen with big wide eyes*

  7. ahlost says:

    [Robb] One popcorn please 🙂

  8. estherlei says:

    I knew the feeling of being the odd one. Last time in primary school, we need to pair up before exiting the school gate. And i had no partner to pair with me everydays. Sometimes I passed the prefect check, most of the time I don’t and ended up being pulling out from the queue. I knew the shitty feeling

  9. estherlei says:

    ::EDIT::I knew the feeling of being the odd one. Last time in primary school, we need to paired up before exiting the school gate. And i had no partner to pair with me everydays. Sometimes I passed the prefect check, most of the time I don’t and ended up being pulled out from the queue. I knew the shitty feeling

  10. cheesie says:

    pi: like pee or like life of pi? =P
    sweatlee: *sayangs*
    robb: Oi! Better pay rent. Tumpang profit.
    joshuaongys: Now? oh yea baybeh
    huei: very time consuming to write these leh. patient patient
    david: paid robb oredi ah? No outside food allowed please.
    ahlost: haha caramel?
    esther: OMG! wtf? wont let you out if u got no partner? what school is that?!?!? Boycott!

  11. annant says:

    cheesie, u can consider of publishing a novel liddis 😛

  12. ShaolinTiger says:

    Stim, looking forwards to next part!

  13. cheesie says:

    annant: cannot la no money self-publish
    ST: *potongs* =P

  14. viviensiu says:

    *hugs* man I know how sad it is to be left out 🙁 how’s your right thigh now? still got scar? try some scar repairing cream, it will help

  15. VT says:

    nevertheless… a precious experience ya 😀

  16. Sarah says:

    I dont get it. What did u apologise for? Omg ringo u better set up another blog just for this! the wait for the next episode is killing me! And yea during the shows they really edit it till hanis is like the sweetest girl ever. *puke*

  17. Tristan says:

    Me and my friends were still wondering why were you so quiet during MDG…now I see all the reasons here. It’s been tough but it’s over 😀

  18. Angelyn says:

    so sad reading that…. i try to think if i were you, would I have said sorry. I dun think I will ;x

  19. azeelia says:

    u are 1 strong woman,really =)

  20. Cherrie says:

    I feel somewhat like how you felt back then in the house. Only mine wasn’t a competition and it doesn’t end when I get out of the show. How I wish for my real friends to be here with me.

  21. Huai Bin says:

    Very entertaining! Now I can’t go to sleep after reading that coz it stimulated my cerebral functions. It was great meeting up with you for lunch Ringo! 🙂
    More MDG Drama!

  22. cheesie says:

    Huai Bin: You too. Had a good fright?

  23. michelle says:

    can’t believe u went thru all those dramatic shits.
    let bygones be bygones…

    can’t wait for ep2.. it’s getting real interesting..
    much better than watching MDG altogether. =P

  24. Huai Bin says:

    Oh, and BTW, it is a Good Thing (TM) that you experienced all that coz what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger. Take care Cheesie! 🙂

  25. grace says:

    lol this is really hitting home, especially right now that i realise there’s quite a lot of backstabbing going on in my seemingly innocent environment. i thought that bitchy period of my life was over, but i guess there will always be detractors around. :/ it makes me so tired…

  26. me says:

    “Im following this like HK drama so exciting!!”

    KY tell me which one is more exciting…

  27. mel says:

    hope everything’s okay, ringo ;)) love reading your blog, and definitely can’t wait for the next episode. now I guess we do get to slowly see why issit after the whole MDG drama, our fav blogger has not really been herself.

  28. KY says:

    KYspeaks says (11:59 PM):
    can i say “i haven’t read but cheesie ask me to comment first! i’m scrolling back up to read now!”
    Cheesie~so dry! need a humidifier! says (11:59 PM):

  29. abby says:

    ringo why is everyone so mean to u one! mcb all die

  30. cheesie says:

    wa now everyone knows i need a humidifier. So humiliating.

  31. Jef says:

    Do you feel emotionally stronger after this experience or somewhat traumatised? There must have been a certain amount of stress that you can take and are used to… I guess you had expectations of stress with an event like this….did it blow your lid at times?

  32. Porkie says:

    why not edit it out..hehe..then delete your comment n mine den no one will noe..least from this point onwards 😛

  33. cheesie says:

    vivien: got lo. sad.
    vt: haha interesting in a way.
    sarah: for the entry i put up la.
    tristan: yes yes!
    Angelyn: i made things better for awhile 🙂
    azeelia: thank you 🙂
    cherrie: what show what show!
    michelle: haha enjoying ur pop corn?
    huai bin: i know right. 🙂
    grace: thats why hor. best not to get involved
    mel: everything is very okay!
    abby: hahaha abby you so cute!

  34. cheesie says:

    jef: it took me 5 months to get this entry up. traumatized yes. but yea i’m completely fine now. 🙂
    porkie: eh?

  35. Porkie says:

    hime-dono: the humidifier stuff lah.. 🙂

  36. contemplative.bunny says:

    This makes for very interesting reading. Fast fast update! (:

    Oh and looking forward to more revelations lol. So far my opinion of most of the girls seem abit off =/

  37. nadnut says:

    what’s mamak? i wanna get those kenko diet plums!

  38. cheesie says:

    nadnut: when you come to KL!!!666

  39. terence says:

    Nice of you to share your experience in MDG. Yes, this writing of yours sounded more ‘real’ than the ‘reality show’…hehehe….

    Maybe I’ll also do the same when time permits.

    Keep it up!

  40. cheesie says:

    terence: u also got drama meh.

  41. Eri says:

    god, these bunch of girls… /swt /swt

    and the scar, sh*t, will remind you of this nightmare, like forever? sh*t, this is no good :'(

  42. B.H. says:

    Such a harrowing tale. Cheer up, Ringo. Let’s go have pork noodles, my treat.


  43. pamela says:

    wow cheesie. that scar gonna remind of this nightmare u went thru.

    U had a rough time in MDG, but in the show, they just show u girls gossipping bout each other n all the cat fights. At least, u stand firm wif ur opinions unlike other girls =)

    Take care n will alwayz support you =)

  44. booby says:

    i also dun get it. What did you apologize for?? Huh?? Cindy is so so … haihz

  45. Seed says:

    Cheesie, so when can we expect the next episode?….Like in a few days or a few weeks or months or…..anytime?

    Thanks for sharing your experience, wish you well!

  46. Gin says:

    aww.. *huggles* well if it makes u feel any better im put into situations like that very often as well.. especially with bloggers.. LOL

    but im those that dont talk until someone talks to me cuz im insecure or i just dont want to be the first to do something.. so i end up being deemed lanc and perasan *O*

  47. cheesie says:

    Eri: is ok la. just a scar. can conceal one!
    B.H.: virtual dinner is it?
    pamela: Thank you.
    booby: for the entry i wrote.
    seed: see lo. currently quite a lot of things to post. 🙂
    gin: aww! *hugs back* i met you so many times but i hardly ever talk to you! now i feel so bad.
    but you did a good job at the parties. 🙂

  48. Irene says:

    Lets all boycott MDG 2!

    cant wait for episode 2!

  49. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Karma?Wtf?!She really has some ugly heart!!!

  50. devina says:

    so muchhh drama x(

    ya loh, how can she said it was karma 🙁 ltr she get burned also see whether she still says its karma hmff.

  51. B.H. says:

    Sure, if you can find a simulated cyber restaurant. We should continue this conversation in private, wouldn’t want people to be be any more jealous of you then they already are.


  52. pgurl says:

    omg… they are so bitchy!! btw, i voted for you through out the show… i guess my votes are not enough 🙁

  53. charlene says:

    *cries* so sad, like watching korean drama… *wipes tears off* i hate girl drama….

  54. mich says:

    cheese ~


  55. ss says:

    gosh.. u’ve gone through all these hard times.. no wonder u looked so unhappy in the first few episodes.. *hugs*

  56. Ainsley says:

    I always thought Val, Hanis and Fiqa are the sweetest but they can be really mean. You will always be the best Ringo. I actually admire your personality a lot. Good luck.

  57. gl says:

    din know valerie is such a *3$#^&8(@+##@!6*U**^5%W/??
    now that’s karma.

  58. jess says:

    scary Valerie!!!

  59. Nat says:

    what for they want to suffer you all? It’s a stupid show. Period.

  60. Blackwidow says:

    Poor thing… no wonder you didn’t look very happy in the show and lost so much weight, you didn’t talk much. Some of their behavior… didn’t surprise me at all. I smelled biotch odor from them thru the net.. dang

  61. Lilix says:

    Woh…so different from what they portrayed in the show…*sigh* the power of editing can be so fake. *cheesy hug for Ringo*

  62. Spectre says:

    Whoa! I personally Never expected it’z to be riddled with tension,intense moment, injuries (i sincerely hope you have fully cured from the scaring accident) and etc. It really bring out real truth about that show and the real nature of their personality. ( USE it a valueable x’perinces for yourself in the coming future)

  63. sha says:

    super interesting ! serious. get mz to help you publish lol.
    i think if cindy writes her experiences tht would be interesting too..
    your other mdg ppl never leave comments here?

  64. Penny says:

    Oh yeah, living with a bunch of girls under the same roof is sumthin…NOT GOOD!!

  65. Calvin says:

    more emo !! more emo !!…..this is better than all the movies put together…lol. Very kesian you. NVM, let kor2 hug hug you….

  66. Tinkie says:

    cant wait for the 2nd episode!
    interesting story tho!

  67. Jo says:

    Haha nadnut asking what is mamak. So cute. It’s ok Ringo, if it doesn’t kill you, it will only makes you stronger. you are still kicking and alive (bunny) right? 🙂

  68. lynnz says:

    yea, wat u appologized for?

    i hate the way they potray hanis there. sure she’s a pretty face. but she does bad mouth ppl as well!!! why no one sees that?

    OH. I KNW.

    mayb coz when she bad mouth a certain girl then at the end of the same sentences she goes “ohh.. takpelah, oh well, apalah kita nak buat kan?” RIGHT into the self pity mode. sheesh. no wonder ppl don see her “ugly” side.

  69. idontcare says:

    this is more like sympathy calling.

  70. SN says:

    you should give some name, and may i know where is ur family members? y didnt hear u talk about them..?

  71. aBi says:

    You are a strong woman and you pulled through the whole experience with your head up. I definitely give you props for that. If I were in your situation, I would not have stayed till the end.

  72. Fluffz says:

    You and your pork, lol. Makan babi sedap =P LOL!!

  73. Catherine says:

    I’m sorry to say this but I think you kind of brought this upon yourself. None of this would have happened if you didn’t blog about the judges decision making and about how some of the girls didn’t deserve to be selected.

    But no, you had to blog about it because you were sore about not being chosen at first. Besides, they probably called you back because they needed drama and publicity for the show. So you can’t blame anyone really.

    Funny how when we say things from our point of view, we are always the victim, no?

  74. booby says:

    Omg that’s so ridiculous. Its ur personal blog and who gives a damn. Im sure Cindy has one too rite? She dun even care of apologizing anything she did wrong. =P

  75. suz says:

    why the MDG producers so el cheapo one? rm100/week for 12 girls?

    ringo, i think if i were u, i would say sorry too not becoz i regret for what i wrote but the desperation of keeping myself happy and not going nuts in the house. no choice but to apologize. its already bad enough being home-sick and then the cold war.

  76. Couthie says:

    WOW. eh team cheesie. how la like that they are bitches ar. damn catty. hahahahahah
    bitches = dogs
    catty = cats

    cat and dog! WTF

  77. miss nobody says:

    OMG how can u not blame ppl dt time about the iron!!
    omg ..really for us who watch d show got a very very diff view of d real situation..sigh

  78. Manzy says:

    poor cheesie~ atleast its over now. these kind of thing happens whenever ppl put together to survive on their own and compete with each other. atleast no canibalsm happened XD. thanx for sharing this with us!! ^^

  79. starm|st says:

    huggies to cheesie*

  80. May Zhee says:

    Catherine, Cheesie is just repeating exactly what she wrote in her diary. I don’t think she’s portraying herself to be the victim here. That is open to our interpretation. No, I don’t think she brought it upon herself. Sore about not being chosen? Do you really think Cheesie would care about that? As someone who knows her I would say no.

    That post she wrote about the MDG girls before, HONESTLY PEOPLE. So what?! It was very general and she was already being very nice by not mentioning names. If you ask me the girls were just being way too petty.

  81. ryls says:

    go cheesie! =D

  82. eunice says:

    In the videos, it looks like u can mingle around with them and they are friendly to you… but in fact, it is not 🙁
    so cham in your 1st week.
    Hopefully the following weeks are good ones 😀

  83. kreazi says:

    Didn’t know it was such a trying period for you, no wonder you looked gloomy in the first few episodes.. in fact, it’s like you held back a lot during the whole MDG thingy!

  84. jmmmmm says:

    omg T__T
    feel sad that you’ve gone through all those dramas!
    i hate how hypocrite some girls can be D:
    they’ll sure kena karma. i swear.

  85. lasilasi says:

    *hugs* u r a brave cheese =D

  86. jim says:

    [with regards to the MDG girls talking about Ringo’s post and repercussions of that]

    Girls being girls, love to talk. I know it’s a generalization but I think we can agree that most girls do indeed, love to talk! And not that, girls tend to talk about anything and everything, sometimes for no reason at all!

    I think what Ringo did (blog about the judges decision etc), regardless of whether she blogged about it in good spirits, actually supplied ammunition for the MDG girls to use in their conversations. Ammunition as in “OMG Ringo blogged about blablabla, lalala etc etc”. Basically they just want to talk la.

    Now, talk can either go good, bad, or sometimes just have no effect on anything at all. And yea, I guess in this case it just went bad, at least at the start? Yes? No? Ah well, I don’t even know, didn’t keep tabs.

    I’m commenting without doing “extensive” research, my comment should be taken with a pinch of salt, I’m just trying to explore different perspectives, you’re still not more brilliant than me or otherwise, whoever you may be, we all used to hate Barney anyway.

  87. jim says:

    And not only* that,..

  88. vivian says:

    i think i can imagine abouut the feeling of being alone and how the feel of missing home badly.maybe cause i am a out station student and it took me few months to get used to the new people that i dont really understand why they act in their way and face the so materialistic world and feel that i am so alone and always being so so so so emo,like in the class without reason tears also can come out so i have to really put my effort to tahan the tears from rolling out.

    sigh!!why this world is so realistic sometime.

    chessie.continue to show up the waiting for episode 2 ,3 ,4 and even more!

    all d best in life!!!!

  89. Sheryl0202 says:

    Its hard to go through all these drama but am sure you have also grown up and learnt a lot about it right, which is the best thing from joining this competition!It also enhance your life experience etc.

  90. miracleangel says:

    Wow..after reading your post, all I want to do now is to give you a big gigantic hug! 🙂 You’re a true survivor, girl! Hope the weeks to come will get better!

  91. amy says:

    i think it’s very interesting that you are revealing all the secret hu-ha of the real MDG that many people have always been dying to know.

    however i also think that you don’t seem to be learning your lesson.

    the others were cold towards you at first because you apparently said stuff about them on your blog after getting eliminated right? and you never once thot you’d actually be chosen to go back in again and face those girls you said stuff about. theeen you realize it was going to get awkward and had to apologize.

    and now just because MDG is over, you’ve decided to have your ‘say’ again. just because you think you will probably never meet/speak/live with those girls again. which is probably true, but that’s what you thought the last time also right? why would you want to create all these enemies for yourself anyway? none of them are even mentioning about it anymore, it just seems like you and cindy still want to be drama queens and continue living in MDG.

    however, i am one person with one opinion, so i highly doubt you will think thoroughly about what i said anyway. and it’ll be interesting to read all the ‘real’ scandals that went on haha.

  92. blu says:

    what amy says is true, but does it matter? i mean, let her tell us, we- the ones who watched the show and got the censored version of it- deserve to be able to know what happens. even if cheesie doesnt tell us everything that happened, someone else (cindy maybe lor) probably will.

    yeah cheesie at first i was thinking why you like so quiet one, my friends also. because from your blog you seem so chatty and like, an extrovert. turns out it was because you were having a really hard time. oh well. its over, and i dont think you really hate any of them, right?

    but that iron incident really awful leh. so bad one, leave it there and then if im not wrong, i infer that NO ONE spoke up and admitted to leaving it there and then apologised?! got SCAR somemore. so bad!!

  93. abby says:

    blah. ringo i saw u at shah alam kan. i didnt recognize u only or else i wud’ve gone sakai also…. -___- haha. i recognized aud u see. i was the one who won timothy’s tix.. 😛
    anyway! booo faster pt 2.

  94. nyx says:

    You know I will always heart you after I got to know the real you in Bali. It really sucks about MDG, I didn’t watch much but I am horrified to know what really happened behind the scenes.

    Waiting for more … hehe! 😛

  95. cheesie says:

    abby: hahah dont worry!! hope you had fun there, flew all the way here. 🙂

  96. Manzy says:

    your hair looks better now than the past one! XD

  97. Irene says:

    Hanis the Manis look like a trans in the first photo! Right right???

  98. yl says:

    Since u might know that all this thing will happen to u if u join MDG after that post in ur blog then how come u still choose to go back to MDG when the crew asked u to? u r really brave.. =)

  99. doGtortoise says:

    very interesting. looking forward for episode 2. =)

  100. cheesie!!!! so kesian you alamak!!!! you are so so so so strong to stay over there for so long!!!you know what? I always hope that you could become the first dreamgirl. But when down to 3, of course i wish Cindy could win la.
    But i still a fan of you! I really think that the diary you wrote that time is so meaningful and i can even feel how tough you been through all those time.
    Love ya!

  101. ys says:

    its ok cheesie, altho its vy traumatizing, but really, cheer up k. n u have a life wut, not like some other ppl..

  102. Deedee says:

    omg this is sooo good Ringo, i don’t want it to end 🙂

  103. idontcare says:

    oh and you said “vorte” in one of the episodes. i mean…. you gotta realize its VOTE right, without the R? or not.

  104. skim says:

    hahah HOW TO EAT KENKO DIET PLUM LIDDAT made me lol.

    cause you know…laxative. make you shit alot. uncool.

  105. Hayabusa says:

    Well, MDG seems like a jungle to me. calm & serene from the outside (at least to us humans), but for the animals inside, its an everyday battlefield. its either you someone eat you up, or you survive inside keep fending yourself from others who wants to tear you apart.

    Lucky enough for me, a out-station student who have moved 3 times within a year, all my housemates were, & still are good people & so me don’t have to fight to keep myself sane.

  106. dandy says:

    for what its worth,your commentary is a dozen times more entertaining than the actual show.the show itself was lazy,unoriginal in a billion different ways and the judges like in any malaysian show were a bunch of popular,uninformed people whose opinions i really wouldn’t give two cahoots about.and the girls-pretty?maybe,but doubtful.but the lack of personality is just amazing,if there’s a season 2 they need to make it so the contestants feel less self-concious and daring enough to show their true selves.

  107. Simon Seow says:

    I like pork lard too but non of my friends seems to like them. Sigh.

  108. Christine says:

    I hate Hanis the most, somehow. It’s like she acts so innocent. You didn’t even say anything bad about her in that entry! Valerie i can still understand lah(seeing how she obviously knows she was the one who was undeserving to get into the show).

    Grr. Hate all of them. You didn’t even mention names lor wahlau. Bitches.

    Who knew the one whom everyone(meaning the voters) hated was actually the most compassionate(Cindy)?

  109. Rach says:

    Ringo, I really admire your courage to post this entry.
    During your time in the house, I saw so many negative comments about you, I honestly felt really bad …really sorry for you as I didn’t think you deserve any of it.
    Althought I don’t know you personally, but I do get the feeling that you are a sweet, caring and easy going person in real life. I was kinda worried the time in the dreamhouse might change your personality ( I mean you might become miserable and negative due to the way others been treated you) but you seems to be fine now so is good:)
    Can’t wait for the next eposide.

  110. Reiko says:

    Wow…. You been through alot than what people have expected during the whole time…
    Dunno why, I feel like wanna share your sadness…
    However, you are not alone…
    ^_^ Cheer up!

  111. ammy says:

    lol..this is funny…i think all the contestants should blog too and get sympathy from the readers just like Ringo..funny…

  112. FionaChan says:

    no more? where’s episode 2?

  113. hafiz-ahmad says:

    can’t wait for the next episode.Wish you success

  114. Adrian Lee says:

    Seriously confused. What’s this about? Sounds like a reality show or something like that.
    Hilarious though! Nice one.

  115. loo says:

    nexxttt epi pleaaseee/….T-T

  116. fiionx says:

    o.o no part 2 already ?? 😡

  117. FledFrilk says:

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  118. Rubie Kern says:

    I was just watching a story about this. The author disagreed with you, but I think you are absolutely correct. Good job.

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