Who wants to go to MTV Asia Award 2008

July 29, 2008 in Commercial Break

@Arena of Stars, Genting Highland, on 2nd August 2008?

Okla, Edison Chen most likely wouldn’t be there, but that’s still not an excuse to not attend the industry’s most glamorous and memorable pan-regional music awards event in Asia!




Ya that’s right, it’s east meets west, like Forbidden Kingdom (omg someone please pierce a spear through my skull i’m having massive migraine just thinking about that movie). Where else can you find Jared Leto and Karen Mok appearing side by side together, and actually hosting a show? I can’t wait to see how interesting the pair would make it.



This year, the performers are going to rock your socks off (then you can proceed to pick up those sweaty socks and strangle the person next to you who is making too much noise). Can you imagine everyone below is actually going to be gathering all at the Arena of Stars? Here’s a few to tingle your buds:

Pussycat Dolls

Hopefully you will really get close enough to count the number of sequins on Nicole Scherzinger’s outfit. By then, you’ll either faint of nose bleed (for guys) or of jealousy (admit it, hate them for being so sexy without even trying)


Jabbawockeez. Who dis? Friends of the Jabba the Hut from Star Wars?
Wockeez, lez go.


If you didn’t stop bleeding from the Pussies, then keep bleeding for Leona Lewis.
hur hur.


Be a David Archuleta and reenact his duet with One Republic again, maybe this time he’ll win *sulks*


Wtc. Super Junior. Toy boy orgy alert!!!666


The Click Five. Worth checking out if not just for their cool hairstyles.


And more. la. You can check out the lineup yourselves at the official website here: www.mtvasiaawards.com


Ok here’s the thing. I do get free tickets to parties and sometimes I’m even giving some out, but stop asking me about MTV Asia Awards already! I know you want to go, badly. Verrrrry badly. So badly you’ll regret not submitting cooler entries to my last competition because if you did I’d probably love you and give you free tickets even. pffft.

But no la, i’m not giving out. Someone else is, so do you wanna know how you can get it?

Listen closely, if you want to be part of the hottest event of the year.
Yes. There are only. two. ways.
If you haven’t got invited by your celebrity bestie yet.

1. SMS!


XPAX is giving out 6 pairs of tickets everyday.

All you need to do is:

Step 1: Type XPAX MTV and send to 28881
Step 2: Just reload RM10 or more on your XPAX and stand a chance to be one of the lucky winners.


2. Dress Purple!

Just get spotted wearing your hippest party gear with a dash of purple by the Purple X-Girls in Kuala Lumpur (18 to 31 July), Penang (23 July) & Johor Bahru (25 July), from 11pm onwards to get the tickets.

Automatic entries for those who dress up like these boys


How? Still don’t think MTV Asia Awards is worth your time? But on that day you will still be glued to your bean bags watching Astro live anyway, so might as well feel the real thing, experience the real deal!

So check up on the latest updates on the MTV Asia Awards 2008 at their official website at www.mtvasiaawards.com. See you there. All purple.



P/S: MDG diary taken down. Those who haven’t read it, don’t fret, will publish it again soon. Winning bread is more important. Thank you.

26 responses to “Who wants to go to MTV Asia Award 2008”

  1. sonia says:

    omg omg! my aunt tried to get me tickets but failed 🙁
    so im going to sms like theres no tomorrow now!

  2. Porkie says:

    Will let my sis Winnie know since she’s desperate to get tix to go!

  3. megan says:

    Jabbawockeez!! I love them, they’re an awesome dance crew. their clips on youtube are so cool.

    I love your MDG journal entries by the way. They were realllyyyyyy good 🙂

  4. Andy says:

    Jabbawockeez is the winner of the first American’s Best Dance Crew. They performed in a few major award shows and also alongside many stars, like Pussycat Dolls (in Much Music Awards I think), Neyo (in BET Awards), etc.

  5. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Can’t go,still in the UK. 🙁

  6. candyclarie says:

    LOL interesting. Purplish alien. Gotta be great to be there.

    Cheesie go and blog about how great is it for us who cant go! Hahah.


  7. justin T says:

    Karen Mok?!!!? She disappeared like for so damn long can! Suddenly come back to host MTV Asia Awards… I wonder if she’ll make a good host lol

  8. kai says:

    cheesie, i saw that you went to hennesy artistry event! did u manage to see flo rider!? i LOVE flo rider and i hope he’s appearing for MAA!

    candyclarie: wonder if cheesie herslef going to colour herself purple!

  9. Pamela says:

    the mtvasiaawards.com cant even be opened!! i so wana go!!

  10. KY says:

    pick me pick meee

  11. jean says:

    Jared Leto is hosting! awesomeness…now must get the tickets liao…

  12. lainey says:

    get spotted wearing purple…. where? just walking around in KL, or some specific x-pax event?

  13. lyn says:

    yay! feel the real thing…can i join you and lets shout together for stefanie sun…is she coming?

  14. jmmmmm says:


  15. jmmmmm says:

    how come my msg got cut off o.o
    omg super junior will be there omg lol ilovethemomg.
    too bad i can’t go because i live in sg D:

  16. joanne says:

    ahhhhhh. all contests on the website are either you have to be above 16 or 18. WTH! im like 15 -.-
    sigh. singfest! avril lavigne! patd!

  17. Simon Seow says:

    Oh. I thought why broken link. Wah, recently you seems to have loads of Advertorial. $_$

  18. sonot says:

    i wanna go..i wanna see leona lewis sings..i don’t wanna miss this…but hard to get tix..sigh…

  19. blu says:

    yeah lor hor. advertorials one after another. i want see MDG 🙁
    yeah karen mok disappeared for a loong time.. and suddenly she’s back. odd!

    omg i wna go singfest too btw!! MAA… sigh cant go!! very sad

  20. blu says:

    omfg how come my comment didnt get published 🙁
    btw i wanna go!!! super badly!

  21. Nana says:


    Kibum & Hee Chul!!

    omonaaaa~ i wanna go too!!
    It’s too bad that i live in SABAH

  22. charlene says:

    OMG!!! the Jabawockeez are the IT thing!!!! they won America’s Best Dance Crew Season
    1 and they are the shit. they can dance like no other group can. Check them out on youtube or mtv.com. their moves just blows my mind away n they definitely deserve to be called the best.

  23. aya says:

    omg i didnt know jabawockeez would be performing! they’re like the best super duper dance crew everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr XD

  24. me says:

    quote: Automatic entries for those who dress up like these boys

    true or not? or did you make it up?! llollolololl

  25. jurock says:

    oh!! yeah!!! super junior super show! can’t wait to see them!

  26. blu says:

    …cheh, my computer lag nia.

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