I eat Oreo.

When i’m happy. (omg internet connection is fast today!)


When i’m emo. (fuccaccino why Adrien Brody hasn’t replied my email).


When i’m stressed. (God, i can’t find a pair of matching panties!)


When i’m SUPER happy! (Oh my oh my, they have a last pair of size 4!)


When i’m feeling naughty. (hehe)

Oh and why is it darker? Cuz i got a gorgeous sun tan from the beach! ;P


When i’m… i dunno? Lonely? (God, watching dvds alone is pathetic. Let’s get some Oreo to emo with me before i eat them all up)


Even if i feel like null

Every morning Oreo still makes a bowl of nice breakfast.




Oreo has this video contest about a special Oreo story. The video’s theme is “Tell a story of an OREO & Milk Moment“. It could be how the simple act of sharing Oreo cookies and milk can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere; how the Oreo Cookie ritual of Twist, Lick & Dunk makes an ordinary moment something special to remember; and/or how sharing Oreo moments connects generations of family.

These are some of my favorite clips.


This guy composed an entire rap song dedicated to Oreo. Super cool!



After School

Tells of the magical moments of Oreo. Love it. Very creative.



Long Distance

Is my favorite and also the video that has inspired this entry. And it is much shorter compared to the rest. Only 55 seconds. But it almost made me tear while watching it. It talks about how the thoughtful boyfriend cheers his very love-sick, lonely, long distance girlfriend up with a late night Oreo surprise. I watched it over and over again. It’s so sweet it makes Oreo’s cream taste bland.



Okay now comes the best video ever.

Cheesie’s Oreo Moments. Cheh. 😛

Like the music? It is an Oreo Jingle where you can download from their website. 🙂

Go to www.youtube.com/oreo to watch more funny, heartwarming and creative videos. In addition to viewing and voting, you can also upload your own video for a chance to win your video on the YouTube homepage for a day, on August 26, 2008!

The contest is open only to residents of the 50 United States and D.C., United Kingdom, Ireland, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, and… Malaysia!!! We’re the only country in Asia who are eligible to participate. Faster do us Malaysians proud. =)

Submission until August 11, 2008. Check out Oreo Moments for more info.