The Truth—Prologue

July 20, 2008 in MDG Drama

I kept a diary during MDG. There was no internet, hence this was the most rudimentary way of keeping track of the happenings. This is going to be the real actual diary of a 54-day sojourn of a supposedly undeserving contestant at this little mansion located in Bukit Seputeh called The Dream Home.

Below is what duplicated verbatim (except correction of grammar and necessary elaboration of certain incidents) from the little note i kept so privately inside my luggage.

Even Cheddie finds it an engaging read.

It’s all dog-eared now. Oh, no pun intended.

It reflects the true feelings i experienced at that certain point. But my viewpoint regarding every matter has also changed over time. All afterthoughts/explanations are highlighted in pink.

Everything began on the 3rd of March, 2008.




03/03/08 Mon 10:00PM

This is my first day in Malaysian Dreamgirl. All i had for breakfast today was a hash brown. And pizzas for dinner at 8pm. Didn’t quite gel well with the girls cuz they’ve formed their own cliques over the weekend in Penang (i wasn’t there because i was told to join them only on Monday. The supposed wild card. HAHA such a joker i was).

We went to Red Fm to do our recording. First day already so much to do. We were sitting at the lounge. I felt particularly uneasy because no one was talking to me. And i mean no one, actually, bothered, to attempt, to initiate, even a decent small talk with me. So i sat there quietly. Fine la. I’m always as taciturn as a wooden chair anyway. Then all hell broke loose when Alison asked me this question.

“So Ringo. Tell us who exactly is the one you were talking about in your blog?”

The sudden interrogation made me too nonplussed to reply anything. After a few seconds i said,

“Well, i don’t think i want to reveal any name.”

Then silence.






The ambiance was sullen and horrifying as if i was venturing into a volcano knowing that it’s gonna erupt soon. (Ever watched Journey to the Center of The Earth? Such a ridiculous show).


Suddenly Valerie spoke.

“Honestly, Ringo, i was very pissed when i read that.”
“Excuse me?”

For a brief moment i was wondering if she was kidding. Then when i realized she was not, i wonder for another brief moment if i should feel offended by that statement.

“Yes. I was really, REALLY pissed. Sorry i’m a very honest person. No offense but i was really pissed at what you wrote. I mean, you shouldn’t question the judges like that. They know what they are doing. And for your information, we don’t need just all Chinese for this competition you know?.”

She repeated the word “pissed” three times. I was so shocked i forgot if i actually replied to her.

(I guess she was very offended that in my controversial post i commented that a few girls would have been a better choice then some of the contestants here. And they are ALL Chinese. Come to think of it, my post isn’t anywhere near controversial to begin with. But never mind. So she thinks i’m racist or something. And oh, why was i so taken aback by her remark? See, before that i thought she was all nice and darn friendly to me ESPECIALLY AFTER SHE LEFT THIS COMMENT on my blog:

You lazy to click? I paste here.

# Vale says:
February 23rd, 2008 at 9:20 pm

ringoooooooo!!!!!!!! eyyyyy you still so pretttty bah. dont forget kay. honored to have had you be the last two with me. hoho u so smart..keep them at the edge of their seats!

and if u cum to sabah i will bring you to the island!!

huhu yvonne didnt get in. kesian bah she. tepelanting me. was so shocked!

u take care! muax!!

Which part of it sounds like she’s offended? You tell me.

Now you tell me who’s a hypocrite BAH?)


So we came back to the house after that, for the first time.

Oh my god it’s a handphone!

My luggage was the last to arrive. After filming (endless compulsory excited wows, hysterical screams [girls, be more excited! don’t just stand there!] it’s really tiring trust me) with Sazzy we got upstairs to settle the room arrangement ourselves. (Gosh, the horror! And i thought i’m rooming with one other girl. But it turned out that there are only two rooms. So 7 will have to go to one, and 5 the other. It felt like a freaking dorm.) It amazes me how prompt the girls could be (or maybe it’s me who is very retarded). Before i knew it all the nice beds were occupied. I put my luggage on the bed facing the window. Then Girl A came over and said, “excuse me but this is my bed”. Okay. Whatever. I’m starting to get very bad vibes from this girl already.

Funnily enough, all the Chinese (and half Chinese, except Fiqa) squeezed into one room and i had to take the other one. The whole race thing is really getting a bit hard to tackle seriously. I got close (when i meant close i meant we actually exchange conversations politely) to Jay and Alison because we so happen sit in the same car. The Chinese are with the Chinese. The Malays with the Malays. Indian and Indian. Me with… well, me. I guess i’m a different race altogether.

God i’m already feeling very miserable. And this is only the first day. I’m now sitting on my bed (which is super bad fengshui cuz it’s facing the door) writing this while the rest of the girls are downstairs chatting. It’s raining outside and i’m gonna continue reading ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ about a boy with autism and feeling strangely empathetic.





God i can’t believe there’s so much to say on just the first day. To be continued. Stay cheesed for next episode.

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  1. Wow, I’m intrigued to read the second post 🙂

  2. Wow.. didn’t know it could be so dramatic in the house

  3. PLKN is just the same plus hot sun everyday

  4. intrigued

  5. Geeeezz… *anticipating more episodes to come*

  6. oh my. i know exactly how you felt.. cuz even tho i wasnt in any sort of these competitions, i’ve aldy experienced it in SWIMMING COMPETITIONS how la u tell me why these kind of things all around one ftw sob.

  7. Hey I read ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ too. I bought the second book by the same author. Haven’t started reading though.

  8. FTW FTW! I lived near you a few months ago and i think i know which house you lived in now 😀

  9. awesome! can’t wait for the next episode…

  10. eh wait, is it the bukit seputeh in KL near mid valley first. -__-!

  11. oOOo most interesting! This is way better than Journey to the Center of the Earth!

  12. interesting.. =D

  13. Awesome 😀

  14. this is better and more interesting than the actual reality show itself

  15. wow! the drama has begins….eh, where’s my popcorns…

  16. awww.. i didn’t know that they are so impolite. poor ringo~ you are still my best

  17. Why nothing about Kenny?

  18. good episode!

  19. its really really hurt being isolated by others
    hopefully yr will released yr dairy at mdg without a miss.
    we all wan to know the truth

  20. Omg … poor thing … *pats* It must have felt horrible to have someone say to your face that they are angry at what you wrote. And then you gotta proceed to stay in the same house with them for such a long time. I felt like crying when I read this post. T_T I think I can understand how awful you felt. Haih I should have joined MDG then I can accompan you WAHAHA joking la.

  21. hey Cheesie, i know EXACTLY how it feels like to have everybody around you being less than friendly to you. gosh i really really emphatise with you lor, can ren (tolerate) like that for so long wtf. i think i would cry under the covers every night until i sleep. it’s really horrid, that feeling. i was at camp once and the whole thing was like that too. endless politics and all that shit. i hope you continue publishing everything from that little diary to show everyone the truth ok. oh yes i mean everyone.

  22. hope you’ll post all that you wrote in the diary. the videos are so heavily edited.

  23. anticipated!!!!

    quickly unveil the next epi plz!

  24. can’t wait for next post ..


  25. can’t wait for da 2nd episode…

  26. omg,i know how u feel. Being left out is so bad. T.T yeah i notice all gals in the show against you… *hug*…cant wait next epi

  27. i understand how u feel. i know the feeling of being ‘rejected’ by a bunch of so call friends. 🙁

  28. when will you release the next episode..

  29. Continue posting about this ok. Whoever says you are doing this just for attention will answer to my fist.

  30. it’s nice to finally be able to find out exactly what happened during MDG. can’t wait for your next post! 🙂

  31. i assumed vale could be fren with you, because…well, just because i thought she’s as petite as you, so so so wrong! she turn out to be the worst!

  32. Anticipating the next post .. getting interesting ..:)

  33. So sad la. Why most of the girls in MDG (excluding you and Cindy) have this very ‘KAMPUNG’ attitude? So kesian…

  34. your race is cheese.

  35. JustJasmine says:

    Looking forward to hear more truths from you, Cheesie 🙂

  36. i suggest u publish a book with your story.

  37. =(

    /pats, thank goodness its over !

  38. I LOVE DRAMA~~ i like that u don give a f@#k about what others think and write about ur own feelings on ur own blog!

  39. that sounds like a real tough first day. i do hope things are much better for you now….
    do keep smiling.

  40. :'( I want to read more!

  41. the uncovered truth, the untold story. I wonder what kind of reaction will come out of this. Vic, got your popcorn edi? Share? 😛

  42. Sigh..being like the black sheep..i know how that feels..sorry to hear about that

    the scream the girls had in episode 3 was rather fake

    anyway, i still think u did NO wrong in your’s UR opinion..if the other girls didn’t like it..then don’t read it! read it..then like it or go away, or start their own blog. they’re ofcourse all PISSED at u because they think the judges are DAMN GOOD because they’re chosen. hypocrites!

    alison seems to be a very straight forward person, like the very last episode she questioned cindy. she has always seemed straight forward. valerie on the other hand, well i don’t want to bitch la..she’s just being a typical girl..

    anywayss! looking forward to MDG The Truth Part 2!

  43. omg cheesy sad post T__T
    anyway, you’re really brave to be able to tolerate all these!!!
    that’s why i dont like girls (ironically because im one too)… they can be soooooooo bitchy!!
    well i feel that you can blog whatever you want as long as you dont mention names if it’s gonna hurt people. it’s YOUR blog, YOUR opinions.
    people can be angry for all they want…
    lol if i were you i will reply valerie with a smile, and say, “oh really?” and ignore her.

  44. omg…i can’t help but, … cheddie is sooo cute!

  45. Later instlaments got gratuitous sex and violence or not?

  46. hmm..racial differences..unmatured girls..:)

  47. Omg…my friend told me that reality TV really is a kick in the butt….and now I truly know. Yisssssh!

  48. gosh.. no wonder u can lost so much weight.. poor u..

  49. be strong cheesie!! xox

  50. Simon: A spot of bother is it?
    choco: yes yes it is
    May Zhee: ho ho ho. if anyone say that i will refer them to your fist.
    sabah: sabar la.
    keju: but cannot melt into it also
    ph_low: let me ask may zhee how to pronounce “author” correctly first.
    lawless: haha u see la.
    jolyn: hehe now u know

  51. Cheesie: Yes. You’re right. A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon. Still finishing The Kite Runner, haven’t start yet. Might start P.S. I Love You first. Please don’t tell May Zhee .

  52. A spot of bother is the bestest ever. Don’t read PS I love you. It’s crap.

  53. why r u making fun of valerie’s usage of ‘bah’???? it’s a sabahan slang and you have no right to make fun of it…pffftt…spoilt.

  54. bee: what has making a reference to bah has got to do with being spoilt? Incoherent troll.

  55. Omg this is so interesting kancheong, dont let us wait too long bah.

  56. You ate so little @.@ How much weight did you lose?

  57. ahlost: i don’t know. 3kg?

  58. elisezzuk says:

    I emphatize with you.

  59. hahaha.. yeap.. that’s reality tv for you people. There’s actually more “reality” going on behind the scenes than on the screens yo… lol…

  60. I don’t watch even a single episode of MDG. For me, it is like bi**h fight (I dun mean you) all over – bi**hy talk, b**chy show, etc.

  61. poor thing yeh…

    *i very 38*

    *waiting for more drama to unveil*

  62. It’s good to have some inside info 😉

    What, you all had a pool but there were only 2 bedrooms? Crazy…that’s not the way to treat models la 😛

    I love the photo of Cheddie poring over your diary!

  63. hie cheesie , seems like u read a lot. can you recommend me any books tat are worth reading besides ‘the spot of bother’ tat u hv mentioned above? thx!

  64. my my…. valerie does sound like a hypocrite…. O_o

  65. Poor girl!No wonder you seem so different after you came back from MDG:(

  66. your race is cheese =D

  67. yanagi: kenny said that first 😀

  68. many times reading you blog but first time commenting. i understand how it fees like to be alone and rejected like that.
    valerie wasnt being very honest over there. and in MDG she acted as though she’s the tai ka jeh taking care all her mui-muis. im so cheesed for the coming episode.

  69. i mean FEELS. isk.

  70. :S woah all stick in one race.. tsktsk. sorry if im being rude..what race are you, Ringo? very very pretty mix ^^

  71. jam: i find the editing boring. I myself don’t watch the show.
    WP: yea i got a shock when i found it out. The bedroom arrangement became a very huge factor to a major fallout during the show.
    April: wa actually i hardly read any books, just so happened whatever mentioned above i read before. Depends of what genre you like. I like books that are very realistic and humane. Thats why A SPot of Bother is so brilliant. But not sure if it’s your cup of tea.
    suz: hey. Saw your name in Cin’s blog many times. Thanks for dropping a comment. 🙂
    Manzy: i’m very much just a Cheese. Not mixed. Haha.

  72. wow cheesie, you rock! this is waaay better than MDG!

  73. Everyone else: 🙂 composing 2nd entry.

  74. Great concept! I love the serialization and behind the scenes thing. 🙂

    I guess it’s their job to make you pissed off to provide better entertainment for the listeners tuning in. It’s reflects well on you that you didn’t take the bait.

    I love the behind the scenes thing. Can’t wait for Ep 2. Write faster. 🙂



  76. Oh, whose movie was it ah that broke the box office record … hmm, what movie was it … X Men? No, that’s not it …

    Oh right! The Dark Knight! Starring Christian Bale!

  77. amazing.
    cat fight.
    claws stretched

    ..awaiting fer 2nd post!

  78. wow.. really interesting insight

  79. poor you. 🙁
    to think that she kinda said that u are racist when they pretty much are themselves

  80. Yeah, that’s expected when you cooped a bunch of girls (with most not really bright) together in one place, & they’re fighting for the same thing. girls, TYPICALLY, are born bitchy anyway. even guys do these kinda politics at times when interests of each other conflicts. quoting my comparative politics lecturer “you may not be interested in politics, but politics is definitely interested in you”. like it or not, that’s how things work around people, so learn politics no matter where you’re to at least, increase the chances of your own survival, before you can actually do some good.

  81. Illusionx says:

    Your post brings back horrible memories. There’s once I blogged about a friend and I didn’t even mention any names at all… this probably shows I still respect her… then one day she came up to me and told me off in front of everyone. Jeez.

    Girls are just bitchy in general cos I’m one myself >.>

  82. awwww this is interesting! all the cat fight! Finally we can all know the real drama in MDG instead of all the editing…

    good job mate!

  83. this is interesting…looking forward to the next post

  84. LOL…this is probably going to be a whole lot more interesting that watching the really badly filmed MDG episodes online! =)

  85. Vale no pretty says:

    i dont like vale also. She is no like a model. Not pretty juz slim and short.. so disgusting

  86. real story. couldn’t be any more real than the created dramas. reading this felt like yesterday. the 1ST day to be exact. and yes, she was a hypo no? lol. i didn’t like u either. we all wanted you to sleep in the next room. so bad, so bad. I feel VERY bad now. Especially now. xxooo ringaroses~!

  87. Cindyyyyyy: wait la until the part i bitch bout you. then dun need to feel so bad. HAHAHAHAH

  88. Idontwanttobename says:

    This is interesting, trust me…the rest of the MDG will be paying a visit to your site very soon, infact i think they already did. And im sure they are so afraid of u exposing the TRUTH about them. then again, we already know their real true colors.

    Make sure u continue with your second episode ya…

  89. Idontwanttobename says:

    hey this got me into thinking, i remember one of the haters mentioned they put u thru MDG for publicity reasons right…and they also mentioned that u are short and etc…then how about VAL?? she’s also short BAH! what does she have to offer? hahah does this got u into thinking??
    so whoever said that MDG put ringo in for making use of her, i dont think so lor…explain to me how did VAL got in then?

  90. “…..and for your information, we don’t need just all chinese for this competition….”

    ..tht explained all…they need a sabahan, tht’s how she got in bah.

  91. bHahhabah says:

    people change through time after getting to know each other. after the apologies and confrontation. so wtf BAH? u want to be cindy ah now? at least she has a rich dad.

  92. hey before you spout out insensitive comments pls try not to make any sort of personal attacks that has no relation to MDG. if you don’t know what i mean, try rereading your comment again, and if you still don’t get it, you really don’t deserve to make any comments tq.

  93. girl A is probably cindy or nadia right? i get what you mean by all this. firstly, i tend to have my foot in my mouth all the time and say things i don’t mean to when i’m emotional (in your case, angry) and secondly because i’ve had almost every girl i know turn on me at one point before. so annoying.

  94. oh yes, and by the way, hugh jackman is a sexy beast. christian bale is a boring rich boy with gadgets and no actual powers himself, nyeh nyeh nyeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. pretty mix? cheesie just looks like a typical chinese to me.nothing special

  96. i wont say you are jealous, jacinta, but you do sound very unhappy, hv an Oreo!

    i for one am very proud of being chinese(m’sian chinese of course)

  97. poor thing…so much politics involved!

  98. @jacinta, It seems like you are hinting that typical chinese are less outstanding? open your eyes! beautiful and outstanding chinese are everywhere! don’t be rude and stupid.

  99. Well well well says:

    Well well well…during MDG…your blog viewers went up drastically…

    I guess now that its over…it DROPPED DRASTICALLY huh…

    so you have to write about it now to make ppl come back again??



  100. Yikes~ girls tend to be more sensitive than anything else…
    But you’re not alone cheesie!!!
    Now everything is over, you’re a brand new person again!
    You gain alot for yourself and you know you grown up more than last time!
    So cheer for yourself~
    Girls politic are sooooooo conflict =_=”””””””

  101. Im wondering how would Valerie react when she reads this. *fuhhh! It’s time for the truth to be exposed. =) Do what u have to do girl.;)

  102. omg!! super cool wei!! quickly update hor cheesie (:
    i had no idea valerie was that sort of person! i liked her quite alot, as in her personality AS THEY POTRAYED IN THE SHOW (which obviously was quite fake, or else valerie was acting, or else she is only mean to people she feels she does not like).

    omg hugh jackman is so much hotter than christian bale!!! (ms may zhee please dont punch me lah:) )

    so exciting 🙂 looking forward to your next “episode” loads! i only hope you wont get into trouble for posting all this… wont one right?

  103. Christine says:

    I think this is off-point but.. Valerie is damn ugly can?

  104. oh so its alright to call people rude and stupid when i wasnt even saying or even hinting that chinese people are half chinese btw,just so u know.and no,i wasnt jealous.

  105. Ahww… they look so nice from the outside..
    I guess, “Never judge a book from its cover” is right.

    I’m glad you’ve gone through everything and be a better Cheeze right now.. 😉
    Never stop believing in yourself.. ;D

  106. imchinese says:


    now we all know jacinta is ‘something special’
    sorry abt the rude and stupid, i dont meant it if you dont meant it..know what i mean?

  107. loyal supporter aka ys lah wtf says:

    hmmm, no wonder u lost so much weight after mdg. n the stress, its all shown on ur face, in ur pics.
    ur a brave brave girl cheesie. *respect*
    but pls cheer up k. n put on more weight =P

    got questions tho. erm, who’s girl A? and i thought val was the only one who spoke up for cindy be it on fb or during interviews but now she calls her a hypo? cant wait for more truths..

  108. Girls will be girls but the way Valerie showed her two facedness? Yuck..disgusting. No surprise she went out earlier on!!

  109. well…how bout u ringo? “I’m not at all disappointed that I didn’t get in, after all I didn’t think I deserve a place in the top 12 since” and why did you accepted it when you yourself dun think u deserve it? why dun you just give your place to some1 else who really wants this?

    I guess, you shud stop ur habit of bitching other people..Or maybe you think that you’re perfect enuff to bitch about them..Vale is younger than you and yet you’re just acting like’re saying that she’s hypocrite..but i guess there’s no diff between u n her..Dun you feel ashamed of yourself… grow up pls..stop bitching and start improving urself..

    and..from what i heard, it was vale who you talked to when no one talks to you..then vale confronted everyone and u cried and apologized to them…come on ringo..ur not the only 1 who has the story…

    pls..get a life…

  110. Jess stop telling people what to do! it doesn’t take a genius to see where you come from…

    ppl find it entertaining and all are looking forward to the next post…

  111. well, y dun ringo tell about what she has been doing? or maybe she just wanna tell about ppl bullying her or she she just wants to show how good she was to other people…

  112. lol…i just discovered ur blog n it makes a very interesting read! bout d whole racial thing i felt it2! i come from sban (siew pao land thus i am siew pao girl^^) n i while i was in school every1 mixed wit every1! n even though i was prefect i still talk on polote terms with d naughty boys^^ i even erned their respect coz i talked nicely2 dem! but all changed when i went 2 uni -_-” i got a culture shock! i mixed well wit d chinese at 1st but den dey found out i’m a banana (can speak 3 different dialect but cant read o write ;p) n puff! instant wall…i tried so hard 2 talk 2 d indians but dey shut them selfs up (my 2 best friends r indians!) same wit d malays but dey were alil nicer. but all was not doom n gloom. after alot of perseverance n muka tebaling, found some really good one of a kind frens dat till now(grad adi) after 4 yrs still kawan baik^^(different faculty n dormitary mind u^^) perhaps i was lucky perhaps i looked hard enough but i guess no matter what ethnicity (race does not exist…really) there will b those whom r good bad n plain ugly^^

    ps…love ur blog…ur living out my fantasies^^ganbatte mashio!~

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