Who wants to watch House Bunny? With me?

*swicthes on Bimbo mode*

Hey guys, I have got like, 13 pairs of tickets for Premiere Screening of House Bunny to give out exclusively for Cheeserland’s reader, courtesy of Nuffnang. Wow, isn’t that like, great? TeeHee.


Date: 30 Sept, Tue
Time: 9:30PM
Venue: Cathay Cineplex Damansara


Main cast: Anna Faris, Katherine McPhee, Emma Stone

Oh my God, you don’t know who’s Anna Faris? She’s like, the girl in Scary Movie 4. Like duh?

She’s a Playboy Bunny in the movie who always wears pink!!! Oh my God i’m so loving it, like, totally!

She looks a bit like Charlotte York in SATC here don’t you think. TeeHee

Pink. Wa very gorgeous. She looks a bit like Bitchy Spears here don’t you think. TeeHee.

Oh my God, that’s so totally pink and fluffy! Reminds me of Molly in Uptown Girls. TeeHee.

Wow, the fashion is like, pretty hot but oh my god look at Katherine McPhee… Is she like… Pregnant? *gasp* Bad dress, Oh my God like, ew?

I’m so totally diggin this cute outfit! TeeHee!


Now, all of you should so totally watch this trailer, it rocks!


Bunny Girl: *gasp* I’m twenty seven!
Guy: But that’s 59 in bunny years!


So now guys, I’ve got like, 13 pairs of tickets to give out (ahhh i love being me). All you have to do is to make the best impersonation of a gorgeous blonde girl (some people call us bimbos, i guess it means we’re extra gorgeous, TeeHee) in one comment. Isn’t that like, really easy? I know right? TeeHee.


The first 13 qualified bimbotic comments get 2 tickets each to watch House Bunny. Of course i get to set the standard of qualifiction (how do you spell that? But like, whatever.) and change it anytime i want! TeeHee!

Oh, the best comment also gets a House Bunny baby T!


Mwah love you guys!