This is for you, stupid bitch

September 14, 2008 in Cheese-offs

Post deleted.

This morning i woke up, and i saw her mail of apology.

I don’t know why but i feel really really bad now. After all i just wanted her to have a taste of her own medicine. And i guess this is more than enough.

I think i agree with Violet. I think it’s not easy to summon the courage to admit one is wrong and apologize (and she sounded sincere). And i never have the heart to keep my anger with someone who apologizes to me.

Just like when i am driving on the road and get super pissed with some idiot drivers. But as soon as they make the “sorry” hand gesture, my resentment will just evaporate instantly.

Magical isn’t it.

I think i’m not a qualified bitch.

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  1. “Next? Who else wants free publicity? I dare you to comment here.”

    Is that why there are no comments on this entry? 😛

  2. wowzer…..wonder who is nex….haha…usually lot of ppls would leave a comment……lolz…

  3. lol lol lol lol lol!!!!

  4. ops .. jiejie is angry 🙂

  5. Cool down lady!!
    *sembayang up and down lol*

  6. sometimes really don’t understand why ppl wanna put down others with their words.
    They gain nothing afterall.

  7. charisisdisgusting says:

    EW. got such person ah Ringo. damn disgusting!

  8. Why?????? Why have I never gotten free publicity???? Perhaps I should be nastier. 😉

    Seriously though, some people are just that way. If it’s a single IP, just ban the IP. I have a problem with a single troll from HK as well, I just banned the IP, and thanks to technology, not a single squeak from him since. 😉

    Don’t let it get you down Ringo. We all heart you.

  9. all fehmes ppl must have flamers, you’ve made it! 😀

  10. you choose gorgeous pictures. 😀

  11. oh god, her cunt blog is so boring.

  12. hahaha!!! i seldom leave a comment here and since there are so few comments, i may as well leave one. wow. charis is so infamously famous now. a dawn yang in the making, i suppose? 😛

  13. famous blogger will always encounter this kind of problems because some readers are just being too jealous that they have nothing to do except giving nasty comments

  14. fiona: what!? That’s a disgrace to Dawn. At least DawnYang is kinda hot. (well in a way)

  15. seriously she has no life… n apparently, no breasts too.XD

  16. LOL~
    she’s too free nothing to do at texas is it?????

  17. oh my god @_@ there was one point of time my blog had a lot of flamers.

    then there was this girl who didnt directly flame me but kept preaching me instead about me dressing indecently and some other stuff that i cant really remember.

    at first i thought it was a guy then she left in a comment im a 2* yr old girl studying psychology and im closer to u than u think.

    and i tought it was a friend of mine. because her ip tracked back to Texas. and my friend is the same age studying the same thing but she said it wasnt her.

    and suddenly this post appears and like whoa @_@ i think its the same person

  18. Okay, the next stop will be waiting whether she will counter your accusation with some lame excuses…hehe

  19. Cheesie~i hate lousy food says:
    Cheesie~i hate lousy food says:
    where’s ur comment!
    Cheesie~i hate lousy food says:
    i must get a comment from u
    Cheesie~i hate lousy food says:
    in this kinda post!


    Um, Cheesie ftw. Yay. Um. Yeah.

    HAHAHA no la of course I have more to say! You, Charis, are precisely the kind of commenter that I hate THE MOST. Flaming bloggers under different names so it seems like they have a lot of haters when it is just YOU stirring all this shit.

    And you are ugly.

  20. Omg Cheesie, I feel your pain.

  21. cheesie, cool down cool down…

  22. wah lau……she think she sendiri damn chio meh…. *beuk*

    she’s just jealous lah..

  23. Why fugly gals are always picking faults with the popular gorgeous gals?
    and yesss..Charis lface give pain to my eyes ler

  24. oooo..just saw robb’s reply….good one robb!! 😀

  25. lesson learned. Dont mess with cheesie.

  26. I must say, she is maybe the only non-LC who is actually worse than an LC. She should be an adjective. Meaning somewhere along the lines of limited usage of half a brain cell. Actually, I don’t give half a shit.

    Ching Ching sayang back. Mwah!!

  27. ching:thank you dahring. Btw someone asked me to give him ur URL wor. I ask him to go eat shit. lolol



    (No la. I gave him.)






    No no no no no. i didn’t. I will never betray you ok. Mwah xoxo wtf.

  28. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA omg u go girl

  29. Wahaha!!! So clever!! It’s no wonder you can command all my love and affection!! Wanna kiss? 😀

  30. hahha.. =D LOL…. chingy.. must save this comment o…. ringo said “i will never betray you” lol… =D just in case you need it!! wakkaka… but i believe she wont la… =D unless she suddenly “change mode” kan? LOL

  31. ching: jom.
    andrew: exactly. all i need to do is press a button and switch.

  32. LMAO. this post SOOOO much better than your regular posts.

    No one’s niceynice innocent and cheesy all the time, and I’m glad we get to see your bitchy side 🙂

    I think you should reveal more bitches.

  33. Aiyo, she’s really stupiak, why left comments to people you don’t like? :S
    I think…I think I think she likes you, hope to get attention from you, hahaha 😛

  34. Good job uncovering it!

    Meh.. she’s fugly and as flat as airport runway… blergh

    *throws up tomorrow’s lunch in advance*

  35. Damn boh liao some ppl!
    hahahaa she deserves it i guess!

  36. O_O this is quite a shocking departure from your usual post that’s all I’d say.

  37. Ah finally some drama in the blogosphere! I doubt she has the guts to respond though. Will be interesting to see 😀

  38. wow… this is certainly bitchy post…lol^^
    anyway, erm… don’t care abt her… it’s just her own opinion…
    it has nothing to do with facts… no need to be angry (although u are)

    anyway… insult ppl in blogs are definitely unforgiveable…
    so…make her famous…^^ lol… jia lat -.-+

    mou ngan tai …hahaha~~

  39. hahha this post give her a taste of her own medicine!!! Btw she is quite fat from the picture and really got no boobs! is that why she’s jealous of you?? Haha. I think she seriously need some Kenko Diet Plums.ew.

  40. OMG! Ringo! You just put yourself to a level lower than whatever is lower than a level..
    Such a childish act in this post!!!

    How could you be very sure it is her?!!
    Why didn’t you show the world how you traced her?

    *can you feature me now??* WTC! -__- hahaha

  41. I think I know why she’s studying Psych. Wanna treat herself for multiple personality disorder kut.

  42. hahah flamers kena flamed. but yea, what is it with ppl trying to use words like anorexia and can’t spell it properly. please la google the damn word before pretending to know stuff like how laxatives affect ppl in the long run.

    the word is ANOrexia not aneROXIA >.

  43. Cheesieyyy, she’s just JEALOUS OF YOU! That’s why she’s been stalking your blog, anonymously. Geez, what a loser, right?!?

  44. Hey Choco long time no c. After MDG I can’t access the Cheese me box nor do I can leave my droppings there. So what happen huh? But about 1 1/2 months back it’s on again.

  45. Ringo, I just saw this. I admit that it is me. I totally deserve all of this. This is truly my punishment for nurturing the bad feelings. The last statement is totally unfounded. I got irritated with you, but that is no reason to be so wicked. Whatever concerns I have, it is no reason for me to be such bitch. I have paid with my blog – shut down. Please forgive me.

  46. wtf? why u shut down your blog? you’ll gain tremendous traffics for at least a week wey..tsk tsk tsk

  47. god… she replied…

  48. To Ringo fans, this is from the very stupid bitch. I sent an email to Ringo to apologize to her, and I want to apologize to all of you as well.

    “Hi Ringo,

    I just saw your post, and after reply, I am sending you this email right away to confirm that it is indeed me who made the public apology to you on your blog. I can give you all the excuses in the world why I flamed you, but no excuses will justify it. I was a bitch, and a bitch indeed I am.

    About the MDG thing, everyone criticizes the contestants, including me, who criticized you and some of the other contestants.

    The you wrote about the Kenko Diet Plums, and I wrote my first comment with my real name, because I was really concerned about it.

    After that, I started nurturing bitchiness within me, which led me to state those poisonous comments. I don’t flame other bloggers, so why was I being so nasty towards you? I ask myself that, and I’m disgusted with what I did. I think I started feeling upset when I saw that you used the word Cheeses Crust or something, which sounded like making fun of Jesus Christ. Such a frivolous thing, but it made me mad, stupidly so. And then you kept on commenting on your weight. Instead of laughing about it, the anger grew within me. I have several good friends who are really, really struggling with their weight issues till it is affecting their lives and it pains me so. So I projected my anger towards society’s obsession with thinness on being nasty towards you. This is my serious problem, I nurtured the poison within me. And everything you said about me is completely true. You may make silly remarks without thinking, but I made wicked, hateful statements to you.

    There is no excuse, I just wanted to explain who I turned into a bitch, Ringo. I apologize with all my heart.


  49. walau….

    like that also can????

  50. so that’s why u study psychology..a nice therapy for your own self hard and be a good girl/lady in the near future..

    P/S – remember to use fake proxy or whatsoever to make nasty comments next time 😉

  51. Ringo-chan, give her traffic meh. Link me lah, give me traffic lol.

  52. Omg, I hate you for being such a cool blog police. I think I would do the same too if I kena.

    She just apologised, would you accept her apology?

  53. Nice 1! Bitch-0/Chessie-1 *support*

  54. good one ringo.. *hugs*
    and no offense to “Ms Apologizer”.. but i think u’r a real nut head.

  55. lOl..i wouldn’t mind publicity but i was hoping to be a good thing eh ^^
    good for you for bashing her.. she’s..eeww.. n still wanna comment u on push-up bra.. funny.. ahaha..
    Accept helpful n sincere comments where else comments like her’s.. ask her to fark off la!!
    support cheesie~

  56. i want publicity too i hate u ringo wtf
    eh at first i thought u are gonna blog about..*ehem* wtf so i was like wah why u so brave!! but now i’m disappointedddd

  57. i wan traffic also thanks =D
    lol jk la.
    wonderin’ are you going to accept her apology. =3

  58. SchizophrenicX says:

    in cases like this I would say…

    “It Appeared @.@”


    “I’m not psychic; I’m just damn good”

  59. I realised a lot of my friends who studies psychology are kinda unstable in that sense as well. Perhaps to treat their own problems? >.>

    At least she apologised. I’d be more cheesed off if she didn’t.

  60. I think she made a very brave move,
    Not everyone has the guts to say sorry 🙂

  61. HAHAHAH omg she’s FAT and has NO BOOBS wtf the worse combo ever possible…better don’t give her Kenko otherwise she’ll end up looking like a transvestite pre-op!

    and awwwww she locked her blog already =(

  62. welll…at lesat her blog is gonna have lotsa views….

    wait a sec, if we have a Ringo vs Charis incident , wont it remind us of Xiaxue vs Dawn Yang ? lol….just saying…..

  63. WAH finally got flamer who apologize ! not bad !

  64. more often than not, I tend to ignore flamers who hide under multiple names. But there are times when they really step over the border.

  65. wow she openly admit her wrong doing.. tht’s not easy, at least 100x better than A Mad Is Mail..

  66. chee hong, wrong comparison!

  67. wahahaha!!

    ringo, i heart the PS! buahahhahahaa!! damn evil you.. hahaha

  68. woot woot evil me likey xD

  69. hi Ringo,
    love you and love the way you stand up for yourself…
    get robb to slap her like what you do to a pinata…
    better wear gloves…not to dirty his hands…

  70. i don’t believe in anything to do with weight loss consumption. heh.. she’s a friend.

    she may have offended you but please don’t crush her that way.

    charis didn’t exactly pinpoint criticism about u. ringo u went beyond that.

    u got into mdg and not her right?

    people can see that already.

  71. weight loss drug/food consumption*

  72. aik??! she shuts down her blog??? *sigh*

  73. Wheeee… pwned bebeh.

  74. yo wassup ringo.. hope u have a good day..

    i came here to tell u that now she BLOCKED HER BLOG~!..
    daym!!…i just wanna hav a look at how ugly is her..but unfortunately she blocked her blog..
    haizzz…nvm..i think she is just jealous of u and how ur blog is having alot of readers…

    the charis said she follow since MDG rite? maybe she is to fat,cant join MDG or be a model so she is jealous of u..hohoho~~~

  75. In my opinion lar.. Charis is not stupid…..
    She’s trying real damn hard to get free publicity here.. She must have done very well with her psch…. Hmmm….

    Create commotions –> get everyone’s attention –> apologize –> get everyone’s symphaty –> everyone forgives –> re-open blogs and become famous!

    I bet everyone clicked on her blog…. HAHA.. i did too….. it’s the psch thing, couldnt help it…

  76. She is fugly…
    dunno what is she trying to do.
    got too critisized in her law world i guess
    So, she tried to critisize other people that’s happier because she aint happy
    See her problem?

  77. Emmm…so Cheesie gonna forgive her??

  78. ur not afraid that she will sue u like dawn yang? eheh…way to go…i support u…

  79. Sigh, why can’t the blogosphere be a simple happy place where everyone is nice to everyone else? Isn’t the real world full of drama as it is? Lol, don’t bother answering that 😛

    All I can say is, you go girl! I have a pretty mean temper myself so I salute you standing up for yourself 🙂 But I guess since she apologized you might go easier on her?

  80. She already apologised, and she really sounds sincere. I don’t get why you guys are still harping over her mistakes and leaving comments on how she is ugly. How she looks likes have nothing to do with what she did.
    Ringo should post up another post saying that everything is settled, or delete this post. Or at least block comments since from my point of view, this issue is already resolved.

  81. and pls…dun ever forgive her, she dun deserve it

  82. You are a very forgiving person Ringo…I just love your personality. All the best to you and take good care of yourself.

  83. it ain’t magic, it’s the goodness in you, in people; to forgive is divine, rite?

  84. true she has the guts to apologize. dam power. now can u all stop commenting on her looks. after all looks arent something u work hard for, strive for, achieved. it’s something u get from ur parents. some are blessed with good looks, some maybe not so fortunate, so it’s kinda low down to bash ppl on their looks. bash them on their personality can. unfortunately, after saying all this, i realize that, when i hate a person’s disgusting personality, the person automatically becomes fugly to me too. argh!

  85. ringo, you are kind-hearted…nothing to do with magic. you have forgiven her, now your die-hard supporters only…
    i agree with caffe latte about posting another blog that everything is settled. since charis is already busted..

  86. thats very nice of you Ringo..
    Nice gesture

  87. Hi Cheesie, I applaud your gesture. That is the right thing to do. Impressed with you! =)

  88. ……

    i duno wat happened but since she apologized,

    u should forgive her?????


  89. girl, what happened? y deleted post liddat how to read?!?!?! “nevermai”, u beta tell me on MSN. don’t lazy 2 repeat story ya! 😀

  90. Bah you took the post down, so disappointed – why she apologise I WANNA SEE WAR!

  91. i missed the drama i’m a lost girl *wanders around*

  92. “I think i’m not a qualified bitch.”…

    Hahaha.. tried but failed.. at least you tried.. -___-

  93. OMG!! What happened?

    Hope you’re ok, Ringo 🙂

  94. Hi aaron!

    Its funny how people never forgive. Thats just a random comment. But I respect her more now for being able to publicly apologise. Most would just disappear and pretend it all never happened.

  95. My sayang grew a forgiveness vein! Gasp! I can name two people you will never ever forgive. Not in a million years. And I will not forgive them on your behalf also.

  96. It also takes courage to forgive someone. Well done Ringo-chan.

  97. GG Ringo. Kudos to you for doing this. It takes a lot of courage. 🙂

  98. This is all good news. This serves as a warning to all internet trolls – don’t think you can hide behind the computer screeen!!

  99. I love this Ringo after the update. 😀
    You really are not qualified to be a bitch, because u are not one in the first place.
    I always love this Cheesie and yay she’s back! 🙂

  100. I was really shocked when I saw your earlier post on her …

    First thought was, hey that’s so unlike her. Hmmm …

    Now that you have taken the post down, I felt happy 🙂 You are such a nice girl.

  101. *sesat* wad happened ar…..what did the flamer say about cheesie?

  102. Kudos to Charis for apologizing and to Ringo for forgiving her. There’s still hope for the human race. 🙂

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