How to look like a eurasian

September 22, 2008 in Eccentric Cheesiesm

Without plastic surgery. And lying. And getting caught for lying.


Ahhh, you know, the whole fascination with mixed white blood nowadays.

I told the surgeon i wanted Kristin Kreuk’s eyes, Penelope Cruz’s nose and Alexis Bledel’s lips.

And this is me. Now.

Well, sorta.

I am so gorgeous. And a Eurasian.


The surgeon’s name is Audrey introed this wonderful plastic surgeon to me. You can try it out but warning: Highly addictive and might be overly depressing for some.


Basically you upload a picture of yourself and merge yourself with celebrities (or any other people/animal/thing) of your choice. I hate Audrey. She made me addicted to plastic. For One. Whole. Day.

I swear to myself. It’s more addictive than Desktop Tower Defense.

It is sad but it’s true. Having exotic blood in your vein makes you look super beautiful. Let me do an experiment.

This, is Alexis Bledel. I heart her. I think she is super gorgeous.


#2 This is the baby of me and Alexis Bledel (well it’s biologically impossible but oh you know what i mean!). So gorgeous i wish i look liddat. Blue-grey eyes and all. Let’s call her Alecheese.

#3 This is the baby of Alecheese and me (i’m so promiscuous. And incestial). 75% Chinese cheese blood. But still gorgeous. Her name is Achecheese.

#4 Then i morph Achecheese again with myself (God should punish me). It’s 87.5% cheese blood. But still better looking than cheese itself.

Conclusion: I should date an Ang Moh.



How la liddat. Stress.

There are other people i tried morphing myself with.

#5 Gemma Ringo Ward

Cheesie Hilton

#6 Cheesica Alba

And even the person i hate
#7 Cheesten Dunst

There are other people, see if you can guess who i mate with!

#8 (Famous Asian actress)

#9 (My fav Hollywood star)

#10 (Acted with Johnny Depp before)

#11 (She is so yesterday)

#12 (Super love her exotic look!!! Our morph turned out not too bad!)

#13 (You will know this one)


#15 (She ah. Got big eyes lo)

#16 (This is a bonus)

#17 (This also (duh))

#18 (I mentioned her already)

#19 (This one a bit tricky! Hahaha)

#20 (This one is not me, but they are two actors i want to marry. So greedy.) (No la! Therefore i morph them together, so i can have 2 in one!!!)


Can you guess who they are? 🙂

Try it out and show me how you look as a eurasian! 🙂



Omg i can’t stop it. Help.

47 responses to “How to look like a eurasian”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m already an exotic eurosian. Just kidding..

  2. carlame says:

    Soooo…eurosian ._.

  3. Lavender says:

    Very cool..I’m going to try it out too… 🙂

  4. annant says:

    i know #11, hillary cheese 🙂

  5. May Zhee says:

    Oei! Morph us together can or not! We have been married for about a week already right! Time to have babies!

  6. Keong says:

    hope that i won’t morph into B*D*W*.. LOL

  7. Eve says:

    #12 Devon Aoki?

  8. Huai Bin says:

    You look good as an Eurasian. Achecheese looks better though (after morphing with yourself again). But I still prefer the original Cheesie. 😉

    #8 – Seen her before. Korean drama actress?

    #9 – Easy. Orlando Bloom.

    #15 – Calista Flockhart?

    #16 – Jolin Tsai

    #19 – My guess will the be pop singer Yuki Tsu.

  9. cheesie says:

    HB: Only one correct. 😛

  10. me says:

    #19 ~ haha this one tricky? .. any prize for the correct guessing?

    It’s you! the real, original, genuine, purebred cheesie aka ringo Tan.. right right?

  11. #9 looks like Adrian Brody. Luckily you look nothing like him in real life. Heheh.
    #12 Devon Aoki,
    #18 Kristin Kreuk,
    #10 Winona Ryder?
    #15 Christina Ricci.

    How come I dont know #13 wannn. Im guessing Jennifer Garner?

    The Asian ones I dunno la.

  12. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Cheesie dear, you look like a terrible man.

  13. #19: yourself and yourself!

  14. iiii says:

    Scarlett Johansson lorr #13

  15. iiii says:

    or scarlett cheesehansson woot

  16. Kei says:

    HAHAHA harry potter XD

  17. misha says:

    i prefer the original Cheesie jiejie look 🙂

  18. chee hong says:

    😀 I want the Ron Weasley or Hermoine look !

  19. AA says:

    lol, #16 ~ 50% cheese 50% 菜(jolin tsai)

  20. dakota says:

    what’s the url huh?

  21. Selina says:

    OMG.. look dammn pretty.. But you scare me off in some photos.. So scary, that i wish its not.HAHA.You should look at my niece, she is a eurasion. So pretty so cute, she is the apple of my heart

  22. KY says:


  23. suz says:

    #8. i would thnk she’s audrey hepburn but you said asian… really dunno.
    #9. hugh jackman
    #10. winona ryder
    #11. hilary duff
    #12. devon aoki
    #13. Scar Jo
    #14. Mike Myers (?)
    #15. Angela Zhang (?)
    #16 & # 17. Jolin Tsai
    #18. Hillry Duff
    #19. Ringo Tan (i think this isyou la..)
    #20. Hugh jackman & Alan Tham Weng Loon (?)
    #21. Harry Potte

  24. Tan Yee Hou says:

    To add on to what I said, are you so bad a witch (witchzard) that you got punched on your face.

  25. hayley says:

    i like the one u wif jolin….

  26. i am a eurasian… and by the way… since when was orlando bloom eurasian?

  27. Acey says:

    LOL.. Harry Pothead & The Stoned Sorceror

  28. monk3y says:

    ur morphings are so kawaii ne

  29. Cher says:

    lol. the harry potter one is hilarious.
    im so gna try it.

    but i think u guys sorta got the meaning wrong..
    westerners + locals = Pan Asians (those are the good lookin ones)
    eurasians = Portugese + locals (those darker skin types etc)

  30. Will says:

    #21 .Cheesie Potter. xD

  31. vincent says:

    Lol. I was gonna blast you with ‘Why do you wanna look Eurasian?’ when I saw your post on Nuffnang. But my assumption made an ass outta me!

    MorphThing? Hmmmm.. I wonder how it works. Looks cool tho!

  32. boon kheng says:

    Crazy crazy!! Celebrity face, anyone?

    Some very fake la..

  33. Jade Z. says:

    good lord! this is so f*ckin awesome i’m showing em to my colleagues! hahaha~~~

  34. Jeff says:’re like an Eastern and Western transformer! Interesting picture. Bet it’s of great fun to play around with eurasian!!!


  35. cheesie says:

    Answer is here!!!

    #8 Fan Bin Bin
    #9 Adrien Brody dammit nobloody nose this meh! His senget nose so prominent!
    #10 Winona Ryder. She is super gorgeous.
    #11 Hilary Duff. The morph looks surprisingly nice.
    #12 Devon Aoki. Wa one of my fav!
    #13 Scarlett Johanson
    #14 Hugh Jackman omg drool
    #15 Alyssa Milano. Is that what her name is.
    #16 Jolin Tsai duh
    #17 Jolin too
    #18 Kristin Kreuk
    #19 Me + Me (HAHAHA)
    #21 Harry Potter hehe

    Have fun morphing guys. I reply you guys tomorrow.

  36. Michelle says:

    hahah I almost thought u really did something to yourself to look like an eurasian in the first picture.. manatau it was all morphing XD..

    hey.. why don’t you try this webside It’s somehow damn cool !! XD..

  37. Eh, I got the Adrien Brody right wor! I got it lah!! And the Alyssa Milano one soooooo looks like Christina Ricci.

  38. cheesie says:

    michelle: haha i think i saw that before.
    whimsicaljottings: OOOOOOOH MY GOD YOU ARE RIGHT. It’s Christina Ricci I”M SORRY >_<

  39. JustJasmine says:

    I wanna marry an AngMoh too :))

  40. David says:



    I find Asians fascination at looking more western or Eurasian interesting and at times disturbing. I am married to a lovely Filipina, and her Asian features played a large role in finding her attractive. Her personality counted the most, but lets face this issue, attraction starts everything else moving forward.

    You have been a contestant in Malayasiandreamgirl, and that video of you at the Malayasiandream girl web site was hot. You are beautiful young women!

    Living in the United States leaves men surrounded by euro-looking women. The United States early history owes its growth to immigrants from all over Europe, Asians first arrived on America’s shores around 1864. These days blondes are everywhere, with the vast majority of blondes owing their blondness to a product from a bottle.

    Asian women are considered very attractive by most men in North America.

    I have read from an Asian female blogger regarding products that lighten skin color. I wonder why any women would want to change her skin color. In North America, your pasty white skinned sisters spend millions of dollars in tanning booths and skin toning products to obtain the glow that is born into Asian women.

    What type of craziness drives Asian women to want to look lighter/whiter, change their eyes, when the Asian glow, and Asian eyes are found so attractive and beautiful by Caucasian men.

    Asian women are beautiful and hot with what features they are born with!
    Ladies of Asia, enhance your looks by staying healthy, and enhancing your Asian features, not by eliminating or altering your Asianess.

  41. cheesie says:

    David: Thanks for your comment. I understand what you mean. 🙂

  42. Kush says:

    Sort of continuing with what David wrote. Hearing about any Asian person, wanting to look more white really depresses me. They should have some pride in their race, or at least who they are. As though white is right, an Asian is wrong.

    Luckily, it is mostly the girls with no self-esteem who do this whereas the truly beautiful Asian girls wouldn’t degrade themselves like that for the world.

    I am a Eurasian btw, although I usually identify myself as Asian.

  43. Sandra says:

    x_x the eurasian looks like a russian model lol

  44. ds says:

    mixed kids don’t have light eyes! they still get most of their features that are asian like!