Confession of a (n occasional) shopaholic

September 21, 2008 in Eccentric Ringoism

It doesn’t happen all the time.


But when it happens, it happens reeeeally crazy.

I could have bought one (1, satu, ichi) dress from Warehouse. But i bought like, 10 items (that is equivalent to one [1, satu, ichi] dress from Warehouse. Ok. One, satin, dress from Warehouse) from Times Sqaure with Ichigo.


Lala la (pun optional).


Actually i went to One Utama first. And i bought this.

#1 Confession of a shopaholic-Sophie Kinsella. RM33

I know, i know. I am so outdated. Because everybody went like “What? You haven’t read Sophie Kinsella?!?” Just like how one would say “What?! You don’t read!?”


But the thing is, then everything happened just like the book. I haven’t even started reading it yet. I think the book is evil.

Oh before that, i want to talk about this ridiculous incident that happened in Somerset Bay. I told you i bought two kid’s dresses there right. Yesterday i saw even prettier dresses. And i tried one on. It’s like this humble earthy peasant dress, super cute.

Then i showed Ichigo la. The salesgirl came over and spoke (more like, yelled).

“Excuse me, you can’t try that.”
“Oh I’m sorry!”

Instantly i apologized, embarrassed. I thought it must be some kind of promotional item and i must have missed the “No Trying” cardboard.

But then she added.

“That’s for kids.”



So like, i cannot buy kids clothes because i am not one? For cheese’s cake, i bought two (2, dua, ni, er, yi) freaking dresses from you before ok?


Wa. Freaking rude. Where’s my lawyer. I want to sue her for age discrimination.


Ok this is my supposed Warehouse dress:


Let’s see.

#2 Blue Bottom RM25

This mini skirt pants thingie is so cute.

Now you see why i can’t decide what it is.

#3 Matching pair of blue peep toe, RM40 from Fabiano

#4 Baja Hitam shades (according to TimTiah) from Vincci, RM29. Best thing ever.

#5 Cheese shorts. Yum. RM29

#6 Love this shirt, but it has got one little stain that’s why it’s selling only RM20

#7 Long white stripy top RM20

#8 Stripy socks RM16

#9 Colorful dress RM35

#10 This is my best buy. RM5

#11 Faux fur bag RM29

#12 My most expensive purchase. RM89

#13 I love this chunky race queen boots. RM80. Bought it for my loli shoot and maybe winter holiday. maybe, just maybe. 🙂

#14 Super cute necklace. RM10

#15 Ok whatever it is called. RM19

And #16 This one cannot show here. RM35.


(Oh so i bought 16 items O.o)

Total damage: RM514

= One Warehouse dress.

Average per item: RM32


I was so happy i went on a mini fashion show + shoot for myself that day.








So happy.



i still want one (1, satu, ichi) Warehouse dress. 🙁

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  1. Erm, can webcam me and show me that one arr wtf.

  2. ur selling them?@@”

  3. I was there too, damn puzzled as to why you couldn’t try it on. Somemore you can actually wear it as well. Maybe she was jealous she cant fit in? DId you try the previous time you bought the two dresses?

  4. I went to Times Square aka LalaLand for my first time last week, and so fun window shopping there! But so sad most things there too small for me. 🙁

  5. Haha I didn’t read Sophie Kinsella too, but I have a novel in my regal of her sister… the novel sucks… and the strange thing is, on the cover was a comment by Sophie Kinsella which was like “I love that novel, it’s great!”

    Strange thing…

    Question to your items, you bought: What’s the green white thingi there? Could you try it on, please? =3

  6. ur photoshoot this time is way nicer then the last one! although this time was probably just having fun kan? 😀
    maybe because it shows your long and skinny legs beautifully. heh.
    but yeah. just have fun and naturally you’ll get great great pictures 😉

  7. necklace is cute la 🙂

  8. I like your mini skirt/pants..really pretty =) and the stuffs you bought all damn cheap lor..(excluding the shoes la) but really worth it..

    p/s: you haven’t read the shopaholic series??! try reading all the books up to Shopaholic and baby..very funny..

  9. I tot i saw u yesterday at 1U, u wearing ur baja hitam sun glasses right??

  10. oh… thats how girls pair up their peep toe shoes….

    hmm….the shades for 29….ok wert……sum stores overcharge weiz….

  11. woahh… already RM500 plus??? ok lahh i think… for 16 items.

  12. shopping is the sweetest sin

  13. nice new stuff and u pose reli well! 😛

  14. how come i cant find cheap and nice clothes????:(

  15. o___O I see an i-socks bag… *cough cough* I can’t wait to see your loli shoot~!!! ^____^

  16. you look good darlin` ! awesomeness!

  17. waaa pro self camwhore pics!

  18. a shen: Because you are in Singapore. HAHAHAHHA

  19. i like the way u mix and match ur clothes….very nice!!! 😀

  20. I have this exactly same sunnies as yours… bought for only AUD5. =D

  21. Yeah! What’s wrong with buying kids’ clothes? Sometimes they’re even nicer than those made for adults… 😛

  22. Tan Yee Hou: Can’t. Later u die of anemia.
    Manzy: No la! I havent even worn them properly!
    Porkie: yes i did
    electronicfly (dian zi cang ying?): hahaha lalaland so cute la you
    June: funny thing is, every single book out there has this line that says “No.1 Best seller” on the cover.

  23. anon: heh. this one not counted shoot la. its camwhoring.
    annant: i know hor!!!
    sarah: and i will! 😀
    Kent: hahahah where were u?
    chee hong: no la can buy a lot cheaper one!
    suz: ya come to think of it its damn a lot! haha can buy ticket to bali
    Emilyginger1994: thank you!
    misshermes: ahahha u bought a lot from them?
    A: 🙂
    KY: as always

  24. racoon: ya very easily to M&M!
    mimo: wa so shiok!
    WP: wa u changed location liao ah!

  25. Use Vanish to wash that stain! 😀

  26. I was at the escalater when i saw u… if u didnt wear the baja hitam spec… i will never notice u… it is ur spec that caught my attention…

  27. The book is evil. It’s like the Necronomicon. It makes you buy things you don’t really need for no reason at all. It will possess your soul.

    Those are great bargains though, with everything at an average of RM 30+.

  28. cheesie iz reri reri beautifurr.

    nyum. =P

  29. Nope… I am… Anti i-socks… Too many lalas there… D:

  30. oh oops 😛 cuz i u were seeing ur caption for the shirt with stain hehehe! ^^ btw, ur taste in fashion so geng~ i like~ XD

  31. omg my english. i meant “cuz seeing ur caption etc…”

  32. hey cheesie! i read ur blog frequently but rarely post up comments…except for rare occasions like these 🙂 for 16 items rm514 is really okay ler. and u mix and match really well. like shootz i am super envious now. *start raiding wardrobe!!*

  33. My best buy ever was this pair of shades that I bought for £2. £2!!!!!! It was from Primark. That place was craaaazy. Girls were practically hyperventilating in there coz the stuff were really cheap. But the queues to the fitting rooms were outrageous. Prolly abt 500metres long. It was funny seeing the sisterhood spirit alive; there were some girls who didnt want to queue and just stripped right there, but in the middle of a “friends circle” who kept prying eyes away. I miss shopping 🙁

  34. i got one black and white knee high socks. u wan or not? give u…. bought long time ago but never worn before…

  35. The clothes won’t even fit my hand shoulder wtf. I haven’t read Sophie Kinsella too. :p

  36. I bought the same book like so long ago but until now it still lies in my cupboard nicely with the plastic bag unwrapped!

    Oh I like the race queen boots!!!!!11

  37. your shopping experience reminds me of this chicken rice shop in jusco…

    there was this attendant who refused my order of kid’s meal; i asked her for a reason, she explained that adult has bigger appetite, and kids meals are in smaller portion sizes, hence it may not be fulfilling for adults consumption…lame or not u tell me.

  38. 1st pic is like cost play but simple and cute.

    2-4 pic looks sexy with the pair of socks and the color of the t-shirt and the short pants, your hair style and the sunglasses plays a good role in making this pic looks sexy! >D

    last 2 pic seems casual but looks nice, and again… your hair makes it all good.

    a good mini fashion show.

    GJ *thumbs up*

  39. isocks!!!!

    have you been to the special members shop!

  40. oh well… i guess you probably didn’t recognize me again at the adidas thingie… ^_^

    was nice to see you again soon
    you take care and shop while you still can before you run out of time to shop…
    working people seem to have much lesser time for all these shopping sessions without having to fight with others to get what you want…

    then again… smile…

  41. i think the nicest is the blue suit… blue skirt and shoes… those go well together. although you do make everything else look nice as well, even striped stockings! 🙂

  42. eee… piggy shopping tak ajak! *boooo*

  43. i like ur hair style…
    very nice!!!

  44. I like this post very much. Unleashing the gurlie side in you =)

  45. Dear, your closet is jam-packed full of clothes d…
    A few more such shopaholic kinda shoppin would certainly turn your little paradise into the
    chaotic 7 countries 七国咁乱…scary

  46. Woah~ Bought so many things~
    Should be happy like going to faint??? Haha~
    You have very nice taste in clothing!!
    When can go shopping together?? LOL *dreaming*

  47. great spree~~ all from Times Square?

  48. carlame: will try! 🙂
    kent: lol okies.
    HB: i think right. i should so reward myself by taking self for shopping.
    real_cranium: zhank kiu!
    misshermes: hahaha ok what the dresses!
    ahlost: O=O
    manzy: thanks thanks, haha.

  49. suze: yay thank you for commenting. go la BTS, very cheap!
    whimsicaljottings: hahaha i was in primark when i went to london i know how crazy it is 😛 i bought tights there. it was £2 also.
    rachel: wa you keep la, for rainy days! thanks so much for offering im so touched sobz
    simon: hand shoulder?

  50. penny: you should have sold it to meeeeee!!!666 but u so far. T_T
    well: hahahha totally get what u mean
    Johnny: wahaha u are here! i read u on cindy’s all the time
    pinkpau: i purposely buy something so i can go in ok! wtf. i hate u. u got american flag.
    unclejosh: of course i remember u la.
    eileen.: i doubt i will actually wear the stocking.. :/

  51. jade.Z: u macam macam macam macam macam macam busy sangat!
    calyn: thank you =)
    doGtortoise: yay thank you! i always girlie what. 😛
    Lb: jam? what jam. i hate jam.
    Reiko: hahah where u wanna go?
    mimid3vils: ya except the book! and shades.

  52. Ei? Not bad…know me also. Ahaha…I’ve been reading ur blog for quite some time also. Sorry it took me this long to leave a comment. (I shy la >D )

  53. the first fashion shoot photo is like a poster for tomb raider!

  54. wahhhhhh, i like the mini skirt/shorts, very unique …

    hm, i seldom go berjaya times square…

    now i know they have very cheap clothers, lol.

  55. you’re so prettyyy! were you always this thin? = if you did lose weight, how? you look really nice =))

  56. hey!! NICE!!! i like the first photo/outfit of the mini fashion show.

    haiyah….show the rm35 lar….hahahahaha

  57. The clothes are nicely matched! 🙂

  58. wah… u are really good at choosing and matching! and your legs look forever long sia….
    nice “simple” shoot 🙂

  59. Peter in northern Ohio says:

    #15…… corset.

    great pictures. I love the outfits. they are cute

  60. Where did you buy the strip white cardi/blouse??


  61. Hehe, short holiday/minesweeper tournament in Vienna 😀 (please say you play minesweeper! :P)

  62. Howzan: lolol where got!
    EV: i also never go there to shop one. But now i want to go back!
    Ginny: Thank you! I lost a lot of weight over the past few months!
    Sheon: and i will! But not now!
    Ju Ann: Ju On’s sister? 😀
    Tiger: Thank you! 🙂
    Peter: Ya corset. hahha
    Quirky: it’s everywhere in BTS!
    WP: of course i do!

  63. HOT HOT HOT!!!

  64. stop photosopping the pics to make ur leg obvious

  65. photoshop? err…you CAN achieve that with a wide angle lens. so, is it so obvious or are you just making assumptions?

  66. ss: Have you ever heard of thing called Camera Angle?! Did you like, go to school? And who gives a bloody shit whether you care i photoshop my pictures or not? Now go back and sob about your short legs.

    Porkie: i didn’t even use wide angle.

  67. when stupid people say stupid things nice to them, they’r having hard life. so have mercy.

    ss: end of today’s lesson

  68. Peter in northern Ohio says:

    It’s obvious that SS is -not- a photographer. A wide angle lens (or lens that is ‘zoomed out’) distorts the sense of space.

    My qualifications:
    Experience with photoshop since 1992.
    Photography since 1993.

    SS, goto school, yo! Get your self some live experience. Learn some humility. It’s obvious you’re insecure about yourself since you’re criticizing others. Or are you trying to impress people? Maybe you’re trying to impress Cheeser with your ‘vast’ knowledge of the world?

    Wide angle lens expands space. Telephoto lens compress space. You’ll know this IF you’re into: 1, SCIENCE and optics in SCIENCE; 2, ILLUSIONS, optics and perceptions is magic tricks; 3, PHOTOGRAPH.

    SCINCE: It works, bitches!

  69. Cheesie: i know, just saying not everything is always photoshop.

  70. Skirt + shorts = skort

    I like your sense of style. I totally wouldn’t have thought you putting those outfits together. Two thumbs up!

  71. munz: thank you so much! 🙂

  72. OMG i tried that dress on too , it did’nt suit me but i am sure you look great in it !

  73. OMG!!!Those blue shoes looks so cute on you!!!!

  74. chachasheavens says:

    hello! i really wanna know where did u buy those boots?? ive been searching crazily for it! 😥 pls do lemme know? thx! 😆

  75. rift gameplay…

    […] » Blog Archive » Confession of a (n occasional) shopaholic[…]…

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