September 19, 2008 in Photoshoot

I dunno. Pun optional. lol.

2nd set with Joe. Indoor. Very very dreamy.

#0 (newly added photo. Wtf. I forgot this is Joe’s favorite.)










*wakes up*



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56 responses to “Wallflower”

  1. annant says:

    nice dreamy sexy! 😀

  2. Jade Z. says:

    i think don’t need to blog about MDG anymore also can get your point across. see the photoshoots u doin these dayz? why so nice wan? plus, i think it’s OBVIOUS they ARE nice and everybody knows it.

  3. mel says:

    to be honest, although i would agree that you take some nice photos (especially those where you’re not looking into the lens), but some are a bit mediocre for me. i don’t know, i feel like you tend to purse your lips in some shots and that makes your mouth crinkle around the rim..i dono la..not very nice.

    case in point, photo #5. if your mouth was more relaxed i think that photo will look really awesome.

  4. bahh says:

    photographs of fairy tales….

  5. iosodunno…i like no.2 ..wallflowers..sheer layering dress..soft atmosphere..simply amazing!

  6. carlame says:

    you look great! =DD

  7. kimberlycun says:

    looking delicious! love your dress!

  8. devina says:

    i like #1 and #6 best 🙂

  9. suz says:

    i like the effect. very soft, very sheer. i dont know how to explain.. jung chi very relax to look at. btw cheesie, what eye makeup are you using hah?

  10. ::Nicole:: says:

    oh wow! are u going to be a professional model?? 🙂

  11. sasa says:

    oh, kind of fairytale look… just one need to see a white horse, or a castle

  12. tt says:

    erm….what are you trying to show us? You want to be a professional model? The height the height…and again your look is so ‘outdated’, not unique, the makeup is cake-ky.
    #7, the shoes don’t fit.
    i know in real person you are pretty. That’s it.

  13. Couthie says:

    i love #8. so damn much!

  14. Miss Steph says:

    Nice photo!very dreamy!

  15. ronin says:

    Agree with kimberlycun! Delectable!

  16. Selina says:

    #2 I LIKE
    #3 Shd pose naked
    #6 Look poisoned
    #7 classic
    I like the above

  17. Ju Ann says:

    Hey Ringo,

    #8 is very nice! 😀

    Sorry, been a lurker for a long time.

    But hey, HI!

  18. Aman says:

    I like these pictures…. very dreamy…. but your shoes look like they are to big?
    But I still love it…. you are always cute

  19. N says:

    Hi Ringo,

    Your photoshoot turn out fine, but, I can’t figure out why but it doesnt look natural with your mouth? It’s not an insult, perhaps you can improve on that part. The expression of facial and emotion seriously lacking of, I try look at the pic for longer times, and it seem just a blank stare? Emptiness..

  20. KY says:

    so emo so emoooo, very nice

    I wanna shoot like joe when I grow up

  21. lee says:

    u can really make urself look taller in the pic.
    although many said that u r not that tall. that a big advantage for u in taking photo.
    ya ya same with everyone else ur mouth, just relax a bit.
    maybe try take pictures with wide smile? or laughther? jst a suggestion..
    =) no matter what i know u can do better than that.
    people should be improving day by day.

  22. cindy says:

    i really love the 2nd one… its like so so subtle with a hint of sorrowness..good posting and photographer

  23. J says:

    nice! love this set more than the yellow blocks one. erm.. can i ask where u got the dress from? been looking for something like that for the longest time!

  24. Hi! U do look very cheeze & pretty! BTW how much is the dress? I wander if my gf will look good in it? Have a very nice day!

  25. bimbo says:

    i think you look awesome! some ppl are sick tht think one must look like a star to be call beauty…you are beautiful in your own way, oh i guess it’s bcos YOU r what they could never be…

  26. Reiko says:

    WOW~I like the #2 photo~
    So dreamy and so artistic!!!
    Gosh~ You looks awesome!!! XD

  27. jaecywong says:

    yup! very dreamy indeed! me likey!

  28. DaDevil says:

    1,2,5 and 8 is berybery pwetty….especially the 2nd pic….awesome…deamy effect..hehe

  29. jay says:

    Lovely set of photos.. the best so far , really good photographer and of course pretty model herself. 2 and 6 is the best and good for front and back cover of an Album if one day should u become a singer like Hannah.

  30. o.m.g~

    u look so tall in photo 7!!!!!


  31. Eve says:

    banyak cantik oh! one could stare at these pics for hours…

  32. Mich says:

    The 2nd photo is the best! 🙂

  33. potatoe says:


    i have being observing the comments from our very 1st set till now and loved the “difficult” comments esp when some images provoked some “jumping into conclusion” comments.

    the mouth, the shoe size dont fit (in reality it does fit, possible reason if you noticed, its because of how ringo posed for that particular shot. would not blame anyone either because some may not shoot as actively as i to relate to it), the height and my fave item – expressions.

    the justification for all these – so what?! 🙂

    we are not aiming for any pulitzer prizes this year or the near future. gave me an impression that some can’t see the forest from the tree. let it go, dont need to be that petty (one positive indication – at least there are no gearheads present commeting about sharpness, bokeh and asking for technical stats – phew).

    hope you enjoy the rest of the set as much as we shot em – because i had fun.

    special note from a hobbyist point of view (commercial – you follow a brief and have no room to explore) abt :-

    01. expression/emotions/poses – this is the element i control on set.

    i “trigger” them on shoot. ringo’s responsibilities is to respond to my direction. its a very clear cut arrangement.

    imoho – facial expressions/emotions is not as straight forward as you are at a the traffic lights. when its red, you stop and when its green, you drive on.

    therefore, unless you were involved in the planning stage, on location when we shot these and heard what i wanted or know how to mind read – then i agree with you that some shots were lacking of facial expressions, emotions, “outdated” poses (compared to?), not unique (err to what?) and mediocre (cool! try shooting a similar set).

    unlike motion pictures – where you have a start and end point – photographs visually shows a single point of time. its up to you to interpret what happends before and after – an example i think someone commented he/she felt (apart from dreamy) – “emptiness” and “subtle with a hint of sorrowness”.

    would love to know more what these images make you feel.

    personally, expressions and emotions are not limited to facial part of the subject. look at the photo again – it can be visually represented through the framing of the shot, the colors, the overall body language of the subject, hand/leg poses, the enviroment the subject is in etc. why limit your imagination ?

    02. height – i remembered well when ringo told me her concerns abt her height.

    i told her so what? we are doing a themed photoshoot and height is not my main concern because different application requires different requirements. furthermore, if you have not seen her in person or know her stats, you dont even know her actual height. heh.

    i shot talents who are 5′ 9 above and most of the time – you wont have a clue of their actual height (unless, of course you know how to mind read or in that shot, it contain elements which give you some indication of “sense of scale”).

    my main concern for ringo was responding to my directions on set.

    to be very honest (and im not kissing your arse because you are so and so) – ringo is very responsive, fluid and focus on set. one of the very few that i have the opportunity to work with.

    responsive as in relating well to what were needed, fluid to adapt to changes of what was planned and could improvised in a timely manner and focus – total discipline on set.

    themed photoshoot like what you are seeing here – its not all about a pretty face.

    sense of reality is different from expectations.

  34. hoi gi says:

    I love picture #7 the best! 😀 dreamily beautiful indeed! 😀

  35. ling says:

    very beautiful mood

  36. goolooloo says:

    pic #7, i like the best. Giving me a feel of matured Cheesy. But just the shoes seems over size a bit or tats just illusion due to the mirror?
    The dreamy effect was great, but i don’t really like #3, that’s for me a little under exposure.
    Just my 2sen. Overall, Cheesy you looks great!

  37. mangomelo says:

    #2nd one look a bit like jolin… 😀
    the whole dreamy set is very very attractive, and very sexy!

  38. joshuaongys says:

    i duno why but i like the previous set of pictas that u’ve posted before…. maybe its more colourful… hmmm

  39. chee hong says:

    ah….i didnt know Joe Low was this good…

    i have a friend , she became a fan of Joe Low photos on faceboook….

  40. joe’s favorite is my favorite too wtf. i was wondering why don’t you post it…i’ve seen it on flickr earlier and was lov at 1st sight… i like the no-expression expression, and your pose so simple yet very captivating…i could never fold my hand this way…^^

  41. nobody says:

    mouth looks like gold fish’s mouth, protruding. and secondly, showed the model trying to show the sexiness in herself, but somehow failed in this case. i don’t see any sexiness @ beautiful on the model herself in these pictures. But still, it showed the photographer has some skill of trying to manipulate the scene. That’s my 2 cents.

  42. haha says:

    ooh, keep your 2cents to yourself, it’s worthless, i suppose it depends how your mind works…

  43. yalor, you do not need to win that mdg to become a model. Look at you! You are a model already!

  44. bahh says:

    nobody see no sexiness here, stick to your porn site then…come here for what

  45. WP says:

    nice shoot! 🙂

  46. Gnoel says:

    i like all your pictures thou…

  47. Johnny Tai says:

    Wow….you look really really great =0

    the pics are well taken, I like the mood! It’s like a realization of a new beauty. GJ!

  48. Maziyyah M says:

    Wow! 😀

  49. Charlotte says:

    hey. i don’t know if you actually realised, but i think you look like ah hong from moonlight resonance if you know the show. not the hair of course, only the face. and in a good way la of course 🙂

  50. cheesie says:

    charlotte: michelle yim??!?!?!

  51. Charlotte says:

    the jo bao’s second wife. haha do you actually watch that show? xD

  52. cheesie says:

    i dont watch. But i know Michelle Yim. I loooooved her when i was young. 😀

  53. sin says:

    *wonders where cheesie got the dress from*?

  54. […] sorry for hurting your eyes. Take a look at Ringo, if you think you need to cuci […]

  55. Chee Wei says:

    hello, hmmm you somehow look very different in this series of photos comparing with the nuffnang halloween night. Anyway, just dropping a message to say hi 🙂


  56. dude says:

    pretty phucks, i wanna squeeze

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