The last prank call i made was 10 years ago. The person became my close friend till today. And i will remember this person’s phone number forever (by the way till today this person still thinks that i genuinely dialed the wrong number).


The last time i witnessed a prank call was few months ago. We were all under the influence of Absinthe before it was emptied and being placed on the ground and spun towards Ching.

I dared her to call a random stranger and say she missed him. So she picked up my phone, select a number and used her own mobile to call. It was 1am in the morning.


“Hi, Chee Minh, I. Miss. You. Bye.”
*hangs up*


Ok it doesn’t sound as funny as it should be. But it was! I practically ROFLed for 10 whole minutes (that time I haven’t bought a sofa yet so yea I had to roll on the floor). And I’m sorry Chee Minh.

And when i was young i used to call random strangers and talked to them until mom found out and personally explained and apologized to the person.

Then finally karma got to me. I got a prank call last year. By Rudy and JJ from Hitz.

Do YOU have any funny phone call story to share? Be it you who did it (when you are drunk, or 5 years old, give me any excuse you want!) or you who receive a weird phone call.


Share with me and you might win some superb prizes!

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Now back to the topic.
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