Hot spring and snow mountains!!!

December 28, 2008 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Japan / Nagano

In Matsumoto, Nagano.

The second day we went to Primary school and met a bunch of wonderful kids, and the third day to Matsumoto castle. Will blog later but now i mus must MUST show you this awesome hot spring in Matsumoto we went on the forth day!

onsen1 by you.

I think some of the other homestay students also went but not the Muslim kids because you MUST go in absolutely naked!!! What a waste!

onsen2 by you.

Saw some snow at the road side i was sooooo excited! First time in my life! (Second time is in Norikura Ski Mountain, will blog later).

onsen3 by you.

There are onsen for men and onsen for women. Kai was indecisive if he wants to follow Papa or Mama.

onsen4 by you.

Ok he came in with the girls.

So yes we had to take everything off!!!

This like the best thing ever in Matsumoto. There’s an indoor onsen and an outdoor one. And that time was about 5 degree celcius outside at noon time. I was wondering how the hell did anyone manage to summon the courage to even open the door and step outside, walk on icy cold stone against strong chilly wind before dipping into the outdoor onsen?

But i swear anyone would be tempted to go outside, because the scenery is just simply irrisistable.

onsen9 by you.

This is what you see. Snow mountains and a panoramic view of the Matsumoto city.

And we braved ourselves outside.

onsen5 by you.

And you know what??!

Ok this is seriously bothering me.

It was 5 degree celcious outside. And we were naked. Can you imagine how cold it is?!


onsen6 by you.

onsen11 by you.

Ai and Kai having fun.

It felt like a very cool afternoon. There was wind, but not anywhere near chill. Just comforting breeze.

onsen7 by you.

I got out of the pool, wrapped myself with a towel and sat on the cold stone. This is ridiculous. Winter. On top of a mountain. Next to an onsen. Me. With just a bath towel.

It felt better than ever.

onsen8 by you.

Why ah? Can anyone explain to me?

Normally when i got out of the ofuro in the indoor bathroom it was cold as hell (i am kinda reluctant to use this oxymoron but oh well). How on earth does….?!?!?

onsen10 by you.

Ai chan.

onsen13 by you.

Super good weather. Hot Spring. Winter and snow mountains. And i felt sleepy.

onsen12 by you.

Seriously. Most amazing experience, ever.

And we all slept like a baby on the way home.

PS: Today I’m super happy! Finally workaholic Japanese is gonna have a break! Yesterday was the last day of work so we have one whole week together 24/7 omg i’m super super glad that i got my visa extended. So happy can cry. TK and i will be going to Kyoto today. Blog soon!

33 responses to “Hot spring and snow mountains!!!”

  1. cheesie says:

    first!!!!!666 hello Cheesie ur flag is veru cute!

  2. cheesie says:

    Oh really? thanks!

  3. cheesie says:

    sorry i think this whole japanese thing is making me a bit delirious

  4. Porkie says:

    Ur cuter than the flag..flag actually sux a bit 😛

  5. cereal says:

    Oh! the scenery is so beautiful! wud b great to have takoyaki, hot tea, soaking in the hot bath n looking at the scenery 😛

  6. luvme says:

    lol…can see that you’re indeed…de deli delirious! deliriously happy that is.

  7. Kerwin says:

    You’re allowed to bring a camera in? Or you curi curi sneak it in?
    Blog about TK, blog about TK…. pleeeeease?

  8. den says:

    Amazing experience! hot spring spas in winter… ^0^

  9. Cathj says:

    Pieewwwwwwww wittttttttttttt……LOL LOL LOL.. ;-P

  10. Tan Yee Hou says:


  11. Tian Chad says:

    Those children naked picture will always on the internet now~

  12. Chriso says:

    Why never say 18SX first now I’ve alreadyd marred my innocent eyes arghh noooo~~!!

  13. suz says:

    i think i saw kai’s didi inside the pool. >__<

  14. Jade Z. says:

    where are the naked pictures? i want to see those tersalah ambik wannn! *hum sup wink*

  15. SK says:

    Ya onsen is very fun. I fell in love going to hot spring ever since I went to 1 of it in Hokkaido.

    But I uncomfortable going in day time… Kinda shy being naked with people around so it is night time (after 9pm) when there is less (no) people around then I dare going in =)

    Hmm same qn as some above… Can bring in camera de meh?
    Then dunno if it is different place, i remember that time my towel is a face towel only. Urs seem a bathing towel.

    Haiz … see ur photos make me want go japan again…

  16. breadpitt says:

    owww, so tempting over , sigh too bad not enough budget…… anyway, can u do me favor since u are fortunated to go there? take SOME pastry pic if U pass by cake shop;-p would REALLYY appreciate that hehe;-)

  17. Jay says:

    OMG I miss the onsen so much! I think because it’s so warm it makes it less cold than if you were to just stay outdoors? Besides Japan has quite dry winter right? I lovelovelove onsen, you have to try onsen in the summer too it’s just as good. At first I thought, height of summer = hot plus onsen = doublehot but it actually cools you down and is so so good! Have fun in Nihon ne x

  18. KY says:

    oO i love onsen! last i had at somewhere near Nikko it was snowing at the same time!

  19. m says:

    Perhaps those kids photos should not be available on the web? A lot of perverts and psychos out there. It isn’t really fair to the kids now is it?

    Just a thought.

  20. Hawk says:

    cheeserland, now open for pedobears xD

  21. Jeremy says:

    Syok!!! Onsen, Haven’t been to a Japanese Onsen during my stay T_T…
    Closest thing I’ve been to is a Public Bath XD
    The snow by the roadside looks like foam, hahaha!

  22. abs says:

    Onsen…my place also got 1, it’s called Hot hot springs…hehe, no la, it actually is PEDAS hot springs in Kuala Pilah.

  23. michaelkon says:

    my dream place to go to!!Japan….aww…sigh…

  24. curryegg says:

    Oh my. This is fun! Nice picture and thank for sharing.. haha.. Look like Yee Hou is super upset.. 😛
    Enjoy your holiday… 🙂

  25. ςarmзи™ says:

    can’t wait to see wad reaction will those kids saw this post of urs when they grow up

  26. panda says:

    i’ll never be able to summon the guts to walk around naked…unless i’m 200% sure that no human being is around the area

  27. panda says:

    eh…why my flag shows i’m in australia one? :p

  28. Calypso says:

    Nice photos, I know its your blog and you’re allowed to post whatever you want but isn’t it a little tactless to post naked pictures of children on the internet in this day and time?

  29. anonymous says:

    Hi, may i ask how did u applied for the homestay? would u pls kindly provide the website address? cheers

  30. WP says:

    Wow, it wasn’t cold?! Maybe because of the steam from the hot spring? (not that I can see any…)

  31. budleee says:

    cheesy naked.. oh my 😀

    yes you should blur the nudity 🙂

  32. Adrian Lee says:

    This blog is pretty awesome. Confusing too.
    Wished there was something like this on Mt Kinabalu, Sabah.
    There is a place called Poring Hot Springs but it’s just not the same.

  33. Wow.. Seeing your Nagano photos really make me miss Nagano..I was in Shiojiri-city and went to Matsumoto at night…awesome castle.. that long train ride from Shinjuku is splendid ler.. Hehehe…. never thought you are there too!! Cool!!

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