Was jumping hysterically around shouting when i saw little dots of marshmallow falling from the sky on the way to wherever the place is to settle my Visa. But it snowed only a little bit for a little while so o couldn’t take a picture BUT IT SNOOOOOWED!!!! TK was very amused by my overreaction of seeing snow for the first time.

And I’m super duper mega ultra happy today!!!

Because i just got my Visa extended to next year, 15th! I was so worried for 3 whole days because yesterday would be the last day the office was open before the long holiday, though TK kept reassuring me a million times it would be okay. AND IT WAS!!! It took only 5 minutes for them to process the documents OMG if it was Malaysia it’s gonna take like 347849 of a tortoise’s life time. OMG I’m so in love with this country.

Now i just need to get a ticket back home. And it’s freaking ex. T_T

I’m so excited right now. I just ate like the bestest Takoyaki in the entire Osaka and the bestester Yakiniku ever in my life. Also went to seconhand shop, shopping malls, adult shop and Pachinko center.

It’s ridiculously cold these few days in Nara i think only about 3 degree in the afternoon and all the girls here are crazy they wear like shorts and stocking!!!

We had a quiet Christmas anyhow. Went to Namba and Umeda in Osaka but was so freaking quiet everywhere! I told TK Malaysia would be muccccch more happening. Right? Right right right? Illmination also so much better ok you guys better tell me what you did on Christmas!

Mine was just… sleep because we were so bloody tired couldn’t remember what we did but very tired 😛

Ok imma edit some pictures see if i can transfer to this computer! Wait ya.

Ok got it waaaaaaa super happY!!!

yuuri2 by you.

This is called The Boyfriend Outfit.

Didn’t expect to come to Nara so i brought only like 3 tops, one pair of jeans, two winter coats and plenty of panty liners what turf. So i was running out of clothes to wear the 2nd week. They don’t stink but it’s kinda disgusting to keep recycling though it’s a very good virtue most Japanese practice.

So that’s the Boyfriend Cap, Boyfriend Jumper, Boyfriend Bag, Boyfriend Basketball glove omg i love skinny guys

yuuri1 by you.

and the greatest accessory–Boyfriend’s cousin.

yuuri3 by you.

This is Yuuri damnnnnn cute.

yuuri4 by you.

We played Mario Kart and i freaking lost. OMG do you know they have Baby Peach? Damn cute what turf!

yuuri5 by you.



PS: Mom i cannot call you cuz phone out of credit but i’m very okay! I got eat veggie! (And healthy Japanese food so don’t worry okay!)

<3 from Nara, Japan.