Sorry i can’t help it

December 7, 2008 in Photoshop Tutorial Cheat One™


Like i said, it is addictive.

audrey2 by you.

It was supposed to look like Audrey Hepburn! Went for this event thing where everyone has to dress like Audrey Hepburn, veru fun! More pictures soon. By the way i changed my parting back to left side. Cannot tahan the new parting it looks weird but then i changed it because i think my old parting was balding what turf!

And one of my Christmas wishes came true!!! I finally got a white Christmas tree omg so happy! 😀

And now i just need a new Nintendo DS to complete my Christmas wish. See, i am simple, right?

I just shifted all the baubles and ornaments over. The green one maybe put balcony or i will just give to someone!

Budden hor, if i say i just PSed the green Xmas tree to white, would you believe me?

38 responses to “Sorry i can’t help it”

  1. Oli says:

    “Your heart just breaks, that’s all. But you can’t judge, or point fingers. You just have to be lucky enough to find someone who appreciates you.”

  2. JustJasmine says:

    You can give it to me the greenie, haha 😛 Or just put it here in your blog suit your current theme 🙂

  3. gypsy says:

    OMG! Did you just say Audrey Hepburn?? I can’t wait for that update. I love Audrey Hepburn. She spells C-L-A-S-S-Y!

  4. angel W says:

    i wish i look like audrey hepburn..

    omg that thought was so wrong..

  5. NICOLE. says:

    Nice Christmas tree [:
    And Audrey Hepburn!! She’s gorgeous zomg ;D

  6. michy says:

    I don’t believe lor.

  7. johnnytai says:

    dunno who is audrey hepburn but….omg…..u look gorgeous 0_0

  8. Huai Bin says:

    Very nice Christmas tree.

    Eh Ringo, you so young and you know Audrey Hepburn?

    I only watched her movies when I was 12 or so (on regular TV) and even then those were on some kind of classic movie rerun. 🙂

  9. Huai Bin says:

    Greetings from Aussie?

  10. Porkie says:

    look very atas..perfect for atas dinner. so come lets go..ritz? le meridian? grove? 😉
    in any case you look radiant..looking forward to more 🙂

  11. Eve says:

    i believe, i give you 5 stars for your photoshop skills…

  12. xxmexx says:

    erm…no offence….but the pictures made u look anorexic…

  13. ahlost says:

    Wahh.. so compricated one !! I think you’ve got a new white Christmas tree 😀

  14. Shan says:

    wait for Nintendo DSi before you set your hands in Nintendo DS! it’s releasing next year (i think)

  15. P!NK says:

    eeyer the image url so long. looks like a virus -.-
    Nah, shorter.

  16. Jade Z. says:

    so was the xmas tree PSed?!?!?! or will we ever get an answer… haha! :p

  17. xueni says:

    i love AUDREY HEPBURN!! 😀

    you should apply shiny white eyeshadows;
    i remember one of her photo with very shiny white eyeshadows; very nice; 🙂

    && i want a Nintendo DS too; 🙁

  18. Aaron says:

    Beautiful as always….

  19. Reyen says:

    Er… I doubt it though, you still have a lot of greens around the curtains and the building in the background. It doesnt look anything like controlling the saturation or selective color with mask so I’ll have to say its a real white xmas tree.

  20. Aaron says:

    Maaaaarrrrry Me… lol.. jk jk

  21. xiaoAi says:

    ah… 米雪..米雪,像米雪.

  22. KY says:

    oOOo who gave the white x’mas tree!?

  23. suz says:

    i say its a real white christmas tree =D

  24. Cecilia says:

    wow you look very classy and nice – even without photoshopping 😀 Btw, L.O.V.E that contact lenses of yours, where did you get it?! Look awesome!

  25. vvens says:

    i want to believe but its unbelievable!!!! hahaha.
    i love the earrings you PSed though! 🙂

  26. David says:


    You share being petite with Audrey Hepburn, and you look great in that dress. Your eyes are great, beautiful. They just pop and sparkle. If I were your date, I would be looking at no else!

    A white Chrismas tree? I see one outside my house here in North America, but it is white because it has snow on its green pine needles. Yes we had a 2 inches of snow last Saturday. This morning it is a balmy -4C, and we might warm up all the way to -1C. Even warmer tomorrow. Thats bad, because the snow will melt away. 😉


  27. ashleighhhh says:

    nice nice.

    it is addictive. and not very easy to do either haha.

  28. ahmike says:

    Simple..So simple…. yet expensive.. so expensive 😉

  29. Jiayi says:

    awww white xmas tree is nice!!! hmm i hope you didnt PS it and believe that you really own a white one haha!

  30. Tommy says:

    A DS for christmas? Wow, ur “awfully” easy to please Lol

  31. cheesie says:

    Oli: O.o so true. Audrey is smart.
    Justjas: It’s now at my balcony!!
    Gypsy: hehehe wait up yea!
    angel w: -_-
    nicole: thank you! 🙂
    michy: haha. 😛

  32. cheesie says:

    johnnytai: thank you! BUT OMG HOW CAN U NOT KNOW WHO SHE IS
    HB: eh hello. got people dunno who she is meh! eh. got. -_-
    HB: congratulations. ur virtual travel has been a success.
    porkie: thks!
    Eve: wa want meh.
    xxmexx: thats great to hear
    Shan: its already out! 🙂
    P!NK: hahah quite chun ma. I like Paris.

  33. cheesie says:

    Jade Z: i will answer you if you call me out for lunch.
    xueni: I know that pic!! I think it’s more silver than white. Very glam hor! wooot!
    Aaron: thank you
    Reyen: haha good guess
    Aaron: propose properly la.
    xiaoai: really meh? i used to like her so much! when she is younger la.
    KY: why u want to know?

  34. cheesie says:

    suz: good guess good guess.
    Cecilia: from SHANGHAI!!! WOOT. i miss SH.
    vvens: haha very bling hor
    david: she also petite meh. Wa. NA very cold.
    ashleighhhh: eh long time didnt see u here
    ahmike: wtf never heard of that quote b4.
    Jiayi: awwwwww such a sweet thought. 🙂
    Tommy: Eh i think its very reasonable!
    AaronLoi: O.o?

  35. Joanne says:

    hey, you missed out your L in your url. 🙂

  36. passerby says:

    LYK the RABBITS~~~CUTE!!!!!!!!

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