is sooooo beautiful.

kyoto1 by you.

Eh wrong picture, sorry.

We drove to Kyoto and met our host Katou.

kyoto3 by you.

Sweetest guy! Very soft spoken, very gentleman.

First stop: The Golden Pavilion of Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺

kyoto4 by you.

kyoto5 by you.

kyoto6 by you.

Had tea by the park.

kyoto7 by you.

kyoto8 by you.

kyoto10 by you.

Macha and some dessert with red bean.

kyoto20 by you.

With gold on it!!

kyoto22 by you.

Black sesame Dango. Very very nice!

Next we walked for lunch. The weather was very good. Cold but warm with sunlight. Dunno how to explain. If you have experienced winter you will know.

kyoto23 by you.

We just walked and walked. Everywhere is so beautiful in Kyoto. It is said to be the most beautiful city in Japan.

kyoto24 by you.

kyoto27 by you.

kyoto28 by you.

Some duck meat soba.

After that we walked towards Kiyomizu-dera.

Pictures of random places. So beautiful.

kyoto29 by you.

kyoto30 by you.

I think this is restaurant.

kyoto31 by you.


kyoto32 by you.

The sky was pink that day. Super romantic.

kyoto33 by you.

Some old traditional Japanese shop.

kyoto34 by you.

Katou super cute.

kyoto36 by you.

Argh this shop is sooo cute.

kyoto37 by you.

Eh but quite expensive la. ¥1000 for a fan? I can by a pair of 4 inches Babypure.

kyoto38 by you.

Finally i want to thank Katou he has been nothing but a perfect tour guide. So sweet and accommodating. 🙂

Next up: Osaka. Maybe. Depends on mood. Hehe.