This is the USJ i’ve been talking about la! It’s in Osaka. Not the Subang one. 🙂

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Standard picture

We went there on the 31st December 2008, because they had a 2009 New Year countdown party and would be open 24 hours!

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The party were gonna start 7pm and we reached about 6pm. And the queue line was already super long!

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Night illumination so pretty!

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Funky Town. The dancers were great! So cold and they were wearing skimpy dresses :/

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Went for the Jurassic Park ride OMG IT WAS SO SCARY I ALMOST DIED.

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Seriously. And it was soooo cold and everyone was wearing transparent rain coat. So nobody told me it was a scary ride! We went on it, saw some raptors and long necks and T-rexes grimacing at you yea yea yea whatever la yawn.

And before i could say anything the boat took a steep, steep steeeeeeep plunge into the water. I could really feel my heart getting detached from my body i swear. I very chicken one! When it comes to theme park rides. I would rather die than to play the jet coaster. (Ok doesn’t sound exactly right.) I heart my heart very much thanks.

By the way the pink thingie i was holding is a special edition Christmas Churro stick! Churro sticks are soooooooooo yummy!

And since when Malaysia has it!?!?!? I was shopping in i dunno The Curve or 1U the other day and i saw Churro sticks! Because the first time i saw it was in Disneyland and OMG it tasted sooooooooo good!!!!

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Went for Spidey ride.usj7 by you.

Gimme money or i keeeel you.

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We only managed to go on two rides, before we had to secure a place for the countdown.

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They sang some churchy song in a boat. Then a looooong fireworks it was so beautiful! I really wanted to cry at that moment because it was so beautiful!

After the countdown, we went to the toilet and queued for at least 30 mins. And it was soooo cold outside! But then the toilets in USJ or Disneyland are impossibly clean. You think like a million people use them it should be quite disgusting la but no lo! It is ridiculously, inconceivably clean. Toilets in Japan are the best thing ever created. Especially in winter, they have the seat heater, you sit down and your butt feels soooooo warm and after that you can use the bidet (wiki: is a low-mounted plumbing fixture or type of sink intended for washing the genitalia, inner buttocks, and anus) then dryer and deodorizer. Aiya i can talk about their toilets whole day. Maybe i should blog an entire separate entry about it. Ze Awesome!!!

After that we went back to the car and rested a little. At 4am, i refused to wake up but i know i had to, if not we didn’t have time for the rides! The tickets were valid till 1st Jan 2009, 8pm, but we had to rush back home to have Japanese New Year lunch with the family.

So we went back to the park at 4am. I think it was 0 degree then. So cold can die.

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Were so shocked to see so many people spend their new year in Snoopy House. They slept everywhere.

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The parade was nothing comapred to Disneyland la. Saw snoopy and kitty and whatnot.

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Pink cafe. Pinker than confirm.

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Candy store.
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Sho kiut

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Elmo cookie!

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This is the cutestestest!!! Spidey cup ramen!!

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We played this thing called Ring Fling (!!!).

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And won an Elmo. That day really Elmo overdose. Like srsly.

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I think it was nearing 6am.

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Sunrise. So beautiful.

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<3 USJ.

It was 7.30am and we had to rush back to Nara for family new year lunch. Didn’t have time for other rides. T_T

Ok now i want to blog about the toilets in Japan.