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February 22, 2009 in Bon Cheesepetit

Ok i know i’m very suah ku because i only heard about it last week and you have prolly read like a million reviews about it and for a brief instant i felt ashamed that the moment i entered the restaurant i actually gasped in amazement that such wonderful place exists in a country called Malaysia (i must add, though, that i am more ashamed about the fact that i couldn’t decide if the source of my shame came from the suah ku bit or the unpatriotic bit).

fullhouse1 by you.

Ok, before i comment on this fancy little restaurant/store, i’d like to point out a piece of infomation that has much disturbed me.

Full House is located at this place called NZX. I was wondering what the acronym stands for. When i found out, i got a bit confused. It stands for Niu Ze Xui.

Then i started to wonder what Niu Ze Xui means. And when i found out i got a bit offended. It means 牛车水, means Cow Car Water, to put it in the simplest engrish. First of all it’s a freaking plagiarism of the Singaporean Chinatown, and secondly, whoever opened this bloody place didn’t even bother/have the decency to actually find out the correct pinyin. If the pinyin is wrong nemai, the thing is, such pinyin doesn’t exist.

Wtf is Xui? How turf do you pronounce Niu Ze Xui? No matter how slangy you make it sound, or try to pronounce in it every single dialect: Ngaw Che Sui (Canto), Gu Chia Jui (Hokkien) Ngiu Cha Sui (Hakka), it is almost impossible to come up with such atrocious pinyin. Unless the person was like, lying in the bed conceptualizing his/her/shims latest commercial project and thought, “hmmm, i really like beef and i hope i could change a bigger car next year and i’m thirsty now so why don’t we call it cow car water but how do you say it in Mandarin, exactly? And i don’t really think the length of my arm is long enough to reach my study room and grab me that dictionary so i think let’s settle for Niu Ze Xui and call it a day.” 

Then the next day he went and registered the brilliant name and printed hundreds of banners.

The correct pinyin, is, Niu Che Shui.  Please go back to kindergarten and learn your Chinese. Thank you very much.

When i told Oli about the place, he said it got him worried for a bit because he said he’s afraid he’ll have a hard time when he comes to Malaysia because he thought Malaysia has got a whole new set of pinyin what turf. (He just spent a lifetime perfecting the art of Shanghai pinyin and now he gets Niu Ze Xui what turf.)

fullhouse12 by you.

Anyway! The restaurant! It’s supposed to be based on the Korean drama Full House. Whatever. I don’t see the resemblance whatsoever. The only thing they have in common is probably how they spell their name. And the sappy background music. I supposed they needed the sappy music, without which their theme would have looked a little short of inspiration.


fullhouse5 by you.

Tiffany’s and Thomas’s favorite meal!! Wow, the names are really authentic Korean i must say.

However!!! I love the deco lo. Cheez i want to live there.

fullhouse3 by you.

fullhouse2 by you.

fullhouse6 by you.

fullhouse4 by you.

They sell their own brand of fashion apparel too. Eat and shop. Bring more money pls.

fullhouse7 by you.

The yellow drink tasted fine if you don’t mind drinking perfume. But the green one was super nice! I hate mint, however, this particular one seems to have neutralized my hatred for that greeny stuff quite a fair bit. Now I can’t say that i haven’t developed a complex liking for it. Mint choco with jelly, was super awesome.

fullhouse8 by you.

Me with perfume drink.

fullhouse9 by you.

The signature wok seared chicken was good.

fullhouse11 by you.

Jenny had her fried chic.

fullhouse10 by you.

And Bear with her F&C.




Nah. Map as requested. Click.



Btw, am i the only one in this world who thinks that Slumpdog Millionaire is not as nice as everyone fanatically claims so? Sure the story is thoughtful and all that but don’t you think the ending is just like what the hell is the point of the movie? Damsel in distress, villain who dies in the end and kissing at the railway and woohoo nominated for Oscar what the hell?!? Sorry i know i just spoiled it for you but i really think i’m doing you a favor by revealing the ending now than you finding out yourself. It’s disappointing.


Update: What turf it just won Oscar(s).

74 responses to “Full House @ NZX”

  1. bear says:

    glad u liked it too~ XD
    SO MANY SHOPS THERe..we shud reali go thr again..LOR..
    n thnx for the baby again!!!i love it soo much XD

  2. Maianra says:

    Awww… the restaurant is so homey and very beautiful.
    I wanna get my dining room like that.
    Well, with this look, though the dine is not so nice, i will feel more than okay.

  3. Chriso says:

    hahaa love the menu!!

  4. Janice says:

    i drank that chocolate mint too! i like mint and chocolate but this drink was just… erm… too mint? or too green? lol. i thought it’s chocolate drink with some mint inside but it came out with whole green thing with a little bit of chocolate. pengsan~

  5. yumii says:

    nice restaurant i must say! very home-ly feel~!!
    i didn’t watch the movie though, coz i read the full story in wiki, and i think that it’s a very typical hopeless romance movie. just add a little indian yakuza and like you said, damsel in distress, and POP! another oscar nominated movie. sienzzzz~

  6. michy says:

    No u’re definitely not the only one who thinks that slumpdog millionaire do not deserve to be nominated! Just like you, when the show ended, i was like, what the hell is the point man? But lots of ppl enjoyed it. Don’t see what they see in it.

  7. pj says:

    i think i spot a typo error on tiffany’s favourite meal…….doly fish? or rather pan-seared dory fish? ahha!

  8. ShaolinTiger says:

    The ending of Slumdog Millionaire was a big pile of cheese, it disappointed me. The way the intertwining stories were told was fantastic though.

  9. pamsong says:

    Hahahaha. I just watched Slumdog Millionaire today. Okay wattttt. The main parts lah. And the whole idea behind the story. But I really wth the ending where they started dancing. They just HAD to go all Bollywood at the train station. -_-

    (I just added spoilers. Haha. Dammit.)

  10. cathj says:

    Nice place to go.. I never been here or seen this at any blog yet.. Good thing u blog about this shop… looks cute.. Where is this place ?? Where is that NZX?? *scratching head*..

  11. cindy says:

    is the movie really that bad?? awww..i was thinking of catching it in the movie house… maybe i should downlaod it then…. could you tell me where the exact place is this full house??? its been 1 and a half yaer i’m in uk…

    • cheesie says:

      It is not bad one!!! Like i said (twice) it’s all good until the ending spoiled it all. Unless you are a fairy tale person then in this case the potong steamness wont apply to you.

      Added map btw.

  12. Charlene says:

    The place kinda reminds me a bit of Kamikaze Girls… hmm…. :/

  13. Michelle says:

    OBviously SLUMDOG millionaire is BOLLYWOOD based not HOLLYWOOD.

    Your post is really bitchy, this one…. No offense.

    BTW, what’s the meaning of “What turf?”

    • sam says:

      “What turf” is the extended version (in writting) of “WTF” or…it can be
      short for “Wipe the Fur” (in saying)… i’m not sure, you decide.

    • cheesie says:

      Being Bollywood based doesnt grant it the permission to be cheesy. And doesn’t give it any extra point to winning an Oscar. It’s good to switch on ur inner bitch every now and then and be good for the rest of the day instead of turning into a permanent bitch and be bitchy for the rest of the day.

  14. keju says:

    did i see a pan-seared DOLY fish on the menu!?


  15. Tian Chad says:

    I just watch Slumdog millionaire yesterday.
    Feel that it is humor and thoughtful la
    Where as the dancing ending is because they want ppl to know this is a Bollywood movie and who are the actors?

  16. Huai Bin says:

    Hey, it looks like a very nice place. I imagine it would take ages to go through the entire menu though. I kinda like the cheesy name, and the concept of selling clothes inside the eating establishment (does Apartment do that as well).

    The decor is amazing too. It looks very grand.

    …and Mushroom Cappuccino Soup? I just have to try that.

  17. Peachy says:

    Slumdog Millionaire was an amazing film. It is about life in the slums of India- how do the people live, what adversities they face, what they have to do to survive and how progress has affected their lives. The gameshow works as a symbol of how difficult it is to rise above slum and how the people dream of it every day. The love story is just the tool for the director to narrate the story rather than give you a boring documentary.

    Am sorry it ain’t no Wild Child or House Bunny.

  18. mich- says:

    i love u cheesie

  19. madam kwan says:

    Look Slumdog being nominated for Academy Awards… and i hear Hugh Grant was nominated for somehting else too!


  20. ss says:

    it’s a freaking plagiarism of the Singaporean Chinatown….isnt it because the owner’s singaporean?

  21. me says:

    I keep asking the people around me on whats the big deal about the Slumdog Millionare. I personally think it is overrated. Nothing special about the story!!!! Pointless.

  22. Jeremy says:

    Wow, looks nice! I wonder if the kitchen where their chefs prepared your meal is furnished like the house 😀

  23. Izzy says:

    I share the same sentiments with you abt the movie!I find it long winded and repetitive(the game show part).It gets boring after some time.The actress was quite pretty tho.

  24. kimberly says:

    looks really nice!! Are you planning to go there again??

  25. Jade Zheng says:

    darling u wont believe me. i swear RIGHT AFTER the next day u told me about Full House, my bestie Airene told me about it TOO and she brought me there liau! eee… scary~ Anyway, i bought 3 bajus there & they are so so naissss! I want to go there agen leh!

  26. Oli says:

    SDM is about as ‘Bollywood based’ as Mission Impossible.

  27. Traclyn Yeoh says:

    Hahaha it was hilarious~

    Well the interior looks really nice, maybe I’ll visit there one day…

  28. RMilner says:

    >>Btw, am i the only one in this world who thinks that Slumpdog Millionaire is not as nice as everyone fanatically claims so

    No you’re not and I’m British so I am supposed to be proud of it.

    It’s a good movie with a few nice bits in but it only got 8 Oscars because the Academy likes to give Oscars to a feelgood movie when the world is in such a bad state.

    Reviews in London ranged from 3 to 5 / 5. That’s good, but it’s not solid 5/5.

    • cheesie says:

      Cuz Sumpdog is the underdog hor. But to me it is no where near a feel good movie because it made me feel like crap. If they want feel good movie they should just go back and watch Love Actually over and over and over again (which is what i do).

  29. ahlost says:

    The menu so cute !!

  30. xiuTong says:

    hey, i hv been there once!

    the food ok, and evironment nice ya!!

    like it~~

  31. KY says:

    I went there recently too, food’s pretty alright and reasonable.

    gosh i need lunch soon!

  32. DSvT says:

    Thanks for sharing~

  33. Miss V says:

    Actually, I thought that Slumdog Millionaire was a pretty good movie. Better than Seven Pounds, at least, which was totally predictable fifteen minutes into the movie. ;D

    The person who created this Full House place in NZX needs more originality.

  34. WP says:

    This place looks weird…like a toy house 😛

  35. celina says:

    after reading n seeing the pics.. i was so excited to go thr!!
    i finally did.. hehe.. the place looks very pretty.
    thanks for d blog, wouldn’t have found out sooner =p (i’m slow)

  36. Lizzie says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…nice pic of the cafe! *shiny eyes*

  37. helvin han says:

    hai, our new menu launch on next friday(15/may/2009)
    thanks for support

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