There’s really nothing to update but i’ll update anyway, because the lizard pic is real disturbing even *i* don’t feel like opening my blog. So i fast fast update lo. How about… my new hair? Yea that’ll be better than lizards.

newhair by you.

It’s really confusing, i have like, a thousand pictures i need to blog: when i was having short hair in Shanghai, and pictures after my hair extension in Shanghai, then i have pictures of me with hair extension in Japan, and pictures of me after having my hair extension taken out in Japan, then i have pictures of Shanghai with my short wavy hair, and then i have pictures of my latest new hair extension in Shanghai, with the timing all jumbled up. So like, I can post two pictures and nobody could tell when they are taken.

I wonder if Confucius gets confused when he reads this.

newhair3 by you.

By the way, hair salons in KL are so crap and expensive (very the yes offence, but then again maybe because i haven’t been to a nice one). I die also won’t do my hair extension here lo. Unless it is sponsored (YOU HEAR ME? OI?)!!!

It’s so not fair! All the Singaporean girl bloggers get sponsored extensions like, multiple times and i had to fly all the way to Shanghai to do mine (albeit cheap and awesome) but freaking hell nobody here owns a decent hair salon meh?!?

Can anyone tell me if there is any nice AND cheap hair salon around PJ? Or just sponsor my hair la. Please? I write for you! 😀

PS: Have spent some time replying some comments in old post! Go check if you have asked me a question.