Another long post of Osaka—Tsutenkaku通天閣.

It is the most Osaka place of Osaka.

tsutenkaku13 by you.

tutengaku1 by you.

In the afternoon.

tutengaku2 by you.

tsutenkaku11 by you.

A lot of people queued to go up to the tower.

tsutenkaku6 by you.

Famous kushikatsu–Skewered chicken, pork, seafood, and seasonal vegetables.

tsutenkaku7 by you.

Lotus root skewer, with Tonkatsu sauce.

Osaka is also famous for Okonomiyaki (literally means “cook whatever you like”).

tsutenkaku5 by you.

Get to cook you own Okonomiyaki!

tsutenkaku3 by you.

First, choose the ingredient and then fry the batter. Wa i super like the chop chop chop metal spetula effect.

then use the 3-minute hour glass!

tsutenkaku8 by you.

When it’s ready, add mayo, seaweed flakes and bonito flakes!

tsutenkaku9 by you.


After that we went for dessert.

tsutenkaku10 by you.

Red bean pancake, super kao butter and maple syrup. Super good.

tsutenkaku12 by you.

This is the porn theatre in Tsutenkaku. Super geram >_<

After the whole tragic experience, it got dark.

tsutenkaku13 by you.

This is my favorite picture so i am posting it twice!

tsutenkaku14 by you.

Very happening Osaka.

tsutenkaku15 by you.

One of the Kushikatsu shop.

We went go to game center (to cheer me up).

tsutenkaku31 by you.

I was so angry can. Was playing the “hit the croc” thing and i went like shine! hentai na osan shine! shine! (Shine is like, go to hell, not like sunshine shine okay) while thumping on it super hard

Then went to Smart Ball. Some very old game machine!

tsutenkaku16 by you.

It’s sorta like pinball, or a very very ancient version of pachinko. You shoot the balls and if they drop into one of the holes, you get more balls.

tsutenkaku17 by you.

The reason why it is called smart ball, is because the balls are really smart. You can never outsmart them therefore you are always losing.

tsutenkaku18 by you.

And then you can use the balls to exchange with something. Normally snacks that are worth prolly like, 1/10th of the total  money you have spent on smart ball.

tsutenkaku19 by you.

We won something. With like 50 balls. (After spending like a few thousand yen)

tsutenkaku20 by you.

“I have been to Osaka. Osaka is a town full of an interesting thing”.

After that went Pachinko.

tsutenkaku21 by you.


tsutenkaku22 by you.

tsutenkaku23 by you.

Also cheat one. Lost like dunno how much in a few minutes.


tsutenkaku25 by you.

We won money from slots!!


tsutenkaku27 by you.

1181 medals!!

tsutenkaku28 by you.

They don’t pay you cash but in something else, which you can later bring to a dodgy old changer place to exchange for cold hard cash.

tsutenkaku30 by you.

And we got 8,000 yen.

And then went for dinner! At a sushi place.

tsutenkaku39 by you.

Super fresh!

tsutenkaku33 by you.

Order whatever you want and see how it is made!

tsutenkaku32 by you.

This is like the biggest amaebi sushi i’ve ever seen. It tasted like this: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

tsutenkaku34 by you.

Kazunoko (herring roe).

tsutenkaku35 by you.

Uni sushi.

tsutenkaku36 by you.


tsutenkaku37 by you.


tsutenkaku38 by you.


End of Osaka.