I remember back in college day we had to do a lot of assignments that were based on Australian syllabus (from Curtin). It was quite tragic because there were so irrelevant i had absolutely no idea how to do it except to refer and extract and paraphrase information from the internet, as plagiarism was simply not a wise option. 😉

And then in one of the advertising module, we actually had to do an ad for a (imaginary) night club in Fremantle. Ching and i were like, what turf is  Fremantle?!

freo1 by you.

3 years later i came here! 😀

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Waaa sky so blue my eye balls can turn azure.

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Empty street.

Isn’t that crazy? On a Sunday afternoon. Do people in Australia have a life?

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Actually the sun was so bright it’s impossible not to squint when posing for photos. But then i spent like 15 mins on my eye make-up so i tahan kao kao also had to take off my sunnies. Don’t waste lo.

The Freo market!!

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So kalerful.

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Crepe Tim recommended!

While Perth city was shopping, Freo was a makan trip.

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We had the MOST OMFG YUMMY PIE ever. At Culley’s.

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How come no one told me about it!!!!

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Spinach and ricotta pastry.

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Pepper steak pie. It was omfg good.

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We tapaoed and went under the shade for our pie session.

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freo10 by you.

Wondering what’s next and Flora camwhoring at the back. And then that was when i huge pile of bird shit dropped on Tim’s clean sneaker.


freo28 by you.

Turfing seagulls.

Like i said. This is the most dangerous animal in Australia. Flora told me a tragic story where she was eating an vanilla ice cream cone and walking on the street back in Melbourne and SUDDENLY GOT FREE CHOCOLATE TOPPING FROM THE SKY!!! WAHAHHA.

So funny ok, with her expressions and all.

While Tim getting stressed over his chocolate coated white sneaker, we went for yogurt ice cream.

freo17 by you.

Mango yogee. Or something. That’s before i ate it. I didn’t really like it but Flora was like omfg nice.

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Walked around at the beach.

freo18 by you.

Another no squint tahan kao kao pic.

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This is one of my favorite pictures!!! Absoutely no PS leveling/saturation. Super awesome.

freo21 by you.

Ok i dunno how tim can end up taking picture like this one. Maybe he squinted too much.

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Haha again.

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And then we went to…

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Wa so beautiful!

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And we had what everyone asked me to eat!!!

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Nah nah nah—FISH OMFG CHIPS!

Ok la thanks for the recommendation i honestly thought it was just okay, plus it made me sick-ish the next day so i can’t say that i am all omfgloveiwannaflybacktoperthtohaveit.

I forgot the chili mussle, so i had it in Ciao Italia instead. That, was omfg awesome.

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Turfing seagulls.

Nic drove us all to Cottesloe Beach to walk walk.

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You get to watch pretty girls in bikinis for free. But no naked girls.

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Looks like a lot of things are free in Australia.

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Ok la  THE END i’m very tired.