Since so many of you requested for some fashion tips! I don’t have any big tips but this post is about how you can make the simplest thing work by mixing and matching. The basic items are the simplest spaghetti top and a pair of really flattering jeans.

levis6 by you.

Tips: Every girl needs a pair of perfect jeans that is simple, essential and most importantly, flattering to her body.

Recommendation: Curves, latest design from Levi’s® Red Tab collection. Only for girls!!  As the name suggests, it has been specially designed for girls who love their shapely forms.

What i’m wearing: Slim cut of Levi’s® Curves. I find it most fitting, stretch my legs waaaaaay long and it eccentuates the silhouette!

I will illustrate 5 ways to glam up the simple combination of said top and jeans. Today’s theme would be pink and purple. Very girly! 🙂

#1–Sweet School Girl

Pink blazer + Matching hair band + Race Queen Boots

If you dare! Every girl deserves to look girly and young. ^^

#2 Casual College Day

Purple cardigan + Sneakers + Sling bag

Easy and very very comfortable.

levis3 by you.

#3 Day + Night

This outfit combination can be carried from day to night, with a touch of darker make up and perhaps, a party purse.

levis4 by you.

#4 Street Chic

Pink mini corset + boots

Very japanese lo.

levis5 by you.

#5 The Girl in the Purple Scarf

Scarves are sooooo good to play with. There are like 383277 ways of using a scarf differently but maybe i will leave it for next time.

Silk tie-dye scarf + matching necklace + purple pumps + purple tote. Maybe i went a little purple overboard, but the entire look is very feminine! =)

That’s all for today!

levis0 by you.

Levi’s® Curve, these low-rise jeans come with a new round-top block that fits snuggly on the butt and hips

Comes in three different cuttings— slim, straight or bootcut, and is available in both stretch and non-stretch versions, the mid to dark finishes for this collection range from the subtle worn-in look to broken-in washes inspired by ‘vintage finishing’.

Have you found your perfect jeans yet?