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April 17, 2009 in Commercial Break / Useless fashion

Since so many of you requested for some fashion tips! I don’t have any big tips but this post is about how you can make the simplest thing work by mixing and matching. The basic items are the simplest spaghetti top and a pair of really flattering jeans.

levis6 by you.

Tips: Every girl needs a pair of perfect jeans that is simple, essential and most importantly, flattering to her body.

Recommendation: Curves, latest design from Levi’s® Red Tab collection. Only for girls!!  As the name suggests, it has been specially designed for girls who love their shapely forms.

What i’m wearing: Slim cut of Levi’s® Curves. I find it most fitting, stretch my legs waaaaaay long and it eccentuates the silhouette!

I will illustrate 5 ways to glam up the simple combination of said top and jeans. Today’s theme would be pink and purple. Very girly! 🙂

#1–Sweet School Girl

Pink blazer + Matching hair band + Race Queen Boots

If you dare! Every girl deserves to look girly and young. ^^

#2 Casual College Day

Purple cardigan + Sneakers + Sling bag

Easy and very very comfortable.

levis3 by you.

#3 Day + Night

This outfit combination can be carried from day to night, with a touch of darker make up and perhaps, a party purse.

levis4 by you.

#4 Street Chic

Pink mini corset + boots

Very japanese lo.

levis5 by you.

#5 The Girl in the Purple Scarf

Scarves are sooooo good to play with. There are like 383277 ways of using a scarf differently but maybe i will leave it for next time.

Silk tie-dye scarf + matching necklace + purple pumps + purple tote. Maybe i went a little purple overboard, but the entire look is very feminine! =)

That’s all for today!

levis0 by you.

Levi’s® Curve, these low-rise jeans come with a new round-top block that fits snuggly on the butt and hips

Comes in three different cuttings— slim, straight or bootcut, and is available in both stretch and non-stretch versions, the mid to dark finishes for this collection range from the subtle worn-in look to broken-in washes inspired by ‘vintage finishing’.

Have you found your perfect jeans yet?

85 responses to “The Fashion Post!”

  1. Anthea says:

    wow really nice outfit u got there 🙂 but i cant the perfect jeans 🙁 cos i got a really huge hips n tummy 🙁 cant seem to lose these off 🙁 haiz.. I tried some of the jeans at levi’s shop but i still look short n stout .any suggestions>? thanks

  2. Jia Hui says:

    Love the boots in the 4th pic!!! Is it sold in Malaysia?

    Look foward to your scarf posts!!

  3. pattirmina says:

    love style no. 4 street chic. but dont think i can pull that off as well as you. T__T

  4. cindy says:

    is that the gucci open-toed sandal boots you are wearing in the last outfit??? i absolutely love them and it goes very well with the necklace..

  5. kei says:

    how do you tie the scarf like that??? so nice!!

  6. KY says:

    wah sendiri shot?

  7. Aurora says:

    i dont think i can pull it as well as i do.. esp #4.. i would look like a sch girl if i were to tie two ponytails.. somemore, i’m wearing glasses! -.- i would look like a nerdy schgirl. anyway, u do look really pretty! 😀

  8. mint says:

    this post was brilliant!! love all your pics.

  9. shadowking says:

    ohh you look really great
    what a shame that i cant use fashion tips for girls

    or can I ??? mhhhh
    no definitly not 😀

  10. Grace says:

    Hi ringo, the heels you wearing in the #5 is just gorgeous..can you review where you get it?

  11. Jan says:

    luv the pink n purple..
    am a huge fan of those colours..
    luv the pink+purple scaf tooo…

  12. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Wah your belakang tepi manyak cantik wtf

  13. xueni says:

    LEVI’s too expensive for me; ))):
    boooo!!! )))):

  14. lavender says:

    hmm.. i love you and your blog.. let’s just say.. stick to posting something that’s not fashion related coz it kind of made me cringed? your open toe oxford and studded heels are nice though.. but other than that….. . . . ..

  15. Calvin says:

    I just love simplicity!

  16. David says:


    You pull off all the looks so well!

    Great ideas for the many female followers to your site.

    Nice eye candy for the guys!

    Thanks! 😉


  17. michiika says:

    very nice post 😀 and I love both your boots!! #1 and #4!!.. May I ask where you got them? 😀

  18. WP says:

    lol Couldn’t really see the “bag” part of your sling bag…I wondered what it was at first!

    I really like the first two combinations (especially the first one with the blazer…casual and pretty chic!) But I think the 3rd and 4th ones would look pretty out of place in M’sia unless if you’re attending a party! Really creative though ^_^

  19. DjdRifT says:

    u look so cute and pretty

  20. Michelle says:

    my mom thinks your pretty.

  21. naVICgaTOR says:

    Ello Barney, where did Rin Go? >.^

  22. sam says:

    lol, how many pairs of shoes do u hv? ..just curious.

    if u’r pretty, got the body and personality and lifestyle of a celebrity …
    u can wear anything in a little extraordinary way…and it’s pecfectly OK!

  23. QuinRinn says:

    cooteee pictures!!
    it’s so hard to find jeans for me 🙁 I’m tryina find some skinnies but they’re either too lowcut (as in buttcrack displaying for the world to see) or too tight (can’t breathe).sighsss..
    anyhoo,you look really good!cute outfits too

  24. Siew pao girl says:

    quelle mignnone~
    *sigh* i’ve got d waist of a 25″ but d hips of a 27″
    mommy says i’m “hou sang yeong wor” lol…
    yeah…i’ve GOT big butt n i kenot lie >_<” plus i’m oni 160cm.
    so any tips 4 me? pls~ kthxbaibai…

  25. Konea says:

    you never fail to amaze me~~
    yerrr, i cannot dress like that one loh! big biiiiig frame.. 🙁

  26. Simon Seow says:

    Now I know why I will never get Levis to sponsor me jeans, because non can fit me lol.

  27. cheesie says:

    ARGH MY FLAG!!!!!!!11

  28. cheesie says:


  29. Hazel says:

    Pink blazer!! awesomenya…..mana dapat?? Msia got?

  30. michy says:

    Love love love the last style! Sooooo pretty! *drooools*

  31. rita says:

    the flag – are you in Indonesia?

  32. Ngee Ngee says:

    is that the smallest size on u? it’s kinda loose.. perhaps because u r too thin and no butts to actually flaunt it?

  33. sarah says:

    Soo glad you did this post..Cause I’ve been looking for the perfect skinnies that’s comfortable..Now I know where to get them adi..And I like #4 Street Chic look the most..So pretty =)

  34. Agnes says:

    ohh i feel like buying the jeans already @.@

  35. bonita says:

    I LOVE the last look. I would never think of using scarf that way so appreciate the info sharing!

  36. CW says:

    Love that scarf to bits!! Where did you get that?

  37. sheon says:

    the perfect pair of jeans is the pair that makes your ass looks good. correct me if i’m wrong. 🙂

  38. Robb says:

    rin rin!! you look hot hot!!

  39. suz says:

    i like no.5, especially the shoe! i saw something like that from nine west. should have bought it. got disc sumore… >_<
    blog more on fashion. i like!!!!!

    • cheesie says:

      thank you!! Yea i think aldo should have something similar too!!! They are everywhere but hard to find the one that is beautiful AND NOT painful >_<

  40. Soley says:

    This girl in photos doesn’t have nice ass, small ass, of course Asian girls don’t have nice ass, very slim, don like it!!!

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