Get a life. No, i have a life. All it matters is if it is the life i choose to live.

I have sooooooooooooooo many things to blog. I have one last entry on Tokyo Disney. Some Shanghai photos. Some Taiwan photos. Some Perth photos. Some… i dunno. I’m traveling to Indonesia next week courtesy of Air Asia again. I travel average 1.5 times a month now and i think i kind of need a break from traveling, which is really ironic because traveling is how i get a break from everything else.

And i owe so many people so many posts!!! I try to get most of it done in this entry ok!

For a start, i missed the Maxis Musicon Party!!! Because i was in Perth. Urgh. I know a lot of people expected to see me turn up in like, a dominatrix JoRin, whatever. But honestly hor, i really didn’t know what i was supposed to wear lo. I mean, it’s not easy leh. Where to get a freaking corset full of gemstones and a blue tutu? Not to mention a set of fake boobs.

MB1 by you.

This was what i originally intended to go as. I oso dunno who i am. 

But congrats who those who won the awards!!! 😀 You guys must thank me la. Because i didn’t go. Cheh. No la.




LG PRADA Launch@ Singapore

Ok this one i really paiseh because the event was like, how many months ago, my hair was still short at that time what turf.

LG1 by you.

LG flew us via SIA to Singapore and checked us into one of the best hotels and spent us multiple fine dining meals complete with wine and foie gras, but i would rather they just spare all the luxury and just give us the damn phone lo.

I would gladly endure a 5-hour coach down SG, stay in some dodgy inn in Geylang in exchange for the phone lo! Because i think the phone is really cool!!!

LG2 by you.

It has got this freaking amazing designer watch called the Prada Link. It is not just a watch hor.

LG3 by you.

It can sync with your LG Prada and you will be notified if there’s a call or a message via a subtle vibrating alert.

I would imagine in the future you can talk directly into your wrists.

LG4 by you.

I osowan.

LG6 by you.

I osowan.

Haih. Hope the PR people be more seng mok next time ok!!! ^^

LG5 by you.

Oh!! Met Jeff Ooi there. It was humiliating because i dunno how to talk to a politician one. I should have called my mom and let her interview him. Seriously.

Or i should have just worn a T shirt that says “Caution, Bimbo thinking“. Hor Jeff.

LG7 by you.

The hotel we stayed in was super awesome. Was St Regis. In this picture i tried to hide some of my fingers so badly because the fake nail tips came off. Very unsightly!

LG8 by you.

The room was so eleborated it came with a PILLOW MENU. What turf.

I would imagine the conversation with the butler to go like this.

I would like an extra pillow, please.
“Certainly, maam. What shape do you prefer?”
Err… the regular one?
“Alright so the European Square pillow for you. Are you pregnant, maam?”
No, why ah?
“Because we would highly recommend the U Shape Maternity for a better support if you were expecting.”
Erm, i see.
“Do you have any allergies, maam?”
Erm, i am not sure. How is that related to ordering a pillow?
“Because for the safety of our highly valued customer, we provide a comprehensive selection of non-allergic pillows.”
I guess a non-allergic pillow is fine.
“So would you like a soft non-allergic or a firm non-allergic pillow?”
What turf. Soft please.
“Do you have any neck or back pain, maam? We would like to recommend our star product, the Tempur pillow…”
Can i just have my damn pillow please?
“Certainly maam, but just so you know if you are into Japanese culture we also provide tatami pillows and buckwheat pillows for…”
Shut turf..

LG9 by you.


Btw if you are wondering why i was wearing strawberries to sleep, i tell you, that’s the hair curler thing for sleep i bought from Sasa. It is overpriced and it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money.





This one is i owe whoever sayangs Cheddie one.

MINI4 by you.

Cheddie in my (then) Mini Cooper. Aih, i really wish i could call it mine. But sadly i had to drive all the way to Cyberjaya to return it. Aihhhhhhh. Who will sponsor me a car?

MINI5 by you.

God i miss her. Don’t have time for her. Sooner or later she will start barking at me like how she does to foreign workers who pass by my house. T_T

MINI2 by you.

Please continue to love me, my baby.

MINI3 by you.

This is… well okay this is random. You can ignore this.





Jackie Chan & Daniel Wu!!!

SI1 by you.

See i never bluff you one!

SI5 by you.

At Jackie Chan’s Cafe. I mean, yea, he owns a cafe located in Lot 10. And it is called Jackie Chan’s Cafe. The event was stealth and hush because it was a private meet the fan session. But now that it’s over i can share with you liao!

S12 by you.

Anglia Shandy girls.

SI3 by you.


SI4 by you.

Daniel Wu!!!

I think he is quite hot in person la! But the movie just totally ruined him… ok la, granted, his acting skill has improved and all that, but he dressed like a Shinigami in Death Note. -_-




Group photo only T_T.

I managed to take two though. I looked so out of place what turf. Jackie Chan looks like his wax figure in Tussaud. :/

I have watched Shinjuku Incident!!!! I must say this is one of Jackie Chan’s best movies!!! It sorta made me unhate his usual silly nonsense, because in this movie, it’s almost zero-nonsense, which is quite a drastic change from his previous lame slapstick action-comedies. 

During the session he said, “this movie is very different, and i really hope that you all can accept this change. If you do accept it, you can accept anything in the future. But if you cannot, i will just go back and shoot Rush Hour 4 lo.” 


Oh and there’s this chase scene, which is exactly like the Anglia Shandy game on its webbie. Haha Ching and i were laughing so hard when we saw that. They really throw knives and whatnot at Jackie Chan!!!

Thank you Anglia for the opportunity!





KrispyKremeMalaysia by you.

Big big big surprise!!! I’m prolly one of the first to do this in Malaysia!!!

I knew it. God wouldn’t be cruel enough to let me miss the Corica Apple Strudel in Perth. So he gave me Krispy Kreme to make  up for my tragic loss.

Got it from the people from MOL (my previous entry)!!! They personally delivered it to my apartment ok!!!  Does that mean that they are God? Like sent from above!!!

Krispy Kreme has finally come to Malaysia. Like, finally. I hope somebody brings Mos Burger next. Please. Thanks.

KrispyKremeMalaysia1 by you.



KrispyKremeMalaysia3 by you.

Woooooot original glaze goodnesssssssss

Damn nice ok. I cannot finish. Ching is dropping by after work to get her share, and the rest i will just share with those who are nice to me in my apartment. ^^

Biggest news of the century: Krispy Kreme Malaysia opens on the 27th April at Berjaya Times Square. Don’t miss it okay!!! We have waited for a cheezillion lifetimes for this.


Ok that’s all for today. I am still not done ok, but Krispy Kreme is quite distracting. Gonna eat the hole thing and continue with my life. Laters!