My feelings towards Skype is magnificently contradictory.

I love it with abundant gratitude, because without it i think i would have been single by now, or considered taking personal loan to pay off my phone bills, or gone nuts.

At the same time i loathe it with great bitterness, because everytime i use it, it reminds me of the fact that i am in a long distance relationship.

The three words or three letters that make me cringe everytime it floats across my head.


I receive lotsa emails asking how i maintain an LDR.

Honestly? i have no comment. And i don’t think i can be the one who gives you any advice because i have been pretty bad at it. Late nights, time difference (1 hour makes a difference too), long, tiring, repetitive chats with no helpful conclusions, expensive phone bills, and tons and tons of unecessary worries.

I can’t tell you how to make sure the partner stays faithful, or cultivate a positive attitude whatever, or to deal with the lack of physical presence or, simply, to make it work. Why don’t you tell me. 

But i can give you some tips on how to cut the cost of an LDR maintanence (recession what turf).

Answer, Skype.

Skype 4.0 is great. Best thing ever invented for LDRs. Free summore.

skype1 by you.

TK and the kids.

skype2 by you.

Ever so adorable Yuuri. i miss him T_T

We talked most of the nights. I could see his familiar purple curtains and purple bedsheet and purple jumper. And he could see me just staring at him. Sometimes we just do that for a very long time, without saying anything.

But also there are times i wish i could just talk to him. Especially when i’m home alone surronded by cold empty walls and i can’t Skype him because he is not in front of the PC, or is at work, or is out with friends. The insecurity just creeps up to your chest and up your throat and mist up your eyes you feel like a tear machine.

But i couldn’t because it is RM2.39 per minute. And he couldn’t call me because, well, somehow his mobile phone just decided to hate Malaysia and refuse to work on international calls.

But lately i have been calling him through SkypeOut—a service that allows me to call mobile and land lines anywhere in the world from my PC. I didn’t know it was possible to get the Skype Credits from Malaysia without the credit card hassle until i was introduced MOLePoints.

MOL stands for Money Online, and it has just recently collaborated with Skype, and has become the first Skype Credit purchase system in Malaysia without the use of a credit card and pride itself as providing one of the lowest international call rates in Malaysia.

The good thing about it is, purchasing MOLePoint is very easy. You can walk to the nearest convenient store and purchase a reload code, sorta like how you top up your mobile phone. As for me, i don’t even have to step out of my house. I can get everything done within 3 minutes from my laptop. 

skype5 by you.

I go to my MOL account, log in and click on Maybank2U logo, log in to my bank account from there, and key in the amount i wanna reload.

skype6 by you.

Then proceed to make a payment like how i usually do with my other online transfer.


skype8 by you.

And voila! I got 3000 MOLePoints in my account instantly!


skype10 by you.

You can then use the ePoints to buy Skype Credit from MOL website.


skype3 by you.

After purchasing, you will receive a set of codes, then you go to your Skype account, key in the code and…

skype4 by you.

Start calling!!!

It’s amazingly cheap. One minute is just ¥17.  That’s like 5 times cheaper than normal mobile rate. I’m really amazed at the voice call quality. It is clear, smooth and lag-free. 

Saves heaps on my regular phone bills!!

Check out how you can purchase your Skype credit with MOLePoints in more details.


So yea, that’s Guide to Cost-Effective LDR Maintanence 1. I’d love someone to come up with Guide to Avoid Starting an LDR Relationship. No la just kidding. I will read more Shakespear to get spiritually inspired.