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May 22, 2009 in Bon Cheesepetit

Oli blogged about this before. But i’m just gonna pretend he didn’t and go on telling you how amazing this restaurant is. I begged him to bring me there.

funnyrestaurant1 by you.

Must dress nicely.

funnyrestaurant2 by you.

Now this is a special blog entry. I am not here to tell you how great the food is (it was great), but its menu has the most amazing variety of dishes i have ever seen in my entire life. And i really wanna show you what they serve in this restaurant.

Let’s get started shall we.

First of all, this restaurant is called Lao Beijing, literally means Old Beijing.

funnyrestaurant7 by you.

I would say that this is their signature dish. Since they insist the city is really big and old la. 

And then we have some really exotic food.

funnyrestaurant3 by you.

Acrotic Shellfish Sashimi. I hope they didn’t mistype Erotic.

funnyrestaurant8 by you.

And some really ordinary food like assorted cucanber and carrot and etc.

funnyrestaurant4 by you.

Are they saying Australians all have an alcohol problem?

funnyrestaurant53 by you.

Do you see the sign of a beautiful aroma from this dish?

funnyrestaurant31 by you.

I do.



This restaurant is also famous for duck. I mean dook.

funnyrestaurant54 by you.

Roast dook.

funnyrestaurant12 by you.

Yea they made it very clear that the duck was not erm… pure bred. It is perhaps a hybrid of duck and goose. That’s why it is called dook.

funny23 by you.

Another dook dish.

funnyrestaurant18 by you.

Yea! Mixed Blood! YAY!

funnyrestaurant21 by you.

For people who are full of themselves.

funnyrestaurant33 by you.

Wipe dry, baby, wipe dry.

funnyrestaurant41 by you.

The restaurant is also infant-friendly.

funnyrestaurant52 by you.

And serve food that is packed with nutrients.


funnyrestaurant43 by you.

While serving an array of world delicacies, the restaurant is also very down to earth and humble. They remember some people in China are very poor.

funnyrestaurant50 by you.

The seniors work really hard.

Sometimes, the weather is less than perfect.

funnyrestaurant51 by you.

During winter, they just have to make do lo.


funnyrestaurant17 by you.

During drought they only have dried food to eat. But it is fresh nontheless.


funny24 by you.

After the dry food you might want something erm… moisturizing (Ok la i checked Hydrangea is a kind of flower.)


funnyrestaurant44 by you.

They live a hard life and it was reflected on their crops.

funnyrestaurant45 by you.

In order to protect their poultry, sometimes they even had to eat fowl food (pun optional). Like corn and… chicken feathers.


And when they really really run out of food and is starving to the brink of death….

funnyrestaurant6 by you.


There’s a part two, where it’s an Award entry. I found the dishes so brilliant i have decided to give out awards.

38 responses to “Best Restaurant in Shanghai”

  1. yumii says:

    hahahahah~ best engrish i’ve seen~!!! 8D

  2. Oh my cod…you found more than me!

  3. Charlene says:

    Hahaha, very funny post.

  4. yapthomas says:

    Whoa! their menu book is so THICK!

  5. TianChad says:

    So many dishes for you to try ! 🙂

  6. annant says:

    direct translations…lol

  7. TH says:

    OMG delicious but the color looks so spicy..

  8. KY says:

    LOL it’s ridiculous, and why did u have so much time to go over the whole menu!

  9. cat says:

    wow, great humor book!!! ….with lotsa colorful food photos..

  10. ShaolinTiger says:

    Epic Fail, they can make a whole page on just for this restaurant.

  11. Catfish says:

    Hilarious translations.. What did you had in the end?

  12. Khengsiong says:

    Is Couple Lung Slice made of human lungs -_-”
    阿婆 is Grandpa? Sex change at 70yo?

    Nice ones. Thanks for lighten up my day ^^

  13. MinnYDinO says:

    lol… all hail the almighty noob shit translator~
    but then actually does the food taste good??

  14. DEE says:

    I’ve eaten some of those dishes in China. Haha. And some shops have signboards with hilarious “english’.

    How did u manage to lose so much weight? you look really thinner especially in the first picture?

  15. Jwxwei says:

    they must have used some online translator or something @@

  16. cai hong says:

    Roast dook looks so like char siewwwwww:)

  17. sara says:

    Never had duck, does it taste like chicken? It is greasy or tough?

  18. smajgpma says:

    Wow! It looks really good!!
    Unfortunately, I’m far, far away! I just can taste it with my eyes! Lol 🙂

  19. ibcheesin2 says:

    how are you ms. cheesie?

  20. aicebaby says:

    cute and unique blog! a must seen!
    wishing to have as wonderful blog like this. it inspires me =)

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