In Bali

May 30, 2009 in Indonesia

Looks like the whole world is in Bali now.

Internet is omfg slow.


I’m not using my MY number. Roaming is freaking ex. So anything contact me at +6281999950169 k. Thanks!

Update soon. I will tryyyyyyyy to update my twitterk.

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32 responses to “In Bali”

  1. cheesie says:

    SHOW MY FLAG!!!!!!!

  2. yapthomas says:



  3. amber says:

    cool! i love bali! will go one day. luuuurve your flag!

  4. Kim Liew says:

    why u and xiaxue also go Bali???

  5. pying says:

    will miss u…haha

  6. JD says:

    Have a safe trip in Bali.

  7. annant says:

    enjoy yourself ar… 🙂

  8. vonblue says:

    i soooooooooo wana go bali 🙁 heard shopping there is crazy cheap,izit true?enjoy urself 🙂

  9. rocky says:


  10. chriso says:

    mana update :/

  11. Matt says:

    cheesie is lost…
    drop me a msg to MSN i have some news for you 🙂

  12. Terence Hew says:

    hi cheesie,

    did u eat babi guling and ayam penyet yet?

  13. TammyJo says:

    Have a blast in Bali!! Be safe

  14. KY says:


  15. sky says:

    which company is that? are u using 3? u know if u use 3 u can call back malaysia for hours without worrying that the credit will run out…

    • sky says:

      so far 3 is the cheapest company for international calls. if u can’t find 3, XL is not bad too.. though more expensive than 3, by using 01000 code u can call back malaysia for less than RM 0.30 per minute with a XL number.

  16. Reika says:

    i see a lot of 9’s in the phone number 😀

    have a great time over there!

  17. cindy khor says:

    have a safe and fun trip in bali… remember to take more photos and let us readers have a taste of bali too…

  18. Boter says:

    Oh Bali 🙂 Have fun in there. I hope you like it!

  19. Moyboy999 says:

    Hey! Found your blog through Microworkers & I’m really enjoying reading through all your posts 🙂

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