Ze Adventure (Part 2)

May 29, 2009 in China / Just Punny

(lazy to type long title)


As i was telling you, Henrietta Ze Hunter was trapped by the evil crane-like Vulture. So erm…

Ok la actually, this part 2 is cheat one. I was just too tired to continue typing. And it was late, you know, sleepiness washed over me like ze wave… whooosh.

Anyway let’s finish ze story shall we. So Henrietta fell into this deep gutter, and was trapped there for exactly 871 seconds, before ze swine flew across the pitch and rescued her (how they got out of the cage is, well, irrelevant here).

She sniffed her way down to finding Vulture. And finally she discovered a dark room with numerous cylinder containers filled with water, and she was appalled to find out in each containers there was a drowned, dead animal. Some even cruelly decapitated and butchered. Fluffy squirrels tails, colorful peacocks, hyena’s chopped off heads, bunny’s bums, leopard’s paws… Henrietta couldn’t look at it a second longer.

Vulture must have been using this room as a lab for his… his… sick and morbid and gruesome experiments.

And then she saw NiuNai. Dead. In the tank.

shanghaizoo5 by you.


For a moment Henrietta wanted to jump in and commit suicide, but she thought better of it. She had to kill the Vulture for revenge first.

So, to cut the story short, she hunted down the Vulture (he was a massive beast), tied him up, and gave him a taste of his own medicine—she locked him up in one of his container, and then filled it up with… with acid toxin liquid. And she spat into it. Pthuui!

shanghaizoo4 by you.

Vulture died a omfg terribly long and suffering death.


Ok wait, i give happy ending la ok.

Ahem. So anyway, Henrietta later realized that NiuNai was still alive, because, well, because he is a bloody Penguin, and he can has swim. And he ate the goldfishes for lunch. So he survived.

They returned to Zuzumbu and lived a milky and happy life.


Ok la, normally when a good movie ends, there will be a little sideline to further entertain the audience.

Here iteez.

So, this iz a story i didn’t include in the original story. So during the Vulture Hunt, Henrietta also discovered some birds murdered in a man-made bushfire (which obviously, was the evil deed of the Vulture).

shanghaizoo19 by you.

And then she detained a suspicious looking Tomcat for investigation.

shanghaizoo22 by you.

“Are you sure?”

*dangles burned bird*

shanghaizoo21 by you.

*dangles closer*

shanghaizoo23 by you.


shanghaizoo24 by you.


shanghaizoo25 by you.

“Okay, okay, i geddit.”

“How bout…”

shanghaizoo26 by you.


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37 responses to “Ze Adventure (Part 2)”

  1. KY says:

    HAHAHAH i wanna EAT that bird!

  2. What IS that thing? The bird on a stick.

  3. me says:

    you guys are bad! LOL…poor cat! i wonder whoes idea was it?

  4. TH says:

    haahaa… funny.. I had a good laugh

  5. Catfish says:

    Niu Nai’s dead picture in tank… the goldfish looks like pulling it up! good shot~!

  6. cathj says:

    euwww…..whats that on the last photo? ;-p

  7. Tan Yee Hou says:


    the cat so free layan one?

  8. mint says:

    why did they leave the feet on the chicken…got nothing to eat on them, somemore it looks scary…

  9. Nicole C says:

    cheesie why ur twitter so kiut one!!!!!!1

  10. TianChad says:

    Bloody Hiao haha! 🙂

  11. raymond says:

    the last pic was so damn funny!

  12. cindy khor says:

    haha, the conversation with ze cat is totally hilarious… luckily niunai is a penguin that eats fish and could swim, we wouldn’t wan a drowned penguin, would we??

  13. Jungie~ says:

    OMFG, i lub your lolcat!!! I iz love it kao kaoz~!

  14. David says:


    Henrietta Ze Hunter’s story is very funny!

    You are a most creative writer!


  15. dreamydolls says:

    geng geng.. salute…

  16. ph says:

    lol, don’t mess with cat, it has many wives and many lives..hahaha, the wives will come and haunt you later…

  17. Annie Chan says:

    hahaha… I like the cat’s idea. Really punny….

  18. sheon says:

    hahahaha…….the cat part is funny. i like this…..do it again, do it again…

  19. WP says:

    Haha nice…both the story and the cat conversation! In the last picture the cat looks kinda tempted though…it didn’t jump for the bird? lol

  20. WayeYoung says:

    The cat really wants to kill you there lol 😛

  21. cassandra says:


  22. benjicajess says:

    OMFG. rin, u actually made ur own lolcatz thing! the poor cat looks tormented weh.. damn bad la u XD

  23. Tidibah19 says:

    Love the drowning effect. The cat’s so funny, too. The shots and captions match!

  24. optional says:

    The Cat was the funniest part and the bird is so cute.

  25. maggiemw says:

    Great blog! Your pictures of Bali have got me dreaming! Keep up the good words and all the best!

  26. tch212000 says:

    Awesome site! Great job!

  27. Christos says:

    Cool blog.Awsome! The cat is hilarious!

  28. Jingpols says:

    Hi! im Jingpols from microworkers. Well, all i can say is you got a nice site!!! I mean it from my heart!! and please stop messing with the cat! poor cat!!! Great!!!

  29. kappie says:

    Like the site!

  30. wonderwoman says:

    Your site is so pink I love it! Your blog is very interesting, very much worth reading.

  31. lecicine says:

    lol this cat is so funny.

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