14 hours directly flight, 1 and a half hour connecting flight, and a 25 minutes bus trip after, i am in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is about 8PM here and it is still bloody bright.

airasialondon by you.

I tell you.

Not that my friends never warned me, not that i didn’t do my homework (ok, i didn’t.). But there’s no summer in UK. It is so bloody cold. I wore the warmest clothes i have in my luggage and i am still shivering. I don’t believe it (I repeated that sentence for at least 80 times today).

So i brought a total of 15KGs of summer rubbish that i’m never gonna use (i mean, come on! Who turf pack boots and fur coat in June?!?). Please throw some haggis at my face and kill me now.

We checked in to this amazing little holiday apartment near the city. Bloody jet-lagged, Vene and I want to sleep now. Like, now. Like now. Now. 8PM. The sun hasn’t even set yet.

edinburgh by you.

But Edinburgh is damn beautiful.

My UK number is +447597127720. I will be in Edinburgh until 13th and head back to Liverpool on the 13th noon, then 15th in London until 23rd. Call or mail me if you think you can meet up. (And bring me some warm clothes, please. T_T).

Love from Edin to all!

P/S: Shroom post postponed but i will put it up again!!!