I love this campaign. Not to say that i’m a cruel and heartless person, but along the years i have turned down countless charity requests by random strangers because they either sounded dubious, badly organized or required too much of my effort.

But not Digi’s Love To Save. Just one click, and you will help Digi raise RM150,000 for charity. You don’t even need to fork out one single cent. This is perfect for people with a charitable heart but are too kiamsiap have no time to redeem themselves some karma points.

Go to www.lovetosave.com.my, choose your favorite charity, and “click” to support. DiGi will be donating RM5 per click, on your behalf (this is DiGi’s money- not your money!!! Can charity get better than this?!), to a charity of your choice – in a mission to raise RM150,000 in 30 days.

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How it works?

·         Come to the site and register online.

·         Choose your charity of choice.

·         Click to donate and DiGi will contribute RM5 to your charity of choice.

·         Each registered user is only allowed to click/vote for one (1) charity

·         To raise more funds for your charity of choice, refer friends to come in and donate.

·         If you are the highest donors, your name will appear on the site.

·         You can choose to support a particular charity via the Public Groups or you can support the Personal Groups (set-up by individual supporters, online, for the various charities)

I have registered and voted. At first i wanted to vote for SPCA, because i’m an animal lover. If i could i want to save all the doggies in the world. Been to Bali recently and was sad to see how those poor animals are in a bad condition. But then i saw SPCA is gaining a lot of support already, so i chose NACSCOM

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The tagline really hit a spot in my heart. It says, one day, you will grow old too.

Can you imagine growing grey hair, having arthristis that hurts your knee caps, and teeth too weak and loose to chew a donut, hands too shakey to hold a cup of kopi without spilling, and no money in pocket to buy porridge, no children who gives a damn about your wellbeing and feeling lonely and helpless all the time?

I cannot lo. One thing i cannot tahan is seeing old people suffer. It really makes me very very sad compared to seeing a crippled dog or a hungry child. Everytime a homeless old person in tattered clothes approaches me with a mug in a hawker center, i would for sure dig out my wallet and give him a ringgit or two. Some friends would say i’m so gullible. “He has perfect hands and legs, can easily find a job washing the dishes or delivering newspaper, why give him money?” But i just cannot lo. Old people suffered all their lives, been through hell and now still surviving, i think the least they deserve is a warm meal. 

There was this one time i went back to Seremban for yummy Hakka mee, and then i saw this ice-cream vendor outside the market, and i felt my heart melt like his durian ice potong on a hot sunny day. I used to buy ice cream from him when i finished my classes after school. I was 10 then. 15 years later, he is still selling ice potong under hot sun, at his shabby little push cart. And i wonder if he is doing well. I would like to think that he made loads of money from his 50 cents ice potong over the years, bought himself a BMW and lives happily with his loving wife and children and three doggies, but doing this ice cream business because he enjoy selling nice desserts under hot sun to cheer up some school kids who have failed their exams. I refuse to think that such a kind and hardworking person is still trying to make ends meet when grey hair grew all over his head.

Haih, now i feel like crying. Stupid. Anyway, why i drifted so far liao! The point is, now you can help me help Digi to help homeless old people who need care.

I have created a group on Digi’s site called Cheesie@NACSCOM. If you are like me, wanting to help old people live a better life,  you can join me and we can raise fund together.

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Be my supporter.

Only 23 days left! Please spare one minute to save lives now. You can click the little badge on my sitebar to visit DiGi Love To Save microsite. 🙂

Click here to join my group for NACSCOM. 🙂