I don’t like Japan anymore.

Because Japan got mosquito one.

I mean, Japan has got so many things. Sushi, bullet train, manga, sakura, Capsule, pachinko, 7-storey adult shop, and hentai old men in porn theatres and all other weird things in the world. But who would have thought that they have something so insignificant and mundane as mosquitoes!!!

I woke up feeling itchy all over my body. I thought it was some new form of hay fever. You just go like, itchy all over and then die. But no. it was the bloody mosquitoes.

I hate mosquitoes more than any other insect in this world. I mean yea lizards are slimey and disgusting and geli and all that. But if your room has got lizards, they don’t come and kacao you when you are sleeping do they? Ok they might go like ciak ciak ciak ciak a bit, but that’s bearable, isn’t it? They don’t go, falling down piak piak piak piak from the ceiling one by one onto your face, do they?

But the bloody mosquito will bloody come and bloody sting you in the middle of a bloody night.

I really don’t understand why whatever forces (i shall still refrain from using the word God, although i reserve the rights to still take it in vain.) that created this earth created mosquitoes. What bloody use have mosquitoes got?

I’m so angry. I want to live in a country that has no mosquitoes.

Oh ya.

Did i tell you that Japan now is bloody hot? HOT.  Like, hell. I want to die. The tv news says that the day i arrived was the end of rainy season and the start of a burning hell. What did i say about being fateless with Japan? I want to run back to Scotland and freeze my ass off.

And anyway, it was really hot in the afternoon. At night, it sort of cooled down, and it was that kind of temperature where it is too hot for you to tuck yourself under a futon and too cold for you to sleep naked, if you know what i mean. (No i can’t use a thin blanket because we don’t have one.) So the whole night i just kept alternating between:

1. pulling the futon to cover my body to prevent the bloody mozzies from attacking me

2. waking up feeling too hot and decided to remove the futon

3. falling asleep tulanly thinking about the mosquito

4. waking up because of an itchy foot/arm/thigh/finger/palm (they bloody bit me on the palm. Can you believe it?),

5.pulling the futon to cover my body to prevent the bloody mozzies from attacking me. Oh. did i say that already.

Anyway. Ad nauseam.

Anyway again. I reckon you would want to see some pictures. From now on i shall attempt to blog about my pathethic little hot life here everyday. I swear. It’s only getting hotter everyday.

japanhot1 by you.

Field outside our house.

houryuji by you.

Horyuji (法隆寺) is a Buddhist temple in Ikaruga, Nara. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

houryuji1 by you.

Look at the weather.

houryouji by you.

And the kids.

japanhot2 by you.

They look soooo much darker now!! But damn cute!

japanhot3 by you.

japanhot4 by you.

You can’t see much of Yuuri here because his new camwhore style is now you see now you don’t.

Anyway, i really don’t mean what i say in the first sentence. I had yummy sushi last night.