Leaving in less than 10 hours!

June 23, 2009 in UK

i had to upgrade my luggage to 25KG. Paid RM85 for it. Blooody hell.

Shopaholic advice: you can upgrade your luggage size online. Don’t do it at the airport. They charge £ one. At least twice the price.

Busy downloading Capsule’s song. I have 114 now in my collection. Also downloaded MEG, Perfume and Suzuki Ami. All electro + picopop, very very bleepy, game-like, dreamy and… i hate to say this but, perfectly shroomy. :/

Check out Capsule’s songs. Apparently Keju is now more addicted to it than i am, he downloaded their entire collection. Meg’s song is hardly nice, and hate Suzuki Ami’s voice. Her style changed so much. I dunno! What’s with all these damn sweet jelak gila baby voice! Sometimes i can’t tell Perfume and Capsule apart because they are from the same producer and they sound waaaaaay similar, but all three Perfume members look fugly. Mostest fugliest Japanese girls i have ever seen. Ew.

Capsule’s the best. Check out their vids on youtube if you like. One thing though, you can never sing their songs. Lyrics are more often than not non-existent. My current favorite song now is Longe Designers Killer. Youtube Vid here. Very funny one. 🙂

Some of the fat zebra pictures.

Almost all packed.

Urgh. Another 14 hours back home. Sien.

Bye and hi all!

<3 from London

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67 responses to “Leaving in less than 10 hours!”

  1. Ying Bin says:

    Last pic is very nice. 😀

  2. Ying Bin says:

    All pics r taken in London?Or some in Liverpool?

  3. Ying Bin says:

    How to upgrade luggage size btw?

  4. DL Ding says:

    Has a nice flight.
    Dont forget any of your shopping spree captures 😀

  5. cecilia says:

    😯 Wow, consider that as a lesson learnt, Ringo!! On another note, you are so PRETTY!! – Ok, I swear I’m not a lesb. Have a safe flight home!! 😆

  6. JD says:

    Have a safe flight! And don’t forget take precaution wor.

  7. annant says:

    welcome back… 😯

  8. sheon says:

    why the animal-themed fashion eh? hahahah…. you look damn cute lar. must have gotten so much stare from the brits!

    have a nice flight. i should be flying to london only end of next year…. 🙂

  9. chin says:

    Remember pigs can fly…just be very very cautious…

  10. KY says:

    Don’t think it’ll be hard at all to spot your luggage from the collection area heh? SAFE FLIGHT YOUNG LADY! 😀

  11. Ping says:

    Now I’m hooked to Capsule too!

  12. Porkie says:

    have to leave meh? cannot stay….like forever?

  13. coco says:

    owh love ur zebra outfit!!nice!!*-*

    and u going back now…

    miss uk lot right???XD

  14. Kess says:

    Hi Ringo,

    Is the upgrading of baggage size online specific to the airline you are taking? I comb the airline website I am taking, and fail to find any link to upgrading my baggage size online.

    thanks and cheers!

  15. cheesie says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh gtg BAI!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. vialentino says:

    wow….leaving UK is a tough part …esp coming back to here with the weather and the environment here is different…anyway, have a safe flight back here

  17. mei says:

    May I know where you download the capsule’s songs from? I love sugarless girl. 😆

  18. grace says:

    In the pic up there you and your friend look like twins @_@

  19. QuinRinn says:

    why u so pretty one? god is so unfair.lol
    ‘have a pleasant flight.’*bing*

  20. cindy khor says:

    oh, is that the bag that you bought from ness??? its so cute…

    and i love your tights, ubber cute and funky…

    have a safe trip home and when there’s a chance, come to northern ireland ya??

  21. David says:


    Sounds like you have had a great trip in the UK!

    Picture 4, with the purple hat with the leggings framing you beautiful face makes for a great photo of you, and shows your style plus sizzle factor!

    Safe travels!


  22. melody says:

    love ur outfits!!! they rock!!! superbbbb

  23. Abi says:

    nice picture of the london bridge!have a safe flight ringo!

  24. caihong says:

    i hate airport:p
    i was stopped by the guard in hong kong airport cuz dey suspect i bring illegal thing?
    i guess cuz of my sensitive skin pill,but i was da only one TAHAN by them,not my siblings and cousins, 😛

    i love ur pixxiex in UK:0

  25. chriso says:

    kambek quik n safe ya. and u better haf something fer me 👿

  26. me says:

    tower bridge! ok totally random but i was there jus a few days ago. looks lovely, love ur fashion sense haha.

  27. Vicky says:

    wao…. u’re slim so u can wear those kind of outfit 🙁 haha, look so cute, i bet if i wear it, i will look like erm, fat short big faced black zebra? LOL!! 😆

  28. Annabella says:

    OMG! I love London! Sighhh… I wish I can travel around like you. How do u do it?? Where do u get the financial stability to travel and all that?

  29. Hi, wonderful trip ya…
    It’s very cool and beautiful photos…
    I think in years, you manage to travel around the world, that’s my dream too!
    Have a nice day&see ya!

  30. ahlost says:

    Love your pics.. I wanna go there too.. one day 🙂

  31. cathj says:

    Soo Zebra… cute!!! 😉

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