Update: HAHAHA Why you all so funny one!!

Something has been bugging me for the longest time.

For those of you who stay in countries that have winter, i wanna ask: you know the basin right, there are two taps.

One hot. One cold. Right.?

basin by you.


(Not easy to snap this photo ok. I had to use self-timer then kiap the camera between my chin and chest for 10 seconds)

My question is, how do you wash your face?

I am a bit traumatized. I mean, water from the blue tap is bloody cold (summer now!!! Not to mention during winter time), and the water from the red tap is omfg hot.

So, if i do this everyday, sooner or later my left hand will be dead frozen and my right hand will be cooked. Yum. And if i wash my face liddat, i scared later i will become Two Face leh.

Of course i know you can plug the basin and let the water flow then it becomes warm. But then if you wash your face with the water then it will fall back into the basin, so you are washing your face with dirty recycled dust blackhead dead skin water no? Ew.

Can someone enlighten me? Sorry i from hot country one. :/