heh. You guys think my room is messy. Wait until you see these other 5 pack-rats.

ScreenShot081 by you.

The funny thing is, these messy people actually won RM2,ooo vouchers to shop at IKEA from the Go Clean Your Room contest i wrote about. So i’m now feeling very sesat dunno to feel happy or sad for being not messy enough.

I really salute some of these people. The amount of effort they put in shooting and editing the video and all, i wonder why they didn’t channel the energy into tidying up their room in the first place. (But then if they did, they wouldn’t have won RM2,ooo. Amazing isn’t it.)

Let’s take a look.

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ScreenShot043 by you.

Liew Li Ping

Shiau Lee

Yvonne Mah May Lin

Joseph Lee Cheng Kim

Who really reeeeeeeally put all shopaholic girls to shame with mountains of stuff in his room. I’m not kidding. Mountains. Gunung Kinabalu. Everest.

Anyway, i was really curious how they managed to even live a life in such atrociously messy room. So i did a little questionnaire with some of the shortlisted winners.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what the say about their room. Below is a little Cheeserland Interview with the shortlisted winners.

C: Cheesie
N: Nasrieq
J: Joe
S: Shiau Lee
B: Cheesie’s secret bubble speech

C: How did you manage to put up with so much mess in your house for so long?

(B: You don’t get sinus problem one meh)

J: You live with it… literally. I’m sure you’ve chucked stuff about before, and developed your own system amid chaos to survive. Adapting is a necessity in survival!

(B: yea but… do you really need like, 150 jeans?)

S: Well, as a messy person, i can only find things when the things are messy, if the things are neatly kept, i find it impossible to find, and eventually i will forget the existence of the things. So, i always warn my mom not to touch the things in my room.

(B: Hmmm. Good excuse. Now i got something to tell my mom.)

C: How do you plan to utilize the voucher?

N: Buy a BED…ahhhhh… A goodnight sleep makes you feel energetic the next morning and happily clean up the mess!!!

S: All this while, i’m big fan of IKEA’s stuff, i think the plastic bag organizer is one of the best designs, and the sofa bed i got for my brother years ago…..is really cool.

J: I already did, and it took me no less than eight hours spread out between two days. Day one was to identify suitable IKEA products to my needs, dimensions that fitted my room’s limited space, survey the price tags and of course, the oh so important question of colour combination. It’s not enough that it looks good, or is functional – it also has to fit into my daily routine as I will never have a piece that is there for just one reason. Not an easy task, because I tend to buy on impulse and that’s never a good thing. Still, being a shopaholic, I’ve learnt to control myself just a little and taught myself how to plan quick for shopping sprees.

C: What is your best purchase from IKEA so far?

N: I love my stand up lamp…just cost me RM30..

J: Aiyo! How do you limit your favourite IKEA products to just one. I mean, the Expedits, Lacks, Kalas, and its well-known Billy series. But if any purchase is good, it would be the Famnig Hjarta. You know the red heart pillow with arms. IKEA’s most popular item. This is the only time, where something with 100 % polyester on will get my hug. And it feels good! Awwww…

(B: I’m starting to like this guy. I wanna make him my shopping buddy.)

C: Share with us your tips to clean up your room (if you have any).

S: Well, stuff everything inside a cupboard if you have guest coming and he insisted to see your room. And always use wet vacumm cleaner so, u can sweep and mop the floor at the same time. Well, when u are more ready, categorize your things into 3 different  sentimental values; 1: Important, 2. Can be negotiated, 3. Unwanted.

(B: lolol. Best tips ever. This girl really inspired me. Salute.)

S: Alright, Cheesie… that’s all from me. Actually, i want to thank you, cause i only send my video after i read your blog the other day. And today i won it. Kinda feel satisfied over it.

(B: !!! What about me!!!)


So. These 5 people are gonna show you their makeover room soon! Go to IKEA to vote for your favorite makeover and stand a chance to win IKEA vouchers worth RM50!