My life as a hamster in Japan

Or a puppy. Or a bunni. Whatever. I actually prefer bunni. It’s cuter. But somehow a bunni in Japan is very likely to give people a wrong impression. So i typed hamster.

Anyway, i dunno how it works in school nowadays, but if i’m allowed to write my essay with tons of pictures slot in between words, i for sure can score this “My Life as a Hamster in Japan” essay.

For once i feel like turning my blog into one of those– this morning i had yaki onigiri with umeboshi on top, and then i went online and chatted with Carolyn, she told me her cousin’s uncle want to introduce me to his godson. I wonder if the godson has got smelly feet. We loled. And then i listened to MEG’s Beautiful. I love that song. And then about 3pm i opened a pack of Jagabee potato chips, it is slightly salted one. It is nice and crispy. Now my left knee is a bit itchy. I think i got bitten by a mosquito. Ok i am going off to pachinko now, bye xoxo– blogs.

I really don’t have much interesting things to blog about, just in case you are expecting some, screw-Lonely-Planet-and-read-my-26-day-complete-guide-in-Japan thing.

(By the way i don’t get paid by writing Omg Cheesie’s Professional Guide to Travel in Japan! okay. Hmm. Well, i kinda do, but you know what i mean. Hmm.)

I am locking myself up in the room most of the time. When TK’s at work. So I’m like his little pet hamster. He comes back and feeds me during lunch time and then plays with me. Nom nom nom nom.

chow1 by you.

Chow of the day choice A. (Look i don’t even have a table. It is put on the carpet and i will sit on the floor and eat. I mean, nibble. Gnaw. Whatever.)

(Erm… what are the chopsticks for again?)

His aunt cooked one. Some taugeh with leek and egg and yakiniku. I dunno why but it taste exactly like Chau Kuey Teow minus the kuey teow.

chow2 by you.

Chow of the day Choice B

Yakiniku and egg and cabbage.

yakionigiri by you.

Chow of the day Choice C

Yaki onigiri + Hokkaido cheese stick.

yakionigiri2 by you.

Nom nom nom on the floor. I feel like a proper hamster. Except i am expected to clean up my own poo. And sometime help trim Master’s eyebrow.

And by the way when i say choice i mean Master’s choice, not hamster’s choice.

walk1 by you.

am allowed to take pictures.

out by you.

Hamster is allowed out for a walk.

Hamster is have plenty of free time! When i talk to my human friends online, they are all like, “Omfg what are you doing here online!!! Go out!!! You are in Japan!”

I’m in Nara, by the way. And i stay in this place which is like 2832649 planets away from… from… from err… i dunno (not shopping center, not amazing 24-hour supermarkets, not yummy restaurants, not adult shops and definitely not pachinko and game center. Hmm… what leh?)

(Come to think of it Nara has got everything. I’m really quite pleased with it.)

(I mean, come on, what can a hamster demand?)

And i didn’t expect to do much traveling in the first place. Just… you know, spend some time here. The damn ticket was so cheap anyway. By the way traveling domestic in Japan is much more expensive than traveling overseas from Malaysia so i guess i will continue to lock myself in the room and have myself fed hamster food.

japansnack by you.

1. Jagabee potato chips

To avoid confusion with actual potato chips, you know, like Chipster chips, i shall call it Jagabee fries. But it is not actually fries. It’s difficult. But it’s better than Mc D fries for sure. For suuuuuuure.

yakiniku1 by you.

2. Yukke

Some raw ground beef with sesame oil. Sooo good.

tamagokakegohan by you.

3.  Tamago kakegohan

Favorite. So simple so nice. A hamster can’t ask for more.

gyutan by you.

3.5 (i added this picture later and i’m too lazy to change all the numbers below so i put 3.5 ok) Gyutan.

It is so delicious i might consider naming my baby Gyu Tan in the future.

spam by you.

4. Spam

Wooo i dunno why it looks like some proper hamtaro food. Don’t you think?

hokahokabento (6) by you.

5. Hoka Hoka bento

My favorite bento in the world. On a rainy day we will drive out and tapao Hoka Hoka for dinner. I <3 Hoka Hoka HOI SOMEONE PLEASE OPEN ONE IN MALAYSIA OREDI!!!!

hokahokabento (7) by you.

Then i will ask for Mentaiko topping. 80 yen each.

hokahokabento by you.

Super Shogayaki bento

hokahokabento (3) by you.

Karaage Special bento

hokahokabento (4) by you.

This one i dunno how to read the kanji.

hokahokabento (5) by you.

With mentaiko topping <3 <3 <3

hokahokabento (2) by you.

Tori Mayo Don.

machamochi by you.

6. Four season fruit ice with green tea mochi and special tea… set thingie

macharoll by you.

7. Macha swiss roll and Yuzu tea + marmalade.

dessert by you.

Hey, it doesn’t sound too bad to be a hamster now, does it?

Ok i am going off to pachinko now, bye xoxo.

123 responses to “My life as a hamster in Japan”

  1. QuinRinn says:

    when when when can i get long lush hair like yours?!

  2. Raiz says:

    I want to become hamster in Japan.. with all those nice hamster’s food.. 😆

  3. Raiz says:

    By the way, how “Ms hamster” maintain her slim face with all those indulgence? 😀

  4. annant says:

    wah, ur master treats u veli nice! 😆

  5. cathj says:

    Soo cute!!! lol… Wow …little hamster eat sooo much…. ‘all the best lil hamster’.. 😆

  6. KY says:

    I thought hamster needs to be in this giant plastic ball to go out

  7. JD says:

    I love hamsters! And the hamster here got to eat nice and yummy food! Anyways, enjoy Nippon lar…

  8. Amelia says:

    Lol we have Hoka Hoka Bento here in Indonesia. The food is quite nice and the is cheap!
    Buthen it sure is different with the one in Japan I guess hahaha.

    Ok, I was actually thinking of opening a branch of the Indo HHB in KL when I knew there was no restaurant like that just yet in Malaysia. Lol. But I bo liao worr… 😕

  9. Amelia says:

    Eh I mean bo lui..why i wrote bo liao pulak. lol 😛

  10. ShaolinTiger says:

    ALL of that food looks ridiculously delicious. *sigh*

  11. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 ROFLed at the struckout line. Sounded so wrong when placed with the image of a hamster. Btw watched Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster before?

  12. pattirmina says:

    waahhh~ FOOODDDDDD!

  13. yumii says:

    T_T at least you have great food to eat! uhuuhuh…i want hoka hoka bento TOO!!! and jagabee fries TOO!!!!

  14. crina v says:

    for God sake i am druling! Your blog is cute but the food you present in your picture it is not delicious is from heaven!
    I would definitely want to taste that food.
    Conclusion i want to be a hamster!

  15. lecicine says:

    when I see all these delicious dishes I am suddenly very hungry and I am able to eat a ton of these Japanese dishes.
    We in algeria we have nt these varieties of foods in our country. 😈

  16. Pomme-Pomme says:

    Ey.. one of the plates got leopard prints! 😀 The food that you’re having there’s so yummy! Not bad for a hamster in Japan! 😀

  17. Hey! :mrgreen:
    your blog looks incredible, this post was really nice and I didn’t know all this variation of Japanese food. My favourite one was SPAM lol, just because of the word :smile:.
    I checked out some other posts and it kept me looking until the end of the page, you write really interesting blog posts that keep us readers looking for more!
    Keep up the good work 😀

  18. mnemosyne says:

    wow you are living a very comfortable life. all those food pictures made me crave for japanese food 😆

  19. clement says:

    wow… u r so pretty in the summer…. 😈

  20. Abigail B says:

    Wow, that food looks really good actually, even though I normally don’t really like Japanese food. I’m quite intrigued by the Gyu Tan – it looks really good!! And for a hamster, you definitely get a lot of food! Though you should really try to get a table to eat your food on 😛

  21. Lizzy says:

    I wonder what a bunny means or what impression it makes at Japan. Are you a Japanese? Wow, I love the pics. Yummy. I wish I can chow at Japan, too. Hehe.

  22. Lizzy says:

    I wonder what a bunny means or what impression it makes at Japan. Are you a Japanese? Wow, I love the pics. Yummy. I wish I can chow at Japan, too. Hehe.
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  23. KuTu-HipHop says:

    seems like ur life is so relax….ahahaha….

    pachinko and food…darn it! like nothin to worry about ei? lol…

    anyway, the food looks tasty….thx for sharing the give me idea to cook some delicious food… 😀

  24. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Jagabee = the bee that takes care of the bee hive. Usually has a big bushy beard.

  25. J2Kfm says:

    cool bento sets, rather cheap as well!
    compare those to the ones we have in supermarkets here …. argh ….

  26. Enigma says:

    Oh My God! That looks delicious, to say the least!!! Get this, I am a vegetarian..ermm well was, till my partner asked me to try chicken which I loved. Then it was beef and turkey. I never tried sea food though. Looking at the pictures of the various Japanese dishes, I feel like having some right away. 😛 Drool is the word. And another thing I just have to say, I love your style of writing. With that kind of food, being a hamster is not that bad. 😆

  27. leekyuwon says:

    wow.. amazing bento.. i like it 😈 ..
    i look that food make me hungry.. haha..
    i love japanese food too.. 🙂

  28. leeling says:

    haha .. i love tat “fries” too..^^ 😆

  29. eve says:

    whao, really yummy looking bento! agree with you someone should open 1 hoka-hoka in m’sia.

  30. jam says:

    Woh, the food looks really yummy yummy specially the one with Yakiniku and egg and cabbage dish. I hope had lots of fun in Japan with loads of food. LOL……

  31. oppa says:

    nice food in japan, i want too 🙂 in finland we have a “normally food” but is good 🙂

  32. seiryuayime says:

    u are a very lucky hamster!!! 😯
    i fed my hamster assorts nuts oni. well..if feed anything else it will get sick. LOL

  33. blekming says:

    I was just wondering why haven’t there been any pictures of TK?

  34. DSvT says:

    All those food photos remind my time at Japan, all those food accompany me throughout all the time…

  35. Dell says:

    🙂 All that food is making me hungry! That food is really cool, it’s like it’s made for show purposes only. I also live away from stores and shops, I have to drive. I wished I could walk everywhere instead! Nice blog!

  36. marhz says:

    oh my god! my tummy start making some noise when i see those tempting delicious food picture of yours! and what make me more jealous is u still get those skinny body eventho u eat all that delicious foods! hehe..
    anyway, as somebody mention above, we also have hoka hoka bento here in indonesia. but the bento is totally different than the bento that u post in ur pic. i think ur bento is much more delicous than our hoka hoka bento…nice post btw!

  37. Chris says:

    all that food looks really good! are you gunna tell me you ate all that? lol. was it in one night or spread over a few nights? either way looks good and wouldnt mind trying it XD

  38. Francesca says:

    if im a bunny-wait-hamster ^^ i love the way im living
    nara is cute, what .. take pics with the deer, ringo ! pulizzz

  39. bear says:

    eh ring!hw cm cheaper thn hotto motto D8
    i wan
    haha at least u’ll get to do SOMETHING there..
    have fun being a hamster 8D

  40. yeyey says:

    Wow.. the food looks great! I never had the chance to try japanese food yet.. Maybe i will try one tomorrow..

    Great blog.. Keep it up. 🙂

  41. Ai says:

    hey, i like your blog. what’s the model of your cam btw? 🙂

  42. KT says:

    hey you do look somewhat like a hamster in the photos =D cute

  43. eLhomer0 says:

    Wow! I love Japan.. mainly because cute japanese girls 👿 🙂 Nice!

  44. chriso says:

    Yukke! It’s a Korean dish btw, damn awesome right! 😈

    btw… ur a very domesticised hamster nao eh 😛

  45. john says:

    hi……the foods look great even though i havent tried Japanese food……..i dont know wat to say….i m overwhelmed seein all those pics of food………..want a small favour 4m u…..can u post some recipe of the food that u have shown us :mrgreen: 😈

  46. arleccio says:

    oh wow… now I’d like to be a hamster in Japan… 😕 I’m not actually into japanese food, but everything on those pictures looks plain delicious! Except perhaps for that Jagabee Fries… (though I agree that they can’t be worse than McD’s 😆

    Sounds like there is fun to be had at the other side of the globe… and well: what are you doing online? you’re in Japan, for God’s sake! Go out! Soak in the country… and so on 😉

    Be an obedient hamster and post more. It’s a delight to read, and I’ll certainly come back…


  47. Rei Bong says:

    hello pretty hamster! you are actually considerably lucky with all the sumptuous foods that you showed. wow! i haven’t tasted anyone of it. even the names am not familiar of. and despite all those foods, it’s great that you remain sexy and cheesy (uhmmm…). i wish i can be like that so my hubby won’t keep on reminding me of my diet. maybe next time you can give us some tips on how to remain physically fit. so long… 🙂

  48. Allan says:

    Whew! just looking at the food makes me hungry. Looks delicious to me. Are they?

    Anyways, i like this blog. It got interesting and intriguing title. Readers are tempted to really read on because its title is catchy. The contents are interesting too. Hope i get to have the comforts you have, i mean, the travel and eat and eat and eat lol. The pictures did help too. Looks yummy and makes you want to savour and taste everything in the end. Two thumbs up for a cheesy blog…

    All in all i find your site really interesting. Got very feminine touch with varied topics that are you can enjoy while reading.

  49. c7300 says:

    wow! what a lucky hamster. i bet you’re bulging now with all those foods 💡

    they all look delicious… im feeling hungry again 😛

  50. chandru says:

    hi ,

    Wow, looks delicious food , i want to come to japan next month , i should really try taste that food , your blog is super , i love to eat that food

  51. huan says:

    omg japan is so prettyyy. 🙂

  52. Muri says:

    Yet have a chance to visit japan,but being Hamster at Japan I think so cool,.first you got the feedom,2 you got everything money can buy,and since I believe you are not woman type that easy to get fat for eat alot,I think japan and you ,is already couple meant to enjoy the life for the next couple years until you have your own kid and husband to take care to

  53. Jayasree says:

    Wow looks yummy! 🙂

    The Tori Mayo Don appeals me the most, looks like some Manchurian stuff 😡

    And the Jagabee fries are better than Mc D fries? Whoa! Can’t wait to try em!

    Japan rocks!

    Thanks a lot cheesie. I’m off to Japan soon! 😆

  54. Simon Seow says:

    are wa gyutan sashimi desuka?

  55. cecilia says:

    Not a bad hamster life eh?! HAHA…

    they didn’t put you in one of those ‘running wheel’ thing though …. 😉

  56. vonnnnn says:

    *drools* so lucky that u get to eat all those yummy-looking food.

    i wana get a jap bf already.

  57. Adel says:

    so, do u have any plan to come to Tokyo?
    wanna meet real cheesie in here(if u don’t mind 😉 )….

  58. WP says:

    Wah you seem like a very lucky hamster! lol The food all look so good!

    You like raw beef? You should try steak tartare (if you haven’t already) I tried it but didn’t like it at all (but then I don’t even like raw steaks…)

  59. crappy booze says:

    hamster that don’t need to do the ‘running-on-wheel’ thingy!

    i wanna be one too!

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