Like, really. i sat here for hours and nothing really fits. i don’t really wanna blog something i don’t feel sincere about.

Give me some time ok.

Or you can tell me what you’d like me to write. Give me a topic and maybe i’ll be inspired.





Sien mode. Reading blogs by beauty queens and staring at their boobs that are about to fall out from the computer screen.

Cheesie: whats with all these beauty queen blogs
Cheesie: She is able to speak in alot of languages ( English, Malay, Mandarin, Chinese, Hokkien, conversational Japanese, Basic French and Korean).
Kenny Sia: who is this?
Cheesie: (says beauty queen’s name)
Cheesie: so like
Cheesie: she can say bon appetite and bonjour, then she can speak french is it
Kenny Sia: hahaha
Kenny Sia: apparently i heard she’s quite nice in real life, but that doesn’t seem to be reflected on her blog
Cheesie: i also can speak basic french
Cheesie: fuck you!
Cheesie: oops pardon my french
Kenny Sia: hahaha
Kenny Sia: ya i can speak jamaican
Kenny Sia: nuffnang! innit?
Cheesie: lol