Scottish Highland and Loch Ness

July 23, 2009 in UK

Tons of beautiful pictures from Scotland. But this was the most torturing day for us.

We joined a day tour by to the highlands, Glencoe and Lochness. We paid about £42 each which i think is great if you are lazy to drive. But the entire journey was just quite the beh tahan.

lochness3 by you.


The scenery was amazing all the way up the highlands, but we just dozed off only. Still suffering from jet lag, we had to put up with 7 or so hours drive in the bus what turf.

Scotland is like the greenest place i’ve ever been to in my life. It’s just vast, lush green all the way.

lochness24 by you.


Meh meh everywhere.

lochness1 by you.


Some highland moo moo.

lochness2 by you.


Oh moo moo and i have the same hair color!

lochness7 by you.


Looks like some cool camera effect! Like very fun to skateboard there liddat!

lochness4 by you.


Some Loch  (lake in scottish).

lochness5 by you.




Pls don’t look at my shoes pls don’t look at my shoes pls don’t look at my shoes.



All these are taken from the bus window. If only i could get rid of the reflection it would be perfect! Hate reflections!

lochness14 by you.


Reached Loch Ness!




Going on a boat ride that cost £1o.

lochness16 by you.


Ok this picture is cool because of the reflection. Ok la i don’t hate reflection so much liao.

lochness15 by you.


Vene saw a Nessie lol.


Honestly right, i think the lake is ovverated lo. I mean, all you see is some sticker nessies stuck on the boat windows and water and some mountains lo. And we almost froze to death on the deck. And it’s £1o leh. You can skip this ride and just buy a postcard la really.

lochness18 by you.


lochness20 by you.


Bloody damn cold.



Ok you have seen enough pretty scenery now it’s time for some ugly. So we went to this waterfall right, and i almost stepped on this bloody thingie:

lochness22 by you.


Slug. FML.

lochness23 by you.


Got a fatter one. FML 2x.

We only reached Edinburgh at night and it felt like we had traveled through space and time, fought a war with Chubaka and giant Nessie and back. Aih.

And all we wanted to do was sleep. FOL.

But because we only had one last day left in Edinburgh, we die die also dragged our ass out to the city to have a pint of pear cider.

And that was the first time we saw Edinburgh in (near) dark. We normally slept before 10PM and it was still completely bright.


Yellow taxi! ^^


Just rained lo. Damn cold.





This is the street where we stayed. Where the ghost tour came every night and told creepy stories FML.

Anyway. End of Scotland.

I have no idea where i wanna go next yet. I’m pretty much done with all the places i can afford and want to go at the moment.

Tell me your favorite place in this world that you have visited/would like to visit?

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107 responses to “Scottish Highland and Loch Ness”

  1. su says:

    I would love to visit New York for the shopping/ chanel and balenciaga factory outlets, and Florida for Harry Potter’s theme park opening next year!!!!

    for europe I wana go to paris, athens, milan for food and shopping also. haha.

    for asia I guess it would be korea, taiwan, hongkong. Which is your fave りんさん?^^

  2. Lisa Cheah says:

    I saw your shoes, some people can pull off anything. You’re one of them. 🙂

    You should come to Scandinavia!
    Tell me if you do!

    If there is one place I would love to visit, it would be, Italy. *runs to check for cheap tickets online.
    And of course, if I were to go back, it’s a close call between Ireland and Scotland. I love those 2 countries! Love!

    • cheesie says:

      Besides you, I actually have a (kinda sorta, not really) friend in Scandinavia!!!

      No la the shoe, really quite tragic one. i didn’t bring anything else >_< Oooh i didn't get to go ireland i'd reeeeeeally love to!!!

      • Lisa Cheah says:

        Technically, I don’t live in the awesome part of Norway.
        I live slightly off Oslo, and the only thing they are famous for, is the expensive prices.

        But we can definitely take the train! to “the most beautiful scenery in the world”

        *PAUSE : I sound like I am going traveling with you. Haha!

        But, let’s go Ireland, I fly Ryanair last time for like, almost nothing at all. And its ridiculously awesome! 😀

        • cheesie says:

          Wa shiok!!!! is it like, cold now? 💡

          • Lisa Cheah says:

            Norway? Its about 20 today. So, its good. Perfect.
            Come in 2 weeks, and you are invited to my Bday too!

            We were lucky in Ireland, we had a few days there, and it didn’t rain at all. People say it rains a lot. But, I think the temperature never went below 23. 🙂

            And you have never seen a sale, like Ireland. 🙂
            And I have seen a lot of sales, even NY didn’t beat it. 😀

          • cheesie says:

            What! Never below 23? 😯

            Anyway i wanna go Norway see M2M lol

  3. Lisa Cheah says:

    You’re not here to see me? 🙁 😛

    M2M is like. Gone now, but they have loads of concerts around the summertime!
    Well, they were born in Lørenskog, which is pretty much around the corner.

    You can even see Hilton, where Paris Hilton’s ancestors were from, also around the corner. 🙂

  4. cheesie says:

    Brb have to take care of the soup.

  5. xueni says:

    haven been to many countries;

    China (school immersion trip);
    Malaysia + Genting (quite a few times last time, cause it’s the nearest to Singapore; & that was when dad had the car.)

    was hoping to do Japan when i was younger, cause of those kawaii stuffs & sushi + ramen + ubon. (:
    but seems kind of expensive;
    then hoping to go Korea, cause korean drama are dramatic & funny.
    but i cant really stand eating cold, hot kimchi everyday.

    then hope to go Taiwan, cause they speak Chinese & it’s a food + shopping heaven!
    out of Asia, i think i will like to take a look around London or Paris or New York; cause they seem so beautiful after you blog about it. (:

    hah; shall be rich when i grow up!! 😀
    then i can travel, learn & have fun.

    *envy Cheesie!

  6. shchoy says:

    There’s one question i have been pondering for a long time….
    And that is……

    Where do you get all the mooolah to go for these trips?
    I am really curious…

    Advert Sponsors? Honest working money?
    Daddy’s money? perhaps… Sugar Daddy’s? 😉

    • cheesie says:

      Haven’t found any daddy/sugar daddy. You wanna be mine?

      • shchoy says:

        Ahhh… Why not…

        I will bring you to good mamak stalls around Klang Valley..

        I may even throw in a couple of trips for us here and there!
        disclamer: provided if Air-asia got discount. (RM1.99)

        If you want a flashy transport, i will go source for a “kap chai” with some christmas lights attached to it. 😉

  7. zachary says:

    i thk i passed by Loch Ness when we traveled to Scotland during my Uni time, 8yrs ago..

    u PS the Nessie into the pic or what?

    4giv for my outdate-ness.. but what’s stand for FML & FOL? been seeing it alot lately on blogs but still couldn’t get what it means..

    • xueni says:

      FML = f**k my life; LOL. (:
      check out!

      • zachary says:

        oh yeah~ i thk i read an article b4 frm this site, about a dude ML wif his gf in swimming pool, bla bla bla, somethg happened, then his mom suspected, hold his p*nis n sniff it.. FML big one~!! 😆

        well, then FOL? = fart out loud? 😯

    • cheesie says:


      No la! I explained after the pic, it is actually a nessie sticker on the boat window. hehe

  8. Anewxoxo says:

    Talk about Malaysia, hehe..

    Must be patriotic!!


  9. christo says:

    chey of course your fav would be japan la, even Rin was derived from Ringo (in case you forgotten btw :P) and Ringo is Apple in Japan, hence the apple of the eye 😉

  10. Jess says:

    Cinque Terre- Italy

    so far the best place that I’ve been. seriously the prettiest place everrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  11. axiao says:

    Hi Cheesie,

    Just wanna to say I enjoy ur travel story very much. May I ask how much u spent for the trip to UK? (minus ur shopping of course) Just give a rough estimation..thanks..

  12. JD says:

    Haha, coincidentally I am planning to blog about the top 10 places I want to go. Hmm….but first on my mind right now is Bora-Bora! Then Santorini in Greece, Taiwan, Hokkaido, Halong Bay, HK (yeah, never been to HK before), Positano in Italy, Macchu Picchu and last but not least Hawaii!

    • cheesie says:


      • Meg says:

        Don’t get caught in the storms in Santorini during late September. I did, and it costs me additional 350 pounds to get back to UK. 250 to change my flight and 100 pounds for an additional ferry back to Athens >< And oh, take the island hopping on, Myokonos (to me) might be better than Santorini.

        Get Virgin Galactic to sponsor you a trip to the outer space! If i got the moolah, i would go on it. I’ve been to loads of the ones on earth already, and frankly speaking, getting bored.

        Being in the first few rows at Times Square during New Year in new york was awesome! And Ibiza!

        • Meg says:

          lol, i was half expecting to see a uk flag, and then i just realized in back home lol :):)

          lol typo in the “island hopping one”.

        • JD says:

          Mykonos is also nice, but too bad I didn’t get the chance to island hop when I was there. But still the white houses with blue coloured roof, awesome sight to behold!

      • JD says:

        I went there before during my Uni days…it’s so beautiful…….!!!

  13. Francesca says:

    must visit egypt, cairo ! ^^
    my favorite so far still japan … cant get it enuh. ive many chances to go elsewhere but i always end up in japan. i love europe overall. not so much the states 😀 but u need to come here k … seattle ! im here ❗

  14. Leong says:

    OMG! The place you went is like heaven. 🙂

  15. Bee says:

    Dear, may I ask, what cam did you use? Your photos are pweety. :3

  16. arif says:

    would love to go to machu picchu!
    somewhere with secluded private beach like Costa Rica!
    and of course I would love to go to Japan…but it’s really expensive right?

  17. cg says:

    it’s so beautiful..da background like so faked real

  18. Huong says:

    Come visit Amsterdam! Lotsof crazyyy people here lol

    I wanna travel around in Asia!!! go to malaysia and japan and singapore and indonesia/bali and korea and taiwan… I’ve only been to HK, thailand, vietnam & japan.

    Europe is so boring -_-

    What’s nice to see in Malaysia? Any recommendations?

  19. WP says:

    Haha, when you first wrote “meh meh” I didn’t get it…then I saw “moo moo” for the other pic…and then only noticed the sheep in the other pic.

    The pics are lovely…the sky so blue!!

    The place I loved the most (as a tourist spot only) is Santorini! (it’s a Greek island, in case you don’t know it 😛 ) It is very very beautiful! But quite “ulu”…for tourists only. (or if you stay there, open a guest house or a restaurant lol) So if you go there you should rent a car, or else you have to walk everywhere, or wait for the bus that doesn’t pass often…

  20. yvonne says:

    Im at Rome now.. reading ur blog 😀
    Rome is super super super super super HOT!!!!!!! I oso really beh tahan…!!!!! I love UK weather more… 😛

  21. Misa says:

    haha eww those slugs are creepy. How you take a picture of one? I wouldn’t of gotten anywhere near that thing -_-

  22. KY says:

    You can go to.. emmm… lets see, Manila? 😀

  23. Anivyl says:

    Make that a few places I would love to go visit….

    1) Sweden!!!
    2) Greenland
    3) Japan
    4) Korea
    5) Taiwan

    there you go hahahaha

  24. aleanor says:

    Egypt. Ransack the tombs ^^ Nefertiri, King Tut!!

  25. patrick says:

    Hi Cheesie,
    Your travel pics are still the best! You should come to California. It might not be the greatest place in the world, but it’s got to be one of them! What ever you can imagine you can find here. Your photos will be some of your favorite, for sure! Plus, you probably already know some Malaysians that live here, in case you get bored hanging out with me 😛
    BTW- I’ve always been curious how many languages you speak. Do you study languages?

  26. Evelyn says:

    I cant stop looking at the shoes 😯

    the latex leggings are abit loose for me too 😳

    Love the scenery 😈

  27. fang says:

    aww, sky so blue…mountains so green… water is clear, everywhere look so clean and thus the air must be so fresh…even the slug is ugly in a beautiful way…

    these beautiful photos make the place we are staying look like a filthy air polluted wasteland…
    ❗ ❓ 😥

  28. lyeina says:

    hurmm..for me..i love aussiee cuz seem so much fun and adventure.. 😀 then bali 😉 . i hv been to be at these places since i was 14..huhuhu.. ❗ ❗ now im 23 still cant go there.. 😥 😥 hurmm..u r lucky cuz got sponsored vacacations..

  29. j-yedesu says:

    i’ve visited alaska on a cruise and is beautiful!~ i like canada too..
    for asia – it’d definately be hong kong for shopping and macau is a nice place to visit too.. been to korea too but i’d prefer japan..

  30. Eve says:

    helo, i really love Portugal. I travelled to Spain and Portugal on a shoestring budget during studies. Done 10 days under 400pds!! All inclusive cos the flight is less than 20pds hahaha

    I guess you will like lisbon too. Loads of beautiful people, really good looking! food is great and not as expensive as part of europes.. 🙂

    When I can afford it, I’m gonna finish up my europe trip! Paris, Bulgaria, Hungary, Holland and Switzerland

  31. Ying Bin says:

    I love Gold Coast. 😈

  32. eunice says:

    super love tokyo!!! 😀 a must go!!!

  33. Estelle says:

    GO Jeju in korea and eat naeng myun now ! LOL. Go taiwan la. Taiwan nice. xD

  34. bogoshipda says:

    My first post in your blog..

    Love Korea because I love K-dramas..prefer Asian countries because of the food and similiarity in cultures…

    Also love Austria for it’s scenic beauty,

    Would love to visit Korea again to backpack if possible .:)

  35. cindy khor says:

    when i was in edinburgh, i really did thought of taking the bus ride up to loch ness as the locals said that it was beautiful, but we haven’t got the time, therefore we just tried the 3D lochness experience in one of the edinburgh shop. but it would be great to spot nessie, i love it so much till i bought a necklace of it.

  36. Kynne says:

    Go to Stockholm. Fantastic city. 🙂

  37. Lisa says:

    Prague, Vienna, Innsbruck.
    Definitely worth a visit 🙂

  38. Myhorng says:

    make me miss UK. nice pic.

  39. Bum says:

    Did you take a tour to go up to the lochs etc or just went by urself? If so what tour?

  40. cheesie says:

    Hey Bum, don’t take it the wrong way. I’m merely encouraging people to read through the entries of their interest. 🙂

    Anyway how come u jumped from AUS to MY!!!

    • Bum says:

      Haha I was just playing around lah. See I did that 😛 face after i made that silly reply. Tho i honestly dint c the first bit. heheh.

      • Bum says:

        Oh i geddit, so aussies get the cold shoulder huh.. 😛
        I’ve no idea why its like that. Have been in msia the whole time 🙂

        • cheesie says:

          ya, kakilang ma.

          you know whats funny. just 2 days ago i was playing the mafia game with a bunch of people and it’s always the aussies who got killed or accused of killing. LOL!

      • cheesie says:

        There are loads of other tour companies around, but it was recommended by a friend so we took rabbies. Weird name, though. I suggest a road trip instead of joining a tour though, if you have the time, because it’s dead tiring to sit in the bus for so long.

        Have fun!!

        • Bum says:

          Yeah like rabies the disease or rabbis those jewish religious teachers. wonder what a combination of those two are. Anyway thanks 😀

  41. Bum says:

    Hey a wuick wuestion. how did you get to edinburgh? Coach or flight?

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