Be Delicious Pop Art

You know how much i love to play with photoshop and recently i was inspired by DKNY Be Delicious to learn a new photoshop skill—Pop Art effect.

BD Pop Art Ad by you.

DKNY has stepped back to 1980’s pop art culture. Think Benday dots & RoyLichtenstein. Very comic effect.

DKNYbottle by you.

The commercial:

Have a look at the latest Be Delicious pop art comic strip!!

Now today i will teach you how to do your own Pop Art photo. here’s a very simple Pop Art Cheesie photoshop tutorial.

popartphotoshop by you.

Working on my photoshop.

This is a Purikura (sticker photo machine) picture and i converted it to Pop Art effect.

popart5 by you.

Before and After.

It’s actually quite simple, once you get used to the steps you can turn into a pop art expert.

It involves a few steps, basically.

popart2 by you.

Other of my pop art samples. They are not perfect but i’m trying to practice more and improve!!

popart4 by you.

Before and after

And my own very Be Delicious Pop Art!!!

Step by step:

DKNYpopart2 by you.

Now check out the latest DKNY Be Delicious limited edition, only 2,500 bottles available in Malaysia! It’s now selling at all authorized DKNY fragrance counters nationwide! Grab it before it’s gone! ^^

ScreenShot072 by you.
Soooo cute!
DKNY Delicious Art EDP Spray 50ml : RM215
ScreenShot073 by you.
Receive a DKNY Pop Art Canvas bag, miniature & body product with purchase of DKNY Delicious Art RM350 and above.
The fragrance smells amazing as ever just like the classic Be Delicious. ^^

If you wanna learn more you can watch the Photoshop tutorial video HERE. I learnt how to do it through here and i find it very very useful. ^^

OR, if you are too lazy to Pop Art your own photos (or you decided you are too smart to go through the whole Photoshop tutorial thing), well, good news!

DKNY is going to Pop Art your photo for you. You just need to purchase a DKNY Be Delicious Art 50ml @ the below promotion areas during the promo period, you will receive a complimentary photoshoot and the photo will be converted into pop art for you:

July 17 – 23 @ North Void, Mid Valley Megamall.

July 28 – August 3 @ Sogo Fragrance Entrance

Make sure you don’t miss them out!

Also, visit to redeem a complimentary sample! ^^

60 responses to “Be Delicious Pop Art”

  1. Lisa Cheah says:

    I think that is realllllly cool!
    Gorgeous as always.

    Now, If only I understood Photoshop. 😕
    My only tool I know how to use is liquify. Haha!

  2. jeff khoo says:

    tat is really very very cool… superv photoshop skills…
    Always a fan of ur blog… u have lots creativity in ur head…
    gd post!!!

  3. Ying Bin says:

    I dunno how 2 use Photoshop ler.Ur skill is very good! 😈

  4. szu says:

    awesome! i enjoy looking at all your pictures! 😀

  5. Patricia says:

    ahah, so damnnnn cool! love the last two pics 😀 photoshop is like flying a plane to me ==

  6. ling says:

    Yay! That’s one really cute bottle! I got it as my birthday present, totally loving it! DKNY ~ my favorite fragrance!!

  7. aud says:


  8. jennysong says:

    i really didnt know you can do so much with photoshop! maybe i’ll try it but looks complicated la. haha my photoshop not as good as you cheesie

  9. mikey says:

    wow. impressive! like the last pic with u and the bottle!

  10. me says:

    Purikura pictures so adorable…haha @ TK expression 😆

  11. yvette says:

    thast really informative. you are really good with photoshop cheesie! 😈

  12. vvens says:

    this is really cool! your’re pop art are really nice! 😀

  13. Ken Wah says:

    😈 Thumbs Up!! Thanks for sharing. After reading this post I got one more weapon in my hand for ps-ing.

  14. onelikming says:

    cool la wei…
    i always loves pop art.
    And DkNY this time indeed chosen the right element.. lolz.
    nice~~ .interesting design. i might go and get a bottle and let them do a pop art for me .mahahahah
    why not editing my picture ?? iks!!! 👿

  15. KY says:

    wahh this photoshop skill is so hardcore, i have to learn!

  16. chriso says:

    hey will you be at the DKNY event yourself? i wanna do a pop tart with a picture of us, see if can reproduce your 7331 Sk1llz, damn geng can? ^^

  17. Peter says:

    Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

  18. jellymelly says:

    hey that’s cool!! will def go check it out since i cant photoshop! haha

  19. pulpfictionfan says:

    i super love pop art! always dream of turning myself into one of those heroes in comic. cheers!

  20. pulpfictionfan says:

    and very nice picture of you! 😈

  21. Josephine says:

    I tried out the pop art but I after threshold, the colour part, is it done automatically or you have to colour the picture yourself?

    Can’t seem to progress!!

  22. ABBY says:


    would like to try and make one of my own too 😀
    the steps looked simple but.. LOL FROM INVERT TO THRESHOLD..
    COLOR is under where??? 😕

  23. David says:


    Very impressive photoshop skills! You are a many talented young women!!

    Unfortunately for me, I use Corel Photo X2. Similar to photoshop, but not identical in function.


  24. enricoooo says:

    brilliant, i’ll get the be delicious for my gf.
    thanks cheesie.

  25. JD says:

    Love the pop art pics. Shall try to experiment some soon….

  26. dolly says:

    u are still prettier than the comic wan leh..

  27. J2Kfm says:

    wow, Be Delicious is still around, and promoted like hot cakes?
    still rmbr my fren bought hers way back during Xmas season, few years ago!

  28. ABBY says:

    lol finally got the color meant coloring on my own hahaha.. >.<”
    but! how come my coloring keep eating the black outlines one?!
    after coloring the whole picture’s black lines become quite vague alr 🙁

  29. ahlost says:

    Oooo.. will try this photoshop thingy one day 🙂

  30. mel says:

    hi cheese, gd job! 😈 how did you do the background for your pop art? im really curious!!

  31. Evelyn says:

    wahhhh, i wanna learn how to apply pop art effect to my pictures…

    can teach??? 😀

  32. Megan says:

    that is sooo cute! i love your style and flair. I can definitely see the Be Delicious influence. great job!

  33. laura says:

    omg your blog kicks ass. LOVE the tutorial xD

  34. Neko says:

    Yeah, I use this Parfume too.
    I love everything about…
    Smells like sweet green apples…
    I love it! <3

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