Because 800 dresses all sold!!! Go and see if you have won the bid at Wardrobe!

Except the first dress, actually. I think that dress is a bit cursed. I bought it from Forever 21 for RM120+ and tried to sell it a few months back for RM55. Nine dresses sold except for this. Then this time i priced it at RM35. No one even bother sniffing at it. Then i further reduced it to RM25. Still nothing. Ok la i must admit some level of impaired judgement at the time of purchasing said dress. Forgive me. I was going through a phase at that time. It was called the Turquoise Phase, which was most very likely, the tragic cause of my fashion blindness.

And then i went through the Purple Phase. I tell you. Color Phase is simply suicidal. I suggest that, if you must (and i know you could hardly help it, like now everybody is Lady Gaga Poker Phase.) (Ok that’s a bit lame), stick to a general brand phase or, i dunno. Actually you know what? Nevermind. You can always sell your clothes.

Anyway i’m double excited because i just came back from major shopping! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€





Nah give u another angle. I think i’m currently going through this whole… kinda, sorta, not really, Blue Phase.


and seven thousand new tops (including a dress i regretted buying and have cut into a top).

I really really feel like wearing each one of them and take picture to show you but i can’t do that because when i really do actually wear them out for the first time i will feel that i have worn them a million times before and i won’t feel like wearing anymore. Haih.



And other accessories. Oh oh. I wanna thank Joycethefairy for introducing Baci to me! I <3 it!

It has an online boutique and a store in Bangsar Telawi.



They have this super huge ass mirror damn shiok (no i don’t mean the mirror makes your ass big. Just, you know. Aiya you know one la.).

I spent at least one whole hour there trying on stuff.


Really really love this pair of shoes but they don’t have my size T_T. I think it is a size 38. You lucky girls can go grab it.


Metal feathered belt: RM49
Stetched denim skinny pants: RM89
Dark brown bag: RM59 (i got myself a bright brown one, <3 it!)


Purple Dress: RM79 (Ok. I think my purple phase it not officially over yet what turf)


Floral Dress: RM79 and the bloody cute bag i forgot how much.


Vintage belt: RM49 (got myself one in brown)
Caged heels: RM109 (again, don’t have my size. You big-foot girls are lucky πŸ™ )
Red Maxi Messenger bag: RM119



Oh ya and guess who i met there??? πŸ˜€




Ming from MDG2!

Proof: all the fashionable people go to Baci! ^^

The store is here:

Baci Boutique Sdn Bhd
12-A First Floor,
Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,

Also, follow BACIboutique on twitter as they are having contests and giveaways soon!

Anyway, i am having second batch of clothes to sell. Another 800 dresses or something. Stay cheesed! ^^



Reaaly tipsy now don;t think i can type anythmoere bye good night