I’m still working on it, i’m hoping to launch it on 9th Sept 09, which is like, really auspicious. But not only that, it is also my 5 years blogniversary!!!


I have removed both Cheeseroll and Couture, but will combine it in one and it’s open for all new Cheeseroller!

Instead of just one month, now you pay RM60 to be on Cheeseroll for half a year!!! Of course now i don’t limit it to just 5 sites. First come first linked, so be prompt to get a nice place on Cheeseroll!

For those who are new to this, Cheeseroll is a column on my site bar dedicated to blog/website links.

ScreenShot031 by you.

(It will look a lot better on new layout, this is just to show you the idea)

ScreenShot033 by you.

And then when you mouseover the link, your choice of picture (could be your lenglui big ass camwhore pic, your blog’s screenshot, or your fav star item in your online boutique) appears along with a one-line description.

RM60 for 6 months! You save RM300 what turf!!

Wanna be a Cheeseroller, pleasecheeseme at to book your slot!! First come first linked hor.