I’m so lucky i havent deleted my Cebu photos from my camera.

Cuz my inernal hard disk is gone case already FML. Why everyone says Dell so good so good. Most of my major agonies are caused by it ok. Besides having to deal with PMS blues, i have to dell with random bluescreens summore.

Anyway, Cebu!

It was a 5-hour flight via MAS from KLIA, with a 50 mins transit in Kota Kinabalu.

And en route we saw some of the most beautiful islands from the plane.

The plane was smaller than the usual one, but it was very comfortable! And they fed us nonstop with yummy food! So awesome!

The first night we chose to stay in a really budget place. At Granprix Econotel Cebu, it’s only 1,200 Pesos per night. That’s about RM80 for one room.

It’s really very basic, just bed and shower and a small hanging tv. But the good thing is it is really new and clean. I always go for small but new hotel, instead of luxurious old hotels.

But the lack of window is really quite depressing, and the wall is so damn thin you will be awaken by an ant’s yawn from next door.

We’re all dressed up and ready to go!

But the first day was quite tragic really. I think the previous trips i relied on people like Keju too much already. People who come up with a complete and detailed itinerary weeks before a trip.

I did some half-arsed, kinda, sorta, not really research before we flew. All i know is Cebu is in Philippines and their currency is called Peso and there’s this huge shopping mall called SM mall which everybody said i should visit.

So, happily we took a cab there. it’s really near our hotel.

Then we went to the mall and both of us just -_-‘ed at each other. I think Malaysians are too spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping malls. I mean, fine, SM Mall is like the biggest mall in Cebu ,whatever. But Jusco is also the biggest mall in Seremban. Doesn’t mean we should go like WA OMFG SHOPPING!

Disappointed, we left the mall and wanted to go to the night market.I mean, night markets are interesting and you can’t go wrong with the night market can you?

The thing is, we just knew we wanted to go to a night market. We didn’t know where the night market is. (To be fair, i vaguely remembered a mention in wikitravel somewhere that says something about some night market. Or was it a market. Or a night spot. Whatever.)

So we hopped into a taxi, and the driver doesn’t really understand our version of night market.

“Clothes. Erm. Food! Erm, market. Mar-ket!”

(I dunno why i had this thought that explaining in another language might help?! I almost said Baju! Makan! I guess Cebu looks too Indonesian to me. I get confused when i panic.)

Finally after our frantic gestures at our own clothes and bags and whatnot, he said Oh Okay nod nod then drove us to the market.

It is a run-down supermarket that sells boxers and milk powder.


Frustrated, we gave up and said, we want to go back to the hotel. Then he asked where we stayed, and i said Granprix Cebu. And he didn”t know where it is!

Why hadn’t it occured to me that a taxi driver might not know where a dodgy RM80 hotel is???? I really expected them to go like “Oh okay, certainly maam, i know precisely where it is.  My grandma owns Granprix Cebu!”

I tried to search for the address in my bag, then i discovered in sheer terror that i have left it in the hotel.

Double FML.

Then finally, to cut the story short, the taxi driver stopped at a trafic light, wind down the window and shouted to the taxi driver next to us, and he shouted something back, and 5 minutes later we were back in our hotel.

All these, was my half-arsed, sorta, kinda, not really fault. I totally deserved it.

We then made damn sure we triple checked all the addresses, i copied them all down into my note, and if the Doraemon Memory Bread was an option at that point i might even have had pressed it against the computer screen and swallowed it.

Luckily the night ended awesome because we then went to an awesome bar!

It’s called the Z bar.

It’s located at The Tinderbox Restaurant, Crossroads Arcade, Banilad, Cebu City.

Cheese counter at Tinderbox. Who would have thought that Cebu has so much cheese.

Z Bar is really ze beautiful!

The first thing Joyce and i simultaneously thought of was “if only we had shroooooooooom!!!”

It would have really been damn ze ahwshoome.

Having a Magarita.

The deco somehow made me think of a gigantic spiderweb with shit loads of wishbones stuck on it.

Hmm. Come to think of now it that’s quite a scary thought. Like anytime you may find an enormous 8-legged ogre staring greedily at you with a zebra carcass in its hand and blood dripping from its chin.

Choi. Nvm. it’s still an awesome bar.

The table is reflective it is damn nice to camwhore!

Anyway i really wanna continue but i think my head’s gonna touch the keyboard so we continue tomooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo