With Joycethefairy.

I love holidays!!!

If you guys have any travel tips/must-do/must-eat please let me know okay! ^^




Since i got no time to blog, i just post some pictures la. Keju once told me he’s damn jealous of girl bloggers because when they are too busy/run out of things to blog they can just anyhow post a random picture and call it a day, and yet get away with it. Hehe. ^^

Picked up some clothes from Baci again!

They have this damnnnn cuteeee ribbon ring!!!

Head piece: Baci
Neon yellow top: Baci
Black lacey top under: From Timesquare
Belt: From Taiwan

Sequin dress: Cat’s Whiskers
Black Jacket: Warehouse
Bag: Baci
Leopard Print heels: Baby Pure (Japan)

Ok la. Wait for my update from Cebu. Bai!