Ok question.

How many of you do not know what a panty liner is?

(Seriously! You should be glad that you get the answers here and don’t have to be embarrassed about asking such a silly question.)

Q. So, what is a panty liner?
A. It’s a pencil to trace your thigh so you know where to wear your panties.

Q. Really?
A. No. A panty liner is something you use to line/protect your panties.

Q. So it is not the same as a sanitary pad.
A. If i were a vampire i’d have prefered a sanitary pad.  A panty liner just won’t satisfy Edward Cullen’s thirst for fresh blood.

Q. Bloody hell.
A. Exactly.

Q. But what does a panty liner do?
A. Oh i can’t possibly finish telling you all the goodness about using panty liners.

1. Panty liners keep your vajayjay clean and free from icky dampness! So you’ll always feel fresh like the after-shower awesomeness!
2. Emergency rescue if there’s no toilet paper to dab dry after pee pee.
3. An insurance if you are unsure when your period is about to start or end during the light days.
4. With panty liners, you can recycle your panties a few days (but this is my secret, don’t tell anyone)
5. It’s way more convenient than disposable panties. And lighter too.
6. You want your beautiful lacey panties clean and stain-free forever!!!

carefree by you.

Nah. Panty liner for you.

I have been using Carefree’s panty liner since forever and that’s the only brand i use every day. Seriously there was this other time i tried another brand, it didn’t even stick to the panty properly!

Now Carefree has a new panty liner called the Acti-Fresh Healthy, which contains natural Tea Tree Extract, an anti-bacterial ingredient that helps to control odour-causing germs in your Vajayjay. It is also only 1mm thin but still 3x more absorbent than regular ultra thin liners! That sounds so impossible to me but true!

Anyway, Carefree is looking for a Carefree Queen!

ScreenShot002 by you.

It’s for “spontaneous” females (like me!) to shine and she will need tons of supportive friends to win the royal title. Note: If you’re really poor and have lousy friends, Be quick and you can still win the early bird prize of RM100 for yourselves.

The prizes are amazing!

There is cash & other prizes worth up to RM50,000 to be won.

The grand prize winner a.k.a the Carefree Queen will receive RM5,000 cash, a stylish gold pendant worth RM1500, a pink (PINK!!!666) mini laptop and 1 year supply of Carefree liners and the exclusive Carefree Queen prize!

There are also nine consolation prizes to be won, and all the top 10 finalists will be invited to a Showdown Party at the end of the year along with 20 of their friends each!

Go to their website to find out more about the contest: http://www.carefreequeen.com

Also, a Carefree Queen Roadshow is happening at 8 different colleges/universities soon. Anyone can go and join, to get great free prizes and goodies! And the roadshow crew will help you out with the video-recording of “Spontaneous Acts” if you wish.

  1. Masterskill Universities of Science, Cheras KL – 2 October 2009
  2. SEGI Kota Damansara, Damansara – 6 Oktober 2009
  3. Kuala Lumpur Infrastucture University College (KLIUC), Kuala Lumpur – 7 Oktober 2009
  4. University Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang – 8 Oktober 2009
  5. HELP University College, Damansara – 13 Oktober 2009
  6. University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Bangi – 27 Oktober 2009
  7. Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya – 29 Oktober 2009

Remember to check it out! For those who can’t be present at the above locations for the roadshow, Carefree will also be tagging along the Hot FM Zoomers throughout the month of October to different locations. Tune in to Hot FM for more information.

Closing date for video entries to the website: 31 October 09

Voting for the best videos will start 1st November 09.


Check out my contest video! 😀